The journey of life path number 3

Kallani's Life Path

  • Birth

    I'm the firstborn. I was born in Canon City at St. Thomas More Hospital. My mother had an emergency c-section because I was facing the wrong way, I had to be on oxygen since I had a fever.
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  • My 1st Halloween

    My 1st Halloween
    My mom dressed me up as a flower.
  • My Sister is Born

    My Sister is Born
    I was two when my sister Ariannah was born. She was born in Grand Junction. My mom, my sister dad, and I were living together at the time in an apartment in Grand Junction.
  • Toddler

    I was a quiet baby/toddler. Even though my mother and father weren't together, they were still present throughout my baby/toddler years.
  • Christmas

    This was a very special Christmas because I got the dog I've always wanted a Chihuahua, looking back at pictures my dog used to have colorful fur but now she's really gray.
  • My Second Sister is Born

    My Second Sister is Born
    Violet was born 10 minutes before midnight. She was born in Pueblo at Parkview Hospital. She and my Aunt Carol share the same birthday.
  • Family Reunion

    Family Reunion
    The family reunion is actually my grandparent's son's wife's family but we were lucky enough to be invited. They rented out a space in Coos Bay, Oregan it's truly a beautiful site. The space rented out was surrounded by woods and there were two trails, one led to the beach and the other was a scenic route. Her family is Filipino so the food was immaculate
  • Violet's 1st Birthday

    Violet's 1st Birthday
    On my sister's 1st birthday, my grandma made her a teddy bear cake in the RV. Her birthday was Hawaiian-themed, and we got real to tiki's to place on each side of her high chair. The teddy bear cake is a tradition in my family.
  • Visiting Family

    Visiting Family
    When we first visited California we visited some family my Aunt Kimberly, Uncle Steve, and Cousin Madi in Fallbrook, California. When I was little we used to visit them every year and I would collect rolly pollies and make them homes with my sister Ariannah and Cousin Madi.
  • DisneyLand

    We went to Disneyland on July 3 and 4th. On the 3rd we went to Cars Land where there were cone restaurants we also went to Bugs Land where I felt so small. On the fourth they did fireworks it was so cool, tinkerbell was even flying around.
  • Our Big Family Vacation

    Our Big Family Vacation
    Our first stop on our vacation was the Redwood National and State Parks.
  • San fransico

    San fransico
    Even in the summer, San Fransico was really foggy especially after we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. I was surprised to learn that the Golden Gate Bridge wasn't made out of gold, my mom had to pay a toll just to cross it. I hid under my blanket crying because I'm scared of bridges and heights.
    We stayed at this super expensive hotel where the water and snacks in our hotel room were $4 and up. At dinner, we went to a Burger King that was underground.
  • Alcatraz

    We went on a boat to stop by and look at the prison, Alcatraz, there were whales that followed the boat, it was so cool.
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  • New Year's Day

    New Year's Day
    My sister(Violet) and I were taken away by DHS, she went with her dad and I went with mine
  • My grandparent became my Guardians

    My grandparent became my Guardians
    I couldn't live with my dad anymore because of my brother. My grandparents on my mom's side became my legal guardians.

    I was feeling sick for about a week and I didn't know why, so I took a COVID test. I found out I had COVID after my sister' Ariannah's 8th grade graduation the DAY before school got out for the summer.
  • Associate's Degree

    Associate's Degree
    I found out in my (H) World History class while Mrs.Carlton was asking if people wanted to take the class for college college, that she mentioned that you can earn your associate's degree.
    I'm now on track to graduate with my generalized associate's degree.
  • College

    I would love to be accepted to Harvard, Stanford, or Yale since they are the best law schools out there. But, I doubt it, so I'll probably have to settle.
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  • Graduate

    I hope to graduate college with a degree in governmental law.
  • Dream Job

    Dream Job
    I hope to have my dream job either in the Senate or Congress.
  • Wedding

    I want get married at the Skopelos Church of Agios Ioannis Kastri.
  • Honeymoon

    I want to honeymoon in Damouchari, Skopelos, and Skiathos in Greece. These are all the locations where they shot the movie, Mamma Mia!
  • Children

    I want to have a kid when I'm 28 because I should be financially stable and in a good home by then.
  • Death

    I hope to die at 64.