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  • My Birthday

  • Period: to

    The First two years

  • FIrst word

  • Able to sit up unassisted

  • Began to be wary of strangers and experience anxiety without mother around

  • Period: to

    The Play Years

  • I began to become overweight due to bad eating habits

  • My Mother began teaching me to read

  • I began to be given chores, like cleaning my room, that came with consequences if I did not finish. Discipline became a factor in my actions

  • I Began pre-k and it was discovered that I am left handed

  • I Began to realize my gender role as I saw boys being given different toys, and taught different skills.

  • I Began reading anything I could get my hands on, significantly improving my vocabulary and cognitive skills

  • Period: to

    The School years

  • I Was taken to the doctors and told I was severely overweight. I remained overweight for another 4 1/2 years

  • My parents and I moved from westland, where I was bullied severely, to Garden City where I made my first friends.

  • I Tried out for basketball at school and made the team

  • Period: to


  • I grew started wearing a full bra size for the first time

  • Had my first romantic relationship, lasted almost a year

  • I joined the high school marching band

  • Relied heavily on my friends in band for social stability

  • Recieved my ACT test score, received a 23

  • Graduated from High School with honors

  • Enrolled in college

  • Became a lifeguard and swim instructor

  • Began losing more weight

  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Beginning to be less hostile to the idea of a religious faith

  • Move out of my parents house and into an apartment

  • Graduate from college with a degree in English and a secondary education certification

  • Will mary Michael Pickett in the spring after our college graduation

  • Will get first job as a teacher in a high school, teaching composition

  • Will have my first child, hopefully a girl.

  • Period: to


  • I will have trouble conceiving a second child due to a genetic fertility issue, will use invitro fertilization

  • I will purchase my first home with my husband

  • I will complete a masters degree in English, earning me a raise in salary

  • My husband will be offered a job in another state, causing unrest in our marriage until the issue is resolved, with him taking the job and us moving

  • Stress in my marriage causes therapy to be necessary, a divorce is avoided

  • I will purchase my first investment property and begin investing in the housing market part time

  • My mother will need to become a part of my household in her old age

  • I will take a part time position teaching night classes at a local community college

  • My first child will go off to college out of state

  • My second child will go to college

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • I will retire from teaching to go into real estate full time

  • My husbands mother passes away suddenly

  • My first child will graduate college a year late

  • First child gets married

  • My youngest child will graduate college

  • My Younger child will have their first child, my first grandkid

  • My husband will be diagnosed with skin cancer

  • Husband has operation to remove cancerous spots

  • I leave some of my investments to my children

  • My husband and I retire

  • I am diagnosed with heart disease

  • I begin writing a book about my life, dedicated to my mother.

  • I finish the book for my mother, having it published on my own dime.

  • I lose my cousin, a year younger then myself, to cancer

  • I realize that my hair is completely white

  • I take continuing education classes-hoping to sharpen my mental faculties

  • I stop driving, realizing that my eyesight is impared

  • I insist on doing my own shopping-not wanting to depend on others

  • The beginning stages of memory loss take effect

  • I am diagnosed with Breast cancer, which runs in my family

  • My husband and I are forced to have a in home nurse for our health

  • I go into remission from my cancer after a successful surgery

  • The last of my personal friends moves away with family and I have only my husband

  • My husband and I refuse to move into a nursing facility, prefering to age in place

  • I am told that despite having gone into remission, my cancer is back, and there is nothing to be done.

  • My husband passes away suddenly, in his sleep, of a stroke

  • I pass away in my bed, no hospitals, with my family around me. Outliving my husband by less then a month.