My Life Timeline

By jdavies
  • I was born

    I was born at 5:55am
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    My Life Timeline

  • I got baptized

  • I started swimming at State Swim

    I started swimming at State Swim
    State Swim is a swimming school in Austarlia. I started when I was 18 months old with my parents. When I was 7 I was already in the highest level.
  • My first birthday

    I spent my first birthday in the Philippines.
  • My parent's wedding

    I was flower girl at my mom and dad's wedding.
  • I got Typhoid fever

    When I got typhoid fever the second day I had a fever we went straight to the doctors to to get a check up and to get medication.
  • My brother Jack was born

  • We went to Thailand

    We went to Thailand
    I do remember when we went to Thailand and I definitely remember seeing the Orangutangs. They were freaky back then but now I think that would have been awesome.
  • My brother's 3rd Birthday

    The earliest of Jack's birthday parties I remebered.
  • My 7th Birthday

    My 7th Birthday
    My 7th birthday was awesome. My mom baked me a rabbit cake and I had a matching pinata too. It was so fun because all of my friends that I invited came, so I got lots of presents.
  • My Mom's 27th Birthday

    My mom's 27th birthday was spent on our boat in Australia. It was fun we went fishing and we ate cake and partied on the boat.
  • I moved to the Philippines

  • My 9th Birthday

    My 9th Birthday
    My 9th birthday was my first birthday in the Philippines. I was shy about inviting people to my party because I was new to the school because in the school I used to go to, we started the 1st semester in June.
  • My second school in the Philippines

    My second school that my brother and I moved to was STI in Angeles city, near Clark Base. We studied there until early January in 2011.
  • My 10th Birthday

    On my 10th birthday I got my first phone.
  • I got my first pet dog.

    I got my dog when he was 4 months old. His name is Ashton.
  • Christmas

    On this Christmas I got my very first laptop. It was so cute. I still have it until now.
  • My first trip to Australia since we moved to the Philippines

    When my family and I went back to Australia it was so fun. We got to see Australia again and to witness the cold. It was awesome. We stayed there for 2 weeks.
  • My 11th Birthday

    My 11th birthday was held at Fontana in Clark Base. It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.
  • 1st Annual Horse Fest

    1st Annual Horse Fest
    On the first annual horse fest I joined in on the competitions and I won 2 of my games. It was so awesome and I just graduated from Horse riding the year before it was just awesome!
  • New Years Eve

    New Years Eve
    We spent our new years eve at my mom's house and we set odd fireworks at the front of our house. It was AWESOME! I was an official photographer.
  • I moved to Brent Subic

  • 5th Grade Camp

    My first camp in my life and I spent it with my new friends.
  • We moved to Binictican

    On May 27 we moved into our new renovatede house. It has 4 bedrooms and I love it! My room is right infront of the road so I can see intruders.
  • I got my first Headmaster's List Award

  • My 12th Birthday

    My 12th birthday was my first sleepover party I have ever had. It made me sad though because only 3 people came. Luckily I always have another party with all of my family and family friends.
  • My trip to Australia

    Since we went back to Australia the year before, dad decided that we're going to be visitng every year. I was so happy to go there just after my birthday because I got to have a belated birthday there with all of my cousins and my grandma.
  • My first band concert

    My first band concert
    My first band concert was our christmas concert on November 24, 2011. I just started to learn how to play my clarinet and I aced the concert. Now I have joined the rest of the class with all of the other beginners in Band.
  • Singapore Swim Meet

    Last semester I joinded the Swim team and I was really confident. I was actually a lot more ahead than some other swimmers. Because I was really good at swimming coach Thompson let me come with the rest of the team to compete in Singapore. I was so excited. Even though when I came back I didn't get any rewards I still enjoyed the trip and learned from the experience.
  • Universal Studios Singapore

    Universal Studios Singapore
    While the swim team was in Singapore we went to Universal Studios. It was wicked AWESOME! I went on 12 total rollercoasters with Andie. My favourite rollercoaster was the Cylon, Battlestar Galactica. OMG I rode that like 5 times and the Human, Battlestar Galactica 4 times. It was the most amazing rollercoaster I have ever been on!
  • My first Exam week

  • I got my iPhone 4S

  • 2012 New Years Eve

    We spent our New Years Eve with family and friends at Dreamland in Barrio Barreto.
  • I got Headmaster's List