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Timeline of My Life

By 1230254
  • Birth

    On August 7th, 2005, at 5:58 AM, I was born.
  • Broken Arm

    Broken Arm
    I broke my arm at the neighborhood park shortly before Father's Day of this year.
  • First Eye Surgery

    I had my first eye surgery just before kindergarten. I don't remember much of it, except that it didn't work. I would need another one.
  • First day of Grade School

    On this day, I entered Goodwin Elementary School. I hated going.
  • My Parent's Marraige

    My Parent's Marraige
    On this date, my parents got married at the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora. I was best man.
  • Football!

    I learned about football and the Chicago Bears. I've been hooked ever since. Stupid Cody Parkey...
  • Pizza!

    Around this time I discover pizza. It becomes my favorite food and is still my favorite food today.
  • Stitches

    I was playing at the park when I hit another kid. I had a head wound above my right eyebow. Several hours and 13 stitches later, I walked out of ER.
  • I Get Glasses

    I got glasses in 2012. I was horrified. I didn't want glasses at all.
  • Second Eye Surgery

    Second Eye Surgery
    My second eye surgery took place today. I had to wake up at 4 in the morning and was driven to the hospital. After the surgery, my eyes hurt so much I couldn't open them, and I was crying blood.
  • Two Cats Die

    In July of 2013, two cats of ours, Shadow and Gavone, die, one after the other.
  • Trip to Disney

    Trip to Disney
    I went with my family on a trip to Disney World in Orlando. I even got to "start" a fireworks show with a "magic wand."
  • Death

    My Uncle Bob died in 2014. It was the first funeral of my life. I'll never forget it.
  • Crosswalk

    On October 4th, 2014, I spoke in front of the North Aurora board. I wanted them to install a crosswalk. I ended up getting my wish about a year later.
  • I Get Smudge

    I Get Smudge
    In 2015, I rescue a little black cat, who we name Smudge.
  • SCET Arrives In My Life

    I got the SCET invitation letter in the mail on this day. My mom cried happy tears, which thankfully, none of my friends saw.
  • Graduating Grade School

    I graduate from grade school with straight A's, a certificate, and an Oberweis gift card. However, things at the house aren't as joyous, as one of the household cats, Blacky, has died just a couple days before. I was in the room when Blacky got the shot.
  • First Day of Middle School

    First Day of Middle School
    After graduation from Goodwin on May 25th, 2016, and after the summer break and my birthday, I walked through the doors of Jewel as a middle school student for the first time.
  • I Won $100!

    I Won  $100!
    I Won $100 in the fall school fundraiser in 6th grade.
  • Braces

    I got braces just after 6th grade ended. It sucked. For a week. The funny thing was that on the door to the dentist office, there was an advertisement advertising Invisaligners, 50% less cost than braces, and it cuts the time by 6 months.
  • Universal Studios

    Universal Studios
    I went to Universal Studios in Orlando with my parents on this day. My favorite part was Krusty land.
  • I Join the Football Team

    I Join the Football Team
    I Joined the school football team in 8th grade. I played split end. I scored a total of 8 points.
  • Desert Trip

    Desert Trip
    In this trip, I visit the Strip in Las Vegas, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Piestewa Peak in Phenoix.
  • Basketball

    I join the basketball team as well. I score 6 points in my last game, which was my best game, and was with the team when they recieved 3rd place.
  • Volleyball

    I join the volleyball team as well, and earn the title in the yearbook, "Most Athletic Male"
  • I Graduate 8th Grade

    On May 23rd, 2019, I graduate 8th grade.
  • Join Football Team

    Join Football Team
    I join the football team as a split end and end up scoring a championship-winning touchdown. I keep playing football all my high school years, am I am known for being the only player that doesn't use gloves.
  • Entering High School

    Entering High School
    I enter high school after my 14th birthday.
  • I Join the Volleyball Team

    I also join the basketball team for all my high school years, as well as the volleyball team for all my years.
  • I Meet Tom Skilling

    I Meet Tom Skilling
    For the first time, I meet Tom Skilling, the meteoroogist on WGN 9 and the most paid meteorologist in America.
  • SAT

    My SAT score is exceptional - 1520.
  • Senior Year Begins

    Senior Year, the most important year in high school begins.
  • My First Car

    I buy a Honda Civic as my first car, an upgrade from public transportation.
  • A Riveting Piece of Literature

    My Engish teacher finds that I write novels in my free time, and calls my latest work "a riveting piece of literature."
  • Graduating High School

    Graduating High School
    On May 25th, 2023, I graduate high school and earn a scholarship to University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.
  • Graduating College

    Graduating College
    I graduate college on this day with a good enough reseme and a master's degree to take over Tom Skilling's spot as meteorologist.
  • My First House

    My First House
    Shortly after my 27th birthday, I buy my first house in the northern suburbs of Chicago, as now I have a good starting income of $200,000, and I look to pay off all my debt.
  • Marriage

    I marry on this day.
  • Tesla

    I upgrade from the Civic to a Tesla on this day
  • A Bigger House

    In order to expand from the small townhouse, we buy a nice-sized suburban home in Evanston, IL.
  • I Play Football Again

    I find a football team for middle-aged men and I immediately join, being a split end once again.
  • My billionth Second of Living

    My billionth Second of Living
    On April 15th, 2037, at exactly 7:44:40 AM, I will have lived my billionth second.
  • Baby Boy

    On this day I became the proud father of a boy. He'll turn out to be much like me - good-natured, into football, and always finding new jokes to tell his freinds.
  • I Get a Pay Raise

    I Get a Pay Raise
    On this day, I receive the most major pay raise of my life. My yearly salary is now over $10 million, and my first broadcast on TV is the next day, which I ace. To celebrate, I upgrade to a Beverly Hills style home.
  • The Beginning of My Novel.

    This day will be a memorable day as it is the day one story I wrote, "2039," will start.
  • Mount Everest

    Mount Everest
    On this day, I climb Mount Everest.
  • All Debt Gone

    All Debt Gone
    All my debt has been paid off. For the rest of my life, I shall never be in debt again in my life.
  • A Trip to Italy

    A Trip to Italy
    I take a three-week long summer vacation to Italy. I visit Rome. Venice, Florence, and also tour Sicily, where my true Italian heritage originated.
  • Global Warming Reaches Dangerous Levels

    Global Warming Reaches Dangerous Levels
    On this day, I report on my broadcast that global warming has risen to dangerous levels, and that there is twice as much carbon in the air as there was 50 years ago. For the first time, when exercising vigorously, people must use a gas mask to catch their breath.
  • The Polar Ice Caps

    The Polar Ice Caps
    On this day, the ice caps at both poles are half the size of what they were 50 years ago.
  • Comedy

    Starting in this year, my friends and my dad join up to create a comedy group, doing stand-up and SNL-esque skits. We're hugely successful, and I'm known for speaking in a fake Italian-American accent.
  • A Trip on Route 66

    A Trip on Route 66
    My friends and I rent an RV in San Diego, and ride the entire length of Route 66, all the way to Chicago. The trip takes about three weeks.
  • I Turn 50.

    On this date, I turn 50 years old.
  • The First Death to Global Warming

    The First Death to Global Warming
    On this date, a man died after excising. He forgot to put his gas mask on, and inhaled so much carbon dioxide that it killed him. The news gains worldwide attention and calls for action to stop global warming.
  • Electric Car Sales Skyrocket

    Electric Car Sales Skyrocket
    As a result of the man's death, electric car sales skyrocket, and more and more old, gas cars begin to be out of trend.
  • Global Warming Stops

    Ont this date, all global warming related activity stops, and I am rewarded with several awards for playing a big part in it.
  • Retirement

    I retire with my wife, after purchasing a small beach house in Florida to live in.
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom

    Presidential Medal of Freedom
    On this date, I receive the highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for my work in ending global warming.
  • Holograms are Introduced

    Holograms are Introduced
    On this date, I was there to witness Bill Gates grandson unveil a true, 3-D hologram TV set, as well as other holographic wonders.
  • Space Exploration

    Space Exploration
    The first light speed-capable ship is created, and it goes out with a crew of 113 to explore the known universe.
  • First Contact

    Within months of departure, the ships crew relays information that they have discovered a primitive life form on a planet hundreds of light years away. A picture of the organism shows that it is similar to a snail.
  • Death

    On this date, I die a natural death. Knowing I have done my part to change the world for the better, I am happy leaving this world.
  • Chillin' In Heaven

    Chillin' In Heaven
    I get into heaven, and immediately start chilling, listening to music, writing stories, and living my afterlife how I would like my original life to play out. Peace out, Y'all!