My Awesome Life

  • I was awesomely born!

    I was born at the James Gordon Memorial Hospital, at 1:01 pm.
  • Baby Foot Prints

    Baby Foot Prints
    When I was born, the doctors stamped my footprint onto a paper, they were so small.
  • Period: to

    Sofia's Awesome Timeline

    I have a nice life.
  • First Meeting

    After my mom gave birth, the nurses and doctors got me for a while to do some check-ups and they brought me back, it was the first time that I met and saw my dad and mom.
  • I got Baptized!

    I am a Roman Catholic. I got baptized in the San Roque Chapel.
  • I turned 1-year-old

    I turned 1-year-old
    I had my 1st birthday at the Shakeys restaurant in Olongapo. I was so cute!!
  • First New Year in Manila

    I usually go to Subic to celebrate New Year, but that time, I celebrated the New Year in Fairview, Manila.
  • Biking

    I learned how to bike by myself, with three wheels.
  • Dentist Check-up

    My first dentist check-up, I looked really brave in the picture.
  • Kindergarten

    I started studying in the Subic Montessori School down near the San Roque Chapel.
  • Beijing

    My first time to go to Beijing, China, where I got to visit my mom because she worked there before as a nurse in the International School of Beijing.
  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong
    My first time to visit Hong Kong with my parents. I remember the time when I let my dad hold my delicious squid chips while I was riding on a carousel, when the ride was over I asked my dad to give me my chips but he said he ate them all, so I ran away, they found me alone in the playground. Hahaha!!
  • A Huge Celebration

    A Huge Celebration
    Us Filipinos celebrate a girl's 7-years-old party. It should be fun like mine. My seventh birthday was held in the Guerreros Beach Resort in Barreto. My relatives made a sond and dance for me and I showed a dance myself. I had so many gifts!!
  • Bishop Brent Prize

    When I was in grade 4, I got the Bishop Brent award. My parents were really proud of me, so they got me an iPod touch. I was proud of myself too.
  • Third Grade

    I transfered to Brent and started with third grade. I found new friends and I got to learn more things.
  • Boracay

    This was the first time I went to Boracay. I went there with my family because that was where my auntie and uncle decided to have their anniversary. It was really fun there.
  • Palawan

    My first time to go to Palawan without my parents because they had work. I went with my aunites and uncles.
  • Sand Dollars

    In one of the beaches in Puerto Princessa, I saw sand dolllars. It was the first time I got to see a real one.
  • Grade Five Camp

    It was the first time I had a camp with a great bonfire. I was in a dorm with three of my great friends, Rian, Jillian, and Vivien.
  • Dork Diaries

    Dork Diaries
    My first time to read any Dork Diary book. My friend gave it to me when she left Brent.

    I had a wonderful experience watching the group, Stomp, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. These group of people have showed us a performance that you would want to watch over and over again.
  • Bunjee Jumping

    I always bunjee jump when I am in SM, but that time was the first time that I did a front and back flip. Many kids wanted to try jumping after they saw my "stunts."
  • Band Concert

    I played the clarinet in the band concert. I was at the front with my classmate, Sandy, we all did a great job.
  • Christmas 2011

    I celebrated my Christmas in my province, Naguilian, Isabela. I got a peace duffle bag from my parents, and earings from my auntie in Africa. My gifts were so cool!
  • Tonsillitis

    Whenever I swallow, my tonsils hurt. This is the first time I got Tonsillitis.
  • Bishop Brent

    Bishop Brent
    I recieved an Academic Award called the Bishop Brent award, where your GPA is 4.00 or higher. I got the only Bishop Brent Awrd in the whole middle school, grade 9, and grade 10. My parents, my classmates, and my relatives were really proud of me. I am really proud too!