Clase 1119 1

My life

  • my birth

    my birth
    this day was the happiest day of my parents
  • meningitis

    8 months after my birth, my parents took me to the hospital as I had purple spots in my skin
  • Babysitter

    After being 10 days at the hospital because the meningitis my mother decided to took on a babysitter, Isabel.
  • Baptism

    We celebrate in the church of the village with all my family and the priest is a cousin of my grandfather.
  • my first day at school

    my first day at school
  • Julene

    I met Julene, my first friend in my life. We spent together a lot of time at school and after school we met at the park.
  • Music lessons

    Music lessons
    Since I was very young I started studying music and playing the piano.
  • Lukas 1

    Lukas 1
    This was my first dog, it was a mixture of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky and I spent a all the afternoons in the village playing with Lukas.
  • My firts campsite

    My firts campsite
    I started to go to campsites with Julene since this year, and 8 years more after this year.
  • Lukas 2

    Lukas 2
    The last day at school before summer holiday Lukas (1) die as I was little I cried for days... This day was fantastic because they brought another dog to the village and to remember my Lukas (1) I decide to put the same name to the new one.
  • Vet

    When I was little I want to be a vet as I loved all animal. Since this day became a vet have been my dream.
  • my communion

    my communion
    I celebrate in Barrio de la cruzt with a lot of classmates, nerea, iker, juene and jon. It was fantastic as all the familiy has meet all together in the same place.
  • Kaisser

    A friend of my uncle bought him a dog and he gave to me as a present.
  • Susana

    Julene's mother death...
    My family and I cried a lot because she went forever..
  • Maider

    This year I met Maider a very good friend and she still is my friend, we share all of the secrets we have.
  • Txistu and Basque dances

    Txistu and Basque dances
    I started playing txistu and doing basque dances with some classmates at school.
  • Village parties

    4 years ago I started going to villages parties and this moment has been very important for me.
  • My first boyfriend

    My first boyfriend
    Pablo has been my first boyfriend and i had spent a good time with him.
  • Portaventura

    That year I went with my parents and sister to salou and we went all the days to portaventura.
  • Kaisser's death

    Kaisser's death
    After being all the summer with it, one day of september my grandmother found kaisser in front of the house we live. We think someone from the village poisoned it.
  • Photography

    I did a fotography lessons and i learned a lot from my teacher and my clasmates
  • Monitoretza

    I decided to do monitoretza, as I wanted to go to campsites with children and have a good time with them.

  • Finish grade 12

    Finish grade 12
    For this day I will have finished grade 12 and i will have done selectivity.
  • Salou or Benidorn

    Salou or Benidorn
    Next year after finishing grade 12 i will go with my friends to Salou or Benidorn to spend a week.
  • Driving license

    Driving license
    Next year I will have taken the driving license after 2 months studying for the driving test.
  • University

    For this day i will be starting the univesity, probably in EHU.
  • Leisure instructor

    This month i will be going to campsites working as a leisure instructor.
  • Go to a festival

    Go to a festival
    I think of going with my friends or maybe my sister to a musical festival to meet new people and sing and dance a lot.
  • Motorbike license

    Motorbike license
    2 years after taking the driving license, I will be studying for the motorbike license, as the motorbike is cheaper than a car.
  • The studyies at the university finished

    The studyies at the university finished
    This I will have finished the career for that reason I will have to find a job.
  • Kenia

    Go to kenia to help children, to see animals and the diferent types of cultures
  • Job

    Find a job.
  • Greenpeace

    Take part of greenpeace association.
  • My first flat

    My first flat
    For this year i will rent a flat, maybe in other city.
  • Wedding

    This day I will celebrate my wedding with the boy I loved, after being 5 years living with him.
  • Buy a house

    Buy a house
    My husband and I will have bought a house where our family would be grown up.
  • Erika

    the date when my first daughter will have borned.
  • Mikel

    After Erika my husband and I decided to have another child, this date is the date of my son's birth.
  • 2 job

    Find another job and basically better tthan the last one.
  • celebrate my daughter's communion

    Special day for my daughter and all our family, all together in a brilliant restaurant.
  • celebrate my son's communion

    Fantastic and sunny day to celebrate a communion with all the family.
  • Dubai

    Visit Dubai with all my family, as we decided all together in a family meeting.
  • my daughter's wedding

  • my son's wedding

  • Residence

    My husband and I were too old and too sick to look after us, for that reason we and our son and daughter decided to take us to a residence where they were going to take care of us.
  • My death

    My death
    After all the dificult situations in my life, my family have grown up and i have done all the things i dream with.
  • The beginning

    The beginning
    All the endings are also beginnings.
  • The five people I met in heaven

    5 people will teach me 5 different lessons, to see how important had been my life for a lot of people. Then I wiil find the peace I have been searching for.