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Where I'm From to Where I'm Going

By ag10308
  • First Day of School Freshman Year

    First Day of School Freshman Year
    "Take a deep breath as you walk through the doors it's the morning of your very first day..."
  • Homecoming

    With my best friend
  • My 15th Birthday

    My 15th Birthday
    "This is life before you know who you're gonna be, at fifteen..."
  • Snow Day!!

    Snow Day!!
    My brother and I used boogie boards as sleds.
  • Track

    I was so happy when I made the varsity track team my freshman year.
    "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."
    -Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner
  • Quinceañera

    My best friend tuned 15 and because she is hispanic, she had an elaborate party with all of her friends and family to celebrate.
  • Quinceañera

    I was the guest of honor.
  • Almost Done!!

    Almost Done!!
    It was almost the last day of freshman year, and my friend, Natalie and I were playing around in the band room.
  • Band Concert

    Band Concert
    This was our first high school spring concert
  • Redecorating

    Before school started, my friend and I repainted my room. It was cool because we splatter painted the walls and put our hand prints and foot prints all over the place!
  • Marching Band

    Marching Band
    I decided to give marching band a try my sophomore year. We had countless hours of practice and hard work to make a great show.
  • Second First Day

    Second First Day
    First day of sophomore year! I'm not quite as nervous as I was last year!
  • Homecoming #2

    Homecoming #2
    This was another homecoming with my best friend
  • Natalie

    Natalie turned 15 today!! She is also hispanic, so she had an elaborate party too! We rode in a limo to the venue, and this picture was actually taken in a bathroom...
  • 16th Birthday

    16th Birthday
    My newly painted room inspired me to have a splatter paint party. We ran around outside decorating shirts with fabric paint and we also decorated my cake with a TON of icing. Then everyone signed my walls, and put their hand prints up.
  • Spa Day

    Spa Day
    My grandpa treated us ladies to a relaxing spa day. We all look very out of it. It was a great day though. We stayed in the lodge all weekend and were pampered every day we were there.
  • New Dog

    New Dog
    After all of the snow had melted, we decided to get a new dog. He is a rescue named Chance.
    He is a German Shepherd and a Husky Mix.
  • PCB

    My aunt treated my best friend and I on a trip to Panama City for our spring break trip.
  • Vasity!

    I made the varsity team again and this is my 4X100 Meter team posing at one of our last meets.
  • Banquet

    I lettered in band this year! I was so happy. Marching practices paid off.
  • Wedding

    I played my flute at my Granny's wedding while my cousin sang an accompanyment.
  • Peachtree Road Race

    Peachtree Road Race
    This was the first year I attempted to run the Peachtree Road Race. It was the best race of my life, and even though I didn't run the whole entire time, I finished the 10K in just over an hour, which is not bad for my first time. I never thought I would run in a race like this, and it was sooo fun. I plan on doing it again next year.
  • College

    My brother went off to college
  • First Day...Again

    First Day...Again
    First day of junior year. I can finally drive myself to school!
  • 17th Birthday

    17th Birthday
    We decided to throw a casino themed party for my brithday.
  • Track

    I ran varsity again this year.
  • Last First Day

    WooHoo! Almost there.
    The picture wouldn't work :/
  • Senior Night

    Senior Night
    Senior Night this year happened to fall on my birthday! It was awesome.
  • Track

    I ran varsity again and my team made it to the GA Tech Invitational Meet. It was the coolest meet I've ever competed in.
    Picture wouldn't work again..
  • Graduation!!!

    Finally finished..I learned a lot about myself, and about people, and I am ready to start my life