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Life of Dave

  • Date of Birth

    Born at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday the 23rd day of July in the year 1978.
  • Period: to

    Life Span

    This is my life from start to finish. I will do everything in my power to make the most of the rest of my life and will play the cards that were dealt to me the best way that I can.
  • First Tooth

    First Tooth
  • First Words

    My first words - rough estimate on date
  • First Steps

    Took my first steps around a year old
  • Potty Trained

  • First time getting stitches, Forehead

    First time getting stitches, brother closed closet door and my forehead got caught in door.
  • First time I broke right arm

    I was at a park visiting my great grandma with my family. My brother sister and I were playing in the park and I fell off the top of the slide and broke my right arm. Good thing my sister made me push my bike home! :)
  • 2nd Degree Burn on Right Leg

    Riding on back of mini back with next door neighbor and leg got stuck to muffler and burned back of right leg
  • Started Swimming Lessons

    Started taking swimming lessons
  • Kindergarten - Age 5

    Kindergarten - Age 5
    Age: 5 years
    Height: 42-1/2" In
    Weight: 35-1/4 lbs
    Actual quote from my kindergarten teacher on my report card "David is a capable boy and some days he is a leader and does well, other days he's loud and disruptive and could use some self-discipline". "Knows all letters except lower case b, j, l & q. He writes numerals to 10 but a few are backwards". "His biggest accomplishment has been to be a better listener".
  • Stitches by right eye

    Got stitches near right eye. Was chasing dog around the house and slipped in my socks and hit head on corner of chair.
  • 1st Grade - Age 6

    1st Grade - Age 6
    Age: 6 years
    Height: 45" In
    Weight: 44 lbs
  • Period: to

    Played Soccer

    Years I played soccer
  • 2nd Grade - Age 7

    2nd Grade - Age 7
    Age: 7 years
    Height: 48-1/2"" In
    Weight: 48 lbs
  • Period: to

    Cub Scouts

    Cub Scouts in 3rd, 4th & 5th grade
  • First Pen Pal

  • 3rd Grade - Age 8

    3rd Grade - Age 8
    Age: 8 years
    Height: 51-1/2" In
    Weight: 61 lbs
  • Period: to

    Played Golf

  • Stitches in Head

    At friends birthday party and tripped over plant trying to catch a frisbee and hit head on grill
  • Second time breaking my right arm

    I was across the street and climbing the neighbors tree and tried swinging through the tree on the branches. One branch broke and I ended up falling on my right arm.
  • 4th grade - Age 9

    4th grade - Age 9
    Age: 9 years
    Height: 53-1/4" In
    Weight: 74-1/2 lbs
  • Science Olympics

    Member of the Schools Science Olympics
  • 5th Grade - Age 10

    5th Grade - Age 10
    Age: 10 years
    Height: 56" In
    Weight: 85 lbs
  • 6th Grade - Age 11

    6th Grade - Age 11
    Age: 11 years
    Height: 59" In
    Weight: 99 lbs
  • First Summer Job

    Caddy at Meadowbrook Country Club
  • 9th Grade - Age 14

    9th Grade - Age 14
    Age: 14 years
    Height: 68-1/2" In
    Weight: 127 lbs
  • Driver's License

    Watch out world, I'm driving.
  • Grandma Gibson passes away

    My moms mom had passed away from a heart arrhythmia, she had suffered a massive heart attack years before but I was to young to remember if it had any impact.
    My grandma was a huge part of mine and my families life. She was an amazing person, she loved to travel and try new things and would attend as many events as she could that involved family.
  • Graduated Highschool

    Graduated Highschool
    Age: 17 years
    Height: 70" In
    Weight: 155 lbs
  • Went to College at MSU

    Went to College at MSU
    I originally thought about going into the army. However, I wanted to be with my friends and only applied to one school and got in. I started my career as no preferance, in my sophmore year I decided to go into Building Construction Management.
  • Period: to

    College - Bachelor degree in Construction Management

    Earned Bachelor of Science in Construction Management at Michigan State University
  • My neighbor and friend passed away at 22

    My neighbor Brian Grimes passed away from a construction accident. He went into a coma and died at the age of 22. He died on my 19th birthday. My brother and I used to hang out at his house all the time and we looked up to him and his older brother like siblings. Brian's older brother Shaun was getting married the weekend he died and Brian was the best man. I went to Shaun's wedding on Sunday and Brian's funeral on Monday. I had never lost someone that I was close to this young.
  • Grandpa Lee passes away

    My dads dad passed away of cardiovascular disease. I was never really close to my grandpa. I cared for him but he didn't have much involvement in any of his grandchildrens lives. I still remember the phone call, it was 10 minutes before the MSU vs. Florida national championship game for basketball. MSU Won!!
  • Graduated College

    I graduated MSU with a bachelor of science degree in building construction management. I end up getting 8 job offers and decided to not take the most money offered to me. I decided to take the job offer in Chicago, IL with M. Ecker & Co.
  • Sister gets married

    My sister marries Kevin, he's a great guy and a wonderful addition to the family.
  • First Career Job at M.Ecker & Co. - Moved to Chicago, IL

    First Career Job at M.Ecker & Co. - Moved to Chicago, IL
    Move #1
    Worked as an Estimator/Project Manager for a Paint and Drywall Contractor
  • Witness my fathers Heart Attack

    Looking back at it today, this was one event that has had a huge affect on my life. My dad survived his heart attack and is still alive today. I started having many health problems after his heart attack. I spent 4 years and saw many doctors to find out what the problem was. After being mis-diagnosed numerous times, I finally saw a therapist and we determined that all my symptoms were caused by stress.
  • Moved to Wrigleyville in Chicago, IL

    Move #2
    Moved in with two female friends that I new from college. We lived right next to Wrigley Field.
  • Moved again in Wrigleyville in Chicago, IL

    Move #3
    My roommates decided while I was at work one day to go looking at apartments. They found a place 2 houses down and decided to sign the lease because the place was much nicer. It was a very interesting move, we moved during a Cubs home game and we had to carry all our stuff down the street with the masses of people walking to the game. :)
  • Job Transfer - moved to Las Vegas, NV

    Job Transfer - moved to Las Vegas, NV
    Move #4 - Henderson NV - 1 bedroom APT
    Relocated here with the same company. They wanted me to try to start up a paint and drywall division in Las Vegas. This was right at the start of the housing boom.
  • Bought first new car/truck

    I impulse bought a brand new 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 with custom rims.
    Probably one of the worst decisions I had ever made. It was a lemon and was stolen. Unfortunately for me they found it.
  • Apartment flooded in Las Vegas - Moved to new Apartment

    Move #5 - Henderson NV - 2 bedroom APT
    A watermain broke in the apartment above me and I got the call when I was at work. The flood had destroyed my apartment and some of my possessions. The apartment complex moved me to another apartment. I had a view of the valley and the city of Las Vegas which was beautiful. Now I had the view of another apartment.
  • Transfer for job back to Chicago, IL

    Move #6 - Wicker Park
    The company was going to lay me off bought my bosses from Chicago wanted me to come back to work with them. The company in Vegas had the FBI come in and rest our controller who was embezzling money. We also had ghost payroll where we were paying people not working for us. Very poor decisions made by upper management. Company was sold!!
  • Bought first House

    Bought first House
    Move #7 - Bought first house - Glendale Heights IL
    I loved this townhouse. My backyard was on a golfcourse.
  • Twin brother gets married

    My twin brother marries a wonderful woman that he met while at work. I never new he'd meet someone closer to him then me but he did. :)
  • Quit job and started job at new company

    I quit my job with M. Ecker and started working at Airtite Contractors. I was an Estimator/Project manager for commercial construction now. The housing market is in steep decline.
  • First Pet

    First Pet
    Got my first pet from my brothers wife's vet clinic. He was a stray Orange Tabby Cat.
    His name is Tank - He was roughly 4 years old
  • Laid off at Airtite

    I got laid off at Airtite the day after I was promoted. I was told it was because of my poor sales from the President of the company. I had the 2nd highest sales in the company of 10+ people. I proved to him that my sales were great, then he told me it was my attitude and I didn't get along with everyone. I was apart of every committee the company had. Weeks later I found out he had a grudge against me. This was very painful at the time but was one of the best things to happen to me!!
  • Moved in with brother and his wife - Westland, MI

    Move #8
    I moved in with my brother and his wife, while I was looking for work in Michigan. My house has been put up for sale in Glendale Heights, IL
  • Rented Grandmas House - Plymouth, MI

    Move #9 - Grandma went into nursing home and I started renting her house from her. It really helped out the both of us financially.
  • Started Job at Turner Construction - Detroit, MI

    Started job at Turner Construction. I was a Project Manager/Estimator for commercial construction
  • Niece Adolie was born

    Niece Adolie was born
    My sister had a daughter named Adolie
    She had the biggest head of hair on a baby I had ever seen. She looked just like a doll. She's a super bright kid and as cute as can be.
  • Sold House in Glendale Heights, IL

    I finally sold my house after being on the market for 7 months and while I was living in Michigan paying for my mortgage and rent at my grandmas. I had to pay over $35,000 to get rid of my house. Now looking back, I wish I would have short sold it. I wanted to do the right thing and not ruin my credit incase I were to buy a new house.
  • Laid off from Turner Construction - Detroit, MI

    I was laid off from Turner Construction because commercial construction had taken a hit. We had lack of sales and 50% of the company was laid off. I was spending almost 100 hours a week and only getting paid for 40 to try to get more work. I burnt myself out and started having health problems and my boss was a very shady character. I needed to start seeing a therapist to get me through these tough times. I realized I'm done working as a construction manager!!!
  • Started Massage School at Schoolcraft College

    I was done with being a manager in construction and decided to take the Myers Briggs and Strong Test at Schoolcraft. The test told me that I needed to be working with people either in healthcare or teaching. I decided to try massage therapy because I've always been interested in it since I was younger.
  • Period: to

    Schooling for Massage Therapy

    Earned Massage Therapy Certificate from Schoolcraft College
  • Period: to

    Associate degree in Massage Therapy

    Earned an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy
  • My nephew Bryce was born

    My sister had a little boy named Bryce. He was born on 1/1/11. He was born several weeks premature but is healthy and happy!
    He was my first nephew.
  • My nephew Miller was born

    My nephew Miller was born
    My brother's wife had their first child and had a boy by the name of Miller. I have a lot more interaction with Miller then the rest of my nieces and nephews because my sister lives a lot farther away. My nephew miller is funny as can be and is a dancing machine!!
  • Working as a Lab Assistant Schoolcraft College

    I was asked during massage school to be a lab assistant for the program at Schoolcraft College. I worked for about a year and a half as a lab assistant.
  • Job at Beaumont Hospital

    I was offered a job with Integrative Medicine at the Cancer Center at Royal Oak Beaumont. I currently perform massage and other modalities on all different types of patients and love it!!! I couldn't have a more rewarding job!!
  • Period: to

    New Career Path - Nursing

    Start of new career path, I unfortunately have to retake a lot of pre-requisites because my original bachelors degree is to old so my classes wouldn't transfer.
    Pursuing Bachelors in Nursing
  • Me

    Age: 34 years
    Height: 70" In
    Weight: 185 lbs
  • Move into an apartment from Grandma's House

    Move #10 - Move into an apartment. The value of my Grandma's house has increased significantly and she needs the money to pay for her additional health care.
  • Start to date my future wife

    I want to think that I will be dating someone who I fall in love with and will be able to spend the rest of my life with her.
    I believe I'll meet her at a social gathering like a wedding or possibly in school.
  • Grandma Lee passes away

    My dads mom will pass away from diabetes complications. Her health had been deteriorating quickly. Like my dads dad, I wasn't as close to his mom either, She also wasn't involved as much with her grandchildren. I rented her house from her to help her out with bills and because it helped me too.
  • Start Nursing program at Madonna

    The start of my new career path. I'm looking forward to helping people and making a difference in their lives.
  • Period: to


    My marriage until the day I die.
  • Get Married

    Marry my wife whom I met a couple years before at a gathering
  • Graduate with my Bachelors in Nursing

    Graduated from Nursing Program at Madonna University
  • Get Nursing Job

    I ended up graduating and got a new job in the field of nursing. My second career was a much better fit for my personality and lifestyle.
  • Period: to

    2nd Career - Nurse

    This is the duration of my career as a nurse. I don't just stay in one department, I end up moving around to the different departments in the hospital to find my best fit
  • Have my 1st child

    I'll have my first child. It doesn't matter to me if its a boy or girl.
  • Have my 2nd child

    I'm shooting to try to have at least 2 kids. Doesn't matter to me if they are boys or girls
  • My wife and I buy a cottage on a lake

    I've always loved being on the water and my family will finally invest in a cottage to enjoy in the summer.
  • Celebrate 5 year anniversary with my wife

    My wife and I will take a trip somewhere to celebrate. Also to give us a break from the kids. :)
  • Trip to Disney World with Family

    The children are now 5-7 years of age and are old enough to enjoy the magical world of Disney World, Epcot, Magic Kingdom etc... This is our first big trip of the many to come for our family.
  • My dad will pass away

    My dad will pass away at 79 from some kind of heart complications. He had suffered a heart attack 25+ years prior. He lived a wonderful life and was always there for his family. He always resented the fact that his parents had little impact and interaction on there grandchildren and he would never let this happen to his grand kids. I am a spitting image of my dad and will hopefully be as good a father to my kids as he was to me and my siblings. I love him so much!!
  • Celebrate 10 year anniversary with my wife

    My wife and I will celebrate and need to get away from the kids for a nice relaxing Vacation.
  • Celebrate 15 year anniversary with my wife

    We again will celebrate our marriage and take a nice trip somewhere.
  • Child #1 turns 16

    My first child turns 16 - I'm really excited and stressed out that they have their license
  • Child #2 turns 16

    My second child turns 16 - I'm not as stressed (as much) because my first child already took care of that
  • Celebrate 20 year anniversary with my wife

    My wife and I will celebrate our anniversay and go somewhere to enjoy our time together.
  • Child #1 Graduates High School

    My first born graduates high school and hopefully wants to either attend college or trade school.
  • Child #2 Graduates High School

    My Second born graduates high school and hopefully wants to either attend college or trade school.
  • My mom will pass away

    My mom will end up passing away at 93 because she is getting old. I truly believe she could live into her hundreds but I think she'll one day let god take her away in her sleep. She'll have had an amazing life and had a positive impact on so many childrens lives including her children and grandchildren. My mom is the glue for the family. Like my father, she has always been there fore me and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for them. I Love her so much!!
  • Child #1 Graduates with degree from College or Trade School

    My first child graduates from either a 4 year college or trade school and is headed off to the real world
  • Child #2 Graduates from college or trade school

    My second child ends up being a lot like their father and ends up taking an extra year of school to party.
  • Celebrate 25 year anniversary with my wife

    My wife and I will hopefully renew our vows and celebrate this wonderful milestone of being together
  • Child #2 Gets Married

    My second child ends up getting married to someone at age 26. My wife and I welcome that person into the family with open arms.
  • Celebrate 30 year anniversary with my wife and my retirement

    My wife and I will celebrate our 30 year anniversary and my retirement together.
  • Retire from work

    I'll have worked in healthcare for over 25 years and have touched the lives of so many. This is my time to retire and let the younger people start to take care of me.
  • 1st Grandchild

    Child #2 has a kid and it is mine and my wife's first grandchild.
  • Child #1 Get's Married

    Child #1 settles down with someone at age 30. They wanted to focus on career first and then marriage.
  • 2nd Grand Child

    My 2nd Child has their 2nd kid. This is our 2nd grandchild
  • 3rd Grandchild

    My 1st child has their first kid. This is our 3rd grandchild
  • Celebrate 35 year anniversary with my wife

    My wife and I celebrate our last milestone of marriage. I end up passing away before our 40th year anniversary. My wife however, goes on to live on after I perish.
  • My Death

    I will have lived a fulfilled life and pass away at the age of 74. I'll have witnessed many things in my life and have cared for my family, friends and thousands of my patients through my life. I'll hope to be remembered as very passionate, funny, caring, touching, warm, gentle and loving. In my passing I will be at home and hopefully die peacefully in my sleep from a cardiovascular problem.