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Tupuna life

By tupuna
  • mauke

    Mauke, the island that my dad's side of the family came from.This is where my mum and dad met and lived for a couple of years.It's where my brother and sister were born.My mum was pregnant with me but moved to New Zealand before I was born.
  • born

    My family and I at our house in Fairburn Place. Cambridge, New Zealand.
  • first fish

    first fish
    Caught my first fish at Kawhia wharf while we were camping there with my dad,sister,mum,brother and I. I managed to catch 3 fish because my dad put 3 hooks on my fishing line.
  • 3 birthday party

    3 birthday party
    My family and our good friends the Wouterson, at my third birthday party. We played games such as pass the parsel.As well as some other games that I can't remember.
  • my first cat had kittens

    my first cat had kittens
    Sabrina and her kittens. Sabrina had 5 kittens. My brother,sister and I each got to have one. I named mine Slinky, my sister called hers Mango. My brother i'm not too sure what he named his kitten.
  • first day kindergarten

    first day at kindergarten I went to Leamington kindergarten on Thompson St and I always played with James R and Calon.
  • 4 birth day party

    4 birth day party
    All my close friends and family at my fourth birthday party.
  • south island trip in punaiki

    south island trip in punaiki
    My family and I going to see the Pancake rocks in Punaiki. As well during the walk, my brother was pretending to be a blind bird it was quite funny.
  • playing in the snow

    playing in the snow
    My siblings and I playing in the snow. At Otira Gorge having a snow ball fight. I tryed to make a snow ball but insted of me making a snow ball. I made a flat snow ball.
  • christchurch cathedral

    christchurch cathedral
    My siblings and I siting in front of the Christchurch Cathedral. During our long visit to the South Island.
  • 5 birth day party

    5 birth day party
    All of my new good friends from kindy and my family coming to celebrate the starting of school for me.
  • first day at school

    <a href='' > My first day starting school on Lamb St, my first class room was room 15.
  • broke my arm for the firs time

    broke my arm for the firs time
    I broke my arm after fall off a ladder at Lemington School. While playing tag with some one. (Not sure who it was my eyes were blurry).
  • broke my arm again

    broke my arm again
    I broke my arm AGAIN! Playing with my dad. Then got driven to hospital at 7.30pm.
  • bought a rabbit

    bought a rabbit
    Our frist rabbit was eaten by dogs. We bought another rabbit from the pet shop. We named him Silky.
  • 10 birthday party

    10 birthday party
    For my 10th birthday party I had a party themed about dragons. As well we played a fair amount of dragon themed games.
  • totara springs water slide

    totara springs water slide
    Going down the biggest water slide in the Southern Hemisphere, at Totara Springs camp, It's super fast.
  • 11 birth day party

    11 birth day party
    For my 11th birthday party my friends and I went to Mega Zone.
  • mega zone

    mega zone
    My friends and I at Mega Zone. Blue team has my sister, James, Nathen and I.
  • mega zone red team

    mega zone red team
    My friends and I at Mega Zone. Red team has my dad, brother, Ethan and Sean
  • me and james at mega zone

    me and james at mega zone
    My friend James and I at Mega Zone, Just before we were about to start playing.
  • brother and sister at mega zone

    brother and sister at mega zone
    Siblings! A before game picture showing how much brothers and sisters get along.
  • getting a kitten

    getting a kitten
    We got given a kitten from our friends. We named him Floss. We named him Floss because we thought he was a girl but he was actually a boy.
  • mum,dad and brother

    mum,dad and brother
    My mum, dad and brother at his 21 birthday.
  • me,sister and brother

    me,sister and brother
    My sister, brother and I at Haydens (my brother) his 21 birthday party.
  • mum's side of the family

    mum's side of the family
    All of my mum's side of the family at the lake in town. They all came to Cambridge for a family reunion at our house in Scott street.
  • my immediate family

    my immediate family
    My dad, mum, brother, sister, nana and I at my brothers 21 birthday.
  • dad's side of the family

    dad's side of the family
    Dad's side of the family at my brothers 21.