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My Life - Cheryl Walls

  • I was born

    I was the first baby born at Oakwood Emergancy room on March 22, 1986; in Canton MI. I weighed 5lbs 4oz, 21.5 inches long.
  • My big sisters turns 1!

    Just five days old, I celebrated my big sisters' first birthday.
  • Biosocial Development-Sleep

    My mom said for the first month I did a lot of sleeping.
  • Sit Up

    I learned how to sit-up all by my self.
  • crawl

    I learned how to crawl.
  • My first tooth.

    My first tooth had appeared on the bottom of my mouth.
  • My first steps

    When I was ten months old I began to walk.
  • Cognitive Development - My first word.

    My first word: "momma"
  • No more bottle.

    My mom took me off my bottle just before I turned two. I now was drinking out of a "big girl" cup.
  • Psychosocial Development - Secure attachment

    When I was two years old, it was very difficult for me to stay with a sitter while my mom went to work.
  • Biosocial Development - Eating habits

    I had discovered my moms homade chicken and broccoli alfrado was my favorite food.
  • My first hair cut

    My mom took me to get my first hair cut.
  • Early Childhood Education.

    My first day at pre-school where I learned and played with other childrean of my own age.
  • lost my first tooth

    My first baby tooth had fell out.
  • Kindergarten

    My first day of Kindergarten.
  • Psyscocial development - Friendship

    In kidergarten I had shared a special bond and developed a close friendship with my classmate Jamie. Twenty-four years later we still are great friends.
  • First sleep over.

    My best friend and classmate had invited me to a sleep over on her birthday.
  • Biosocial Development - Physical development

    I was a very active child and loved sports; especially soccer and softball. My mom enrolled me on a soccer league.
  • Allergic reaction

    During this summer I was stung by a bee and hospitalized.
  • Psychosocial development - Emotional balence.

    I had a tendency to internalize my emotions and problems as opposed to externalizing them.
  • Vaccation

    My family and I went to Disney World.
  • Cognitive development - Math

    I was very good in mathamatics. When I was in fifth grade my skills were above average that I could solve a hundred multiplaction problem in less than a minute.
  • My first pet

    For Easter my mother suprised me with a baby rabbit.
  • Puberty

    Physical changes and maturity into adulthood began in summer of 1997.
  • Middle School

    Transition from Ericksson Elementry School to Lowell Middle School.
  • High School

    Transition from Lowell Middle School to Salem High School.
  • Loss of a loved one.

    A very devastating point in my life. My grandmother lost her battle to breast cancer and I held her hand as she took her last breath to say " I love you!"
  • Dropped out of High School

    A few months before my sixteenth birthday I dropped out of High School.
  • GED

    The year I was supposed to graduate from High School I went to Schoolcraft College and recieved my GED.
  • Met the love of my life.

    Fell in love with the love of my life, Jason Roth.
  • Pregnant

    Found out that I was pregnant with my first child.
  • My first house.

    Shortly after the birth of my son, my son's father and I moved into our first house togther with our baby boy.
  • Labor/Birth

    At 5:48pm I got to hold my baby boy in my arms for the first time and welcome him into this world.
  • Became an aunt.

    My nephew Brayden was born.
  • Became an aunt again.

    My newphew Deric was born.
  • My third newphew was born.

    My newphew Devon was born.
  • Enrolled into college

    Winter semester of 2013 I had made the descision to further my education and choose a carrear in life. I enrolled as a full-time student at Schoolcraft community college and had made it on the Deans list my first semester.
  • My 4th newphew was born

    My nephew Chase was born.
  • Family vacation/ road trip

    My sons dad's side of the family had planned a vacation for their kids, grandchildrean, and their significant other to take a road trip to flordia for 12 days.
  • My 5th nephew was born.

    My nephew Eathan was born.
  • Separation with my son's father.

    Unfortunatly the 8 year relationship that I had with my son's father came to an end.
  • Moved

    I moved out of the house where my son, his father and I had lived in for 8 years and got my first apartment.
  • New relationship.

    Shorly after my eight year relationship with my son's father, I had met a very nice guy who has been very supportive during this difficult time in my life and we began dating and have had a happy relationship since.
  • Got my licences

    Officially got my licences.
  • My first car

    Bought my first car, a mustang.
  • Miscarriage

    I had a miscarriage with my second child.
  • lost my best friend

    Lost a good friend who i grew up with to brain cancer. Heather was only 28 years old.
  • Happy Easter

    Today I am spending my Easter with my son, my boyfriend, and our families.
  • I'm a Grandma!

    After my son marries the love of his life, I predict shortly after I will hear the announcement that I am a grandmother.
  • Vacation

    Taking my son camping for his first time.
  • Hope to obtain my associates.

    By 2020 I hope to obtain my associates degree as an RN and start my career.
  • Career

    Within that year that I obtain my assoiciates degree, I hope to settle in to my career.
  • middle adullthood

    On this day I will be turning 35 years old, reaching middle adulthood.
  • Marriage

    I hope to be married to the man of my dreams.
  • My son will be an adult.

    On this day my only son will be turning 18.
  • My son graduates high-school

    I will watch my son graduate high-school.
  • My son enrolls in college.

    My wish is for my son to enroll into college shortly after he graduates high-shcool.
  • My parents final years

    Because of the poor health that both of my parents are in, by age 2030 I should prepare to expect the worse and comfort my parents with all the love and support during their final years.
  • My son graduates from college

    I hope by the year of 2033 that my son will graduate from college and earn his degree. Shortly after graduation I hope he finds a job in his careear of choice.
  • Late adulthood

    I will be experincing that transition into late-adulthood.
  • My son will find his true love.

    By age 30 I am predicting that my son will be married to the women of his dreams.
  • Menopause

    The transition of adulthood where my menstrual periods will stop and my body will be experincing changes.
  • Retirement

    By the time I reach 65 years of age, I will be planning my retirement.
  • Death

    Predicting my death to occur at age 76; unless I make some healthy choices and change my bad habits in life.