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Miss Claire's Life

  • Miss Claire was born

    Miss Claire was born
    At 8:14 P.M., Miss Claire was born at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Cousin and best friend Caroline was born

    Cousin and best friend Caroline was born
    My cousin Caroline is my best friend, too. She was born on this day at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Started kindergarten at Sharon Elementary

    I started my first day of kindergarten at Sharon Elementary. My teacher was Mrs. Jordan and I was in a multi-aged class.
  • Moved into current house in Charlotte, NC.

    My family and I moved a family house from one property to another and we moved into the house in November of 1996, while I was in kindergarten.
  • Got second dog, Harvey

    Got second dog, Harvey
    After school, I was playing with my cousin Caroline and my mom surprised us as she pulled in the driveway with our new puppy, Harvey. He was one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs that I've ever met.
  • Lost first tooth

    In December of 1997, I lost my first tooth while I was eating popcorn.This tooth was a bottom tooth and although I was terrified, I still pulled my own tooth out.
  • Got motorized Jeep to drive around.

    Got motorized Jeep to drive around.
    Santa surprised me with a new, motorized Jeep for Christmas. I had never driven anything with a gas pedal before this Jeep. It was such a great Christmas present. When I was practicing driving, I ran over my mom's foot, which upset her.
  • Miss Claire's first dog, Shane, passed away

    On this day, we had to put our first dog, Shane, to sleep. He had lung cancer and was suffering. He was one of the best dogs and one of the best dogs that I have ever had.
  • Graduated 5th grade

    Graduated 5th grade
    On this day, I graduated 5th grade. We had a ceremony in our school gym with all of the parents, while the 3rd and 4th graders sang graduation songs for us. Afterwards, all of the 5th grade went to the neighborhood pool for a celebratory pool party.
  • Got braces

    Got braces
    While I was in the 7th grade, I got my braces put on.
  • Went to Hawaii

    Went to Hawaii
    With many of my family members and friends. we took off for Honolulu, Hawaii on this morning. It was a dark, chilly morning when my dad drove my mother, grandmother, and I to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. We met some more family members and friends at the airport and all boarded a large plane that took us to Honolulu, Hawaii. The plane ride was 10.5 hours long. After spending a night in Honolulu, we boarded our cruise ship, which took us to the different Hawaiian islands.
  • Got first cell phone

    Got first cell phone
    For Christmas, I got my very first cell phone. It was a flip phone with a camera and I had it until my sophomore year of high school
  • Best friend moved to Delaware for boarding school

    Best friend moved to Delaware for boarding school
    My kindergarten best friend, Laura, decided to go to boarding school in Delaware. Shortly after I started high school, she moved to go to school. I was devasted when she moved.
  • Miss Claire's Grandpa Jim passed away

    Miss Claire's Grandpa Jim passed away
    My grandfather became very sick and within a year and a half of him becoming sick, he passed away. He always said "I declare, it's baby Claire" when he would see me. He was the only biological grandfather that I met in my life. He was one of the best men I had ever met.
  • Got braces off

    Got braces off
    On this day, I finally got my braces off. My teeth felt so smooth!
  • Went to Chicago for the first time

    Went to Chicago for the first time
    For my older cousins wedding, my family and I drove to Chicago. Illinois. This was the first time I had ever been to Chicago. I loved it!
  • Got first car

    Got first car
    At my dad's birthday celebration, my dad surprised me with my very first car, which I still drive! It's a blue, Ford Explorer. I love it!
  • Passed driving test and got driver's license.

    On my mom's birthday, I passed my driving test on my first try and finally got my driver's license! I was finally able to drive my new car!
  • Visited ASU for the first time

    Visited ASU for the first time
    On Halloween, my friend, Gretchen and I drove up to Boone to take an official tour of the campus. I already knew that I wanted to come to App for school, but this visit reassured my love for the school and made me even more excited about hopefully coming to App the next year.
  • Got first job as a hostess at Charleys

    Got first job as a hostess at Charleys
    Besides babysitting, I had never had an official job before becoming hostess and busser at a restaurant called Charleys in Charlotte. It was the best and most memorable job that I have held yet.
  • Went skiing for the first time at Sugar Mountain

    I had never been skiing before this date. I fell many, many times before I actually had a successful run on the ski slopes. I made a fool of myself by running into the line of people waiting for the ski lift. Oops!
  • Got accepted to ASU

    While at work, I found out that I got accepted to ASU beginning in the fall of 2009! I was thrilled!
  • Orientation at ASU and met current roommate, Kristen

    I was really nervous for my orientation at ASU. However, I met a girl that was staying on my floor in our assigned dorm. Her name is Kristen and we became such good friends at orientation that we are still rooomates to this day.
  • Graduated high school.

    Graduated high school.
    At the Time Warner Cable Arena in downtown Charlotte, I finally graduated from Myers Park High School.
  • First car accident

    On my way back to ASU from Maggie Valley, NC, where my grandmother lives, I got in my first car accident. It was a very rainy day and with all of the traffic, I was a part of many accidents this day.
  • Met the 4th grade class at TRCS

    On a rainy Monday, I came to TRCS to meet my class that I would be student teaching in the Spring semester of 2013. I was so anxious to meet all of you!
  • Got administered anesthesia for the first time.

    Before getting my wisdom teeth pulled, they administered anesthesia to me so that I was asleep for the procedure. This was my first surgery, so this was the first bit of anesthesia that I had ever received.
  • Got wisdom teeth pulled out

    Got wisdom teeth pulled out
    On this morning, after receiving the anesthesia, I got my four wisdom teeth pulled. My cheeks got pretty swollen and it took me over a week to recover from the whole procedure!
  • Third dog, Caesar, passed away.

    Third dog, Caesar, passed away.
    After a long battle with cancer, we finally had to put our dog, Casear to sleep. This was such a sad day. Casear was such a great dog.
  • First day of student teaching at TRCS

    First day of student teaching at TRCS
    On a Monday morning, I began my semester of student teaching this 4th grade class at TRCS. I was so excited to get to know all of you and to begin teaching you all!
  • Substitute taught alone for the first time

    I had substitute taught before, but never completely by myself. Doign this alone was a first for me as of yesterday! You all were great and aI appreciate you all making it such a wonderful Thursday!