It's a rough life!

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    Last Month in the Womb

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    In the womb

  • Just taking a snooze before my birthday arrives next month

    Just taking a snooze before my birthday arrives next month
    Just waiting around for my birthday to arrive...not thinking about much - catching some shut eye as I listen to my mom's voice.
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    It's My Birthday

  • Surprise! I'm here! Not what you expected?

    Surprise!  I'm here! Not what you expected?
    Just kidding - Some parents just can't wait until Halloween. Finally got meet to my mom. She is nice and warm and can't keep her hands off of me! Love at first sight. And so, my life begins....
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    First Two Years of Life

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    It's My Birthday!

  • Troubled Two's

    I'm learning that I don't always get my way the bigger I grow.
    My meals are not always to my likening... I try to let my parents know this by shaking my head from side to side and saying NO...but if that doesn't work I just don't open my mouth until the food item changes to something more of my liking.
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    Early Childhood

  • First Grade

    First grade started and it was scary. Mrs. Lee was my teacher's name. I was in class for about a month when I became ill with Rheumatic Fever. This caused me to miss almost the entire year of first grade. My parents moved my bed into the dinning room so I was centrally located with the rest of the family. A tutor came to the house for school. And I took many trips to the hospital. My attachment to my mother intensified during that year.
  • Early Childhood

    Learning to ride my bike was a scary and fun experience. My father tried relentlessly to teach me how to balance myself without training wheels. All seemed to be going well. I gained confidence and took off down the sidewalk, smile on my face, cheers coming from my father. - only moments later I ended up in the deep ditch in our front yard.
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    Middle Childhood

  • 5th Grade Spelling Bee

    5th grade was the best year of elementary school. Mr. Color was my teacher and he use to hand out big red hot jawbreakers to those who got good grades. It was also the year I made it to the school spelling bee and competed against the 6th graders. I would study under my blanket with a flashlight. The day of the event I was nervous. I lasted a few rounds but missed the word "congratulations." I was disappointed but when I returned to my classroom they cheered and clapped as if I had won!
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  • First Kiss

    Oh my first kiss was at the second grade door where I was a safety for the second graders... It happened after school - it was cold outside- I wasn't expecting it and when I got home I felt like everyone knew, but of course they did not. I felt kinda weird - maybe a little grown up - but certainly confused about the whole thing!
  • Junior High - What a nightmare!

    The first year of junior high was a difficult time for me. Most of my friends from elementary school seemed to change over the summer - I guess I changed also but we were no longer interested in the same things. Many of them began smoking and I was uncomfortable around them. I felt very awkard and alone. I was very shy and quiet so making friends was hard.
  • Freshman at Highschool

    Finally highschool! When I started highschool my sister was in her senior year so we got to spend one year together. I also got a boyfriend that lasted all the way through graduation. Most of my friends were people in grades higher than me and so I was always sharing a bigger locker in a better location with one of my friends. I was still shy and rarely spoke in class. But life was good and exciting!
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    High School! Yea!

  • Sophmore Year - Miss Michigan Teen Pageant

    When I was in 10th grade I was nomitated to particate in the Miss Michigan Teen Pageant. I was still extremely shy and almost declined. However, I did go through with it and it turned out to be a very rewarding experience. My confidence was boosted - just a little - and I surprised myself and my parents by completing the entire event.
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    Last year of high school

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    Life after High School to Age 25 - Emerging Adulthood

  • Graduation Day

    My last year of high was awesome! Every event seemed extraordinarliy special. Prom was awesome fun. Graduation day was bitter sweet. I was so excited until we threw our caps into the air and I remember thinking, "this is it" time to move on. I cried shortly after when I saw my best friend.
  • First Day of College

    After graduation I couldn't decide what I wanted to do so I continued to be a nanny for a wonderful family and stayed living at home. I started Henry Ford Nursing program that fall. Life seemed great. I didn't have financial responsibility yet, except for my personal items. I began working out every day - at home and exercise classes.
  • My first job in Florida and first apartment

    I rented a townhouse when I got to Florida and shared it with two roommates, both from Texas. I started my job at AAA. I traveled the entire state with that job and even took a cruise. I could not have been happier. I began to come out of my shell and made many friends and experienced many new places and cultures. My body began to change and I was unable to maintain weight. I was later diagnosed with Colitis. My diet and physical health was now a major ongoing issue.
  • 1991 - My move to Florida

    After helping the family I worked for move back to Naples, Florida, I came back to Michigan with much energy and excitement. I located a AAA office near West Palm Beach and I moved 2 weeks later. This move surprised my parent and me - but I did it. I cried from the moment I left my parents driveway to the Ohio border. My emotions were sad, but something told me this is what I needed to do and I stayed focused on my new adventure.
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    Adulthood! Age 25 to 65

  • Job Promotion!

    In 1994 I was recruited by the Administrative judge at the courthouse to come work for him. This is when my I felt a huge shift in my life. I was making more money, had a job with a lot of responsibility and a job with a high profile - I was in front of a courtroom everyday making legal decisions. I loved the excitement and the learning, however, my health continued to decline and my weight dropped to 92 pounds. I sought help for my anxiety.
  • My First Office Job

    I got my first real office job at AAA of Michigan. I started as a data entry clerk and moved up quickly to processing. This job made me feel grown up. I shortly after purchased my first new car. Continued with school and exercising. And I had a new boyfriend that will have lasted the next five years.
  • My first house!

    I purchased my first house in 1996. It was a townhouse with a big courtyard and outdoor hot tub. By this time I had a study boyfriend and an adopted dog. I felt like a productive adult. My parents and sister visted a few times a year - each trip was full of excitement and fun. I traveled home for every big holiday. Although I've been dating for awhile, I did not want to marry and I did not want children. This was never an issue between us. My health at this point was a little better.
  • Taking Care of My Grandfather

    My grandfather began to show signs of memory loss. He lived alone and was not willing to move in with family. I began going over to my grandfather's house everyday after work, heating up his "tv dinners," then go to school - and exercise. Looking back I don't know how I managed my time so well, but I loved him dearly and couldn't stand the thought of him being their alone and possibly not eating. He ended up in a nursing home 3 years later. I never got over my parents moving him there.
  • Leaving the courthouse to work independently

    In June of 2004 I had a huge and touch decision to leave the comfort of the courthouse to work on my own. By this time I had made my aquaintenance and had a good reputation around the courthouse. I soon began to contract with local attorney's to perform legal work. Leaving the security of the courthouse was hard, but I vested in my pension and besides the security I was ready for another adventure. My parents were nervous, but proud. And I was about to have my first surgery for my stomach.
  • Moving to Memphis, Tennessee!

    My boyfriend of many years (we were together a total of 19 yrs), was offered a great position with his company and he relocated to Memphis. I decided to meet him about six months later. This was not a hard decision. I loved Florida, but I love not knowing what's coming next in my life. By this time I was not shy and I could talk to anyone. I was a different person than the shy girl left Michigan many years before. Plus knowing my parents were proud of me always made me feel I very special.
  • Dealing with my mother's death

    After my mother's funeral I returned to Memphis. Life really had no meaning. I cried every single day. I would break down when shopping often having to leave the store. I was prescribed Ambien to sleep. I began to lose weight again. I use to call my mother every night at 10 p.m - I continued my calls to my father but they were very hard, almost unbearable. My cheerful attitude was gone. My boss and co-workers were very supportive.
  • Getting laid off

    In May of 2011, the company I worked for was downsizing. My boss was retiring so my position was eliminated. At the time it was devasting, however, looking back, it was not the worse thing to happen. I looked for a job, but with no luck. I started to evaulated my life and decided what was most important was my father and my family. After talking it over with my long time boyfriend - I departed a few weeks later and moved home. I felt my father needed me.
  • Back in Michigan!

    Moving back home was a huge adjustment. It was hard to be home and not have my mother here. I continued to cry everyday. My father sold the family home and moved. I stayed with my sister. I spent most of my time with my father and sister, niece and nephews. Life was good- I got to be a full time aunt. And then a room-Aunt. Member of the PTA... my life had taken a huge change! I became almost domesticated!!
  • Working again in Michigan

    I got a job working at a home care agency in Southfield, doing HR and payroll. A long way from the legal work I was use to doing. But no complaints. It feels like my life has slowed a little. Living around family again is different. I am definetly the family caregiver and that works for me. I went back to college in Sept to finish that nursing degree I started. My health is good. I've gained about 13 pounds since moving back and my Colitis is under control. I am a much calmer person now.
  • December 10, 2010 My Mother's Birthday - Dec 11, 2010 her death

    In Memphis I worked for a consulting company and we bought a beautiful Victorian house that my parents and family came to stay in several times over the years. The day before Thanksgiving I got a call from my father that I needed to come home. I was on a flight and there within hours. My mother entered the hospital for collapsed lung and later diagnosed with lung and breast cancer. She already suffered with Alzheimers. Her 70th birthday was on Monday, Dec 10 - she died 7:34 a.m the next day.
  • Graduation for Nursing School!

    Well I finally got into to nursing program after waiting on that long "waitlist" and am officially a registered nurse! Feeling proud. Smarter. And a good role-model to my niece and nephews.
  • Retirement!!

    Well I've had wonderful second part of my life working as a nurse, but now it's time to retire. I will keep active by taking care of my older sister who has MS, and my father who is aging but continues to keep his wits about him. I'm glad I've been able to make him happy by moving back home. Sometimes you have to know when it's time to redirect your adventures back to where you came from... home.
  • 2061- My death

    I plan on living a long life! I'm terrified of dying - always have been. I have nightmares about it. I always say I'm not going alone so whoever is with me when my time is up is coming with me! My family and friends say they will not hang out with me when I'm older because their not going to go with me! I feared getting Alzheimers like my mother and grandfather. However, I believe I will get the disease and this is how I will die -