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The Timeline of My Life

By D.C.R
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    Freedom vs. Shame and Doubt

    I am born in Hackensack, New Jersey on September 14th, 2005. My parents are Roxann and Mehdi Razeghi. I have a brother. I am born into a Persian culture. I live in an apartment with my parents, but since I move to California in 2006, to Glendale, I will have to accustom to living in a larger place. At this point, I learned telegraphic speech. I move to another house a year later, in 2007, to West Hills. I am accustomed to this since it is a house like the last one. I made many memories here.
  • Me 4 days after I was born

    Me 4 days after I was born
    This is me when I was 4 days old
  • My apartment

    My apartment
    This is me in by my crib in my apartment
  • Me when I first walked

    Me when I first walked
    When I was first walking( I was very happy)
  • Glendale house

    Glendale house
    This is me in my house in Glendale
  • Me with my baby brother

    Me with my baby brother
    This is me with my baby brother
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    I have entered kindergarten and progressed to 4th grade, and have additionally started 5th grade, my final elementary school year. During this period I have made many friends, including ones I am still friends with to this day. I have made many memories doing activities and such with my friends in school, such as Spooky House, a Halloween themed haunted house, in fifth grade. Additionally, I played a lot of soccer throughout these 5 years, and I enjoyed it very much. I developed many skills.
  • My old house

    My old house
    This is my old house in which I used to live in
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    Identity and Gender Roles

    After 6 years of elementary school, I graduated it, with many memories. All the unique activities and friends I made hold a place in my heart from then on. . But when fall of 2016 came, I started my next stage of my life, middle school. I had a rough start but I prevailed through that. Going into 7th grade, another change was happening in my life. I was moving again to a new house. Up until now, I have lived there for 3 years, and I have been accustomed to it. Many memories are yet to come.
  • Spooky House

    Spooky House
    This is me with my friends at Spooky House, which is a haunted house created by our school
  • My new house

    My new house
    This is when my new house was being constructed
  • My finished new house

    My finished new house
    This is when my new house was completed
  • My 13th Birthday Party

    My 13th Birthday Party
    This is me and my friends at my 13th birthday party
  • My 14th Birthday Party

    My 14th Birthday Party
    This is a picture of me and my friends at my 14th Birthday Party
  • Most recent picture of me

    Most recent picture of me
    This is the most recent photo of me that I took in present day.
  • The University I will be attending

    The University I will be attending
    This is the university I will attend in fall of 2023, which is George Washington University.
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    Intimacy Vs. Isolation

    Here, I will have met my future wife/ girlfriend now in university. I also have been studying at George Washington University to be either a historian or history teacher for four years to earn my degree in teaching. I am extremely glad and reached my goal.After graduating with my degree, I will go back to middle school and teach there in U.S history as my career, which I am happy with. I do this for at least 3 years, and I will marry my future girlfriend in 2032.
  • My house

    My house
    This will be my house when I live with my wife and kids.
  • My future wedding

    My future wedding
    This is where I want to have my future wedding, on the beach.
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    Generation vs Stagnation

    By this point in my life, I will have been teaching at my middle school for 8 years. I have made an image for myself here, and I truly love the school I work at, because this is my career for the rest of my life. Additionally, I will have my second child in 2036, which I want to be a girl, making her three years apart from my son. This will complete my life, and make me even more happier with my wife as well. During Thanksgiving, I plan on reuniting with my many maternal cousins.
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    Generation vs Stagnation

    I continue teaching at my middle school. It still is enjoyable for me. This has had an everlasting effect on me, as I have done this for about 11 years, about a decade. I have made many memories with my students. Additionally, I also became an uncle a few years back, when my brother had a child. This had a significant effect on me since not only did I become a father, I became an uncle, and I will have been so glad for my brother. Another significant change is that my kids are now 10-12.
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    Generation vs Stagnation

    These are my final years of teaching. I try to make to the best of it by putting all my effort and work into it. I have also gained enough money for my retirement. But in the meantime, I make the most out of my final teaching years. This is significant to me because it will be the last time I teach. Furthermore, my kids are now teenagers, which still makes me the happiest father ever, and also is significant to me since they are growing up very fast. Also, I have a second reunion with my friend.
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    Integrity vs. Despair

    After 10-30 years of teaching, I finally retire in 2064, retiring from my teaching career at age 64. After I retire, I contemplate my achievements as a teacher. I see my career as teaching as integral in my life, as I have fulfilled what I consider to be a great job. I hope that I have taught well history to my students, and they take on what they learned. Additionally, my first born son, finally has had a child, making me finally a grandfather. This makes me extremely happy.
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    Integrity vs. Despair

    I have been in retirement for 11 years up until 2075. While I am in retirement from 2064 and on, I live with my wife. I also contemplate how she has been an integral part of my success and achievements, helping me out in any way possible. She has helped to make my life a successful and integral life. Additionally, I get a dog as company in 2080. I will name him Skippy. I consider this an achievement, as it has been one of my goals to have a dog, and this acquisition is integral.
  • What my dog will be

    What my dog will be
    This is what my dog will be, a pug.
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    Integrity vs. Despair

    These are the final years of my life. During this time, I remain at my house in retirement contemplating my life.I have a family reunion, with my children, my nephews and nieces, and all their children in 2080. Seeing all my family members I have now reminds me of the family I helped to create. This represents the Integrity in Integrity and Despair as I see the family I have helped to create, making this a success in my life. Additionally, I will write my memoirs in 2093.