Along my journey through life...

By jlf701
  • The day it all began!

    The day it all began!
    At 10:25PM, weighing 7lbs 6oz, I was born in Bamberg, Germany.
  • Period: to

    So far in the life of Jessica Ferris...

    This is my way of remembering important dates and details of my life.
  • Berlin Wall falls in Germany.

    Berlin Wall falls in Germany.
  • Move to the United States.

    Move to the United States.
    After my father's duty in Germany (sometime in Jan '90?), we moved to the states to live in North Carolina. I became a German-American citizen.
  • Desert Storm starts.

    Desert Storm starts.
    My father fought in this war for the US Army.
  • Desert Storm ends.

    Desert Storm ends.
    Shortly after it begun, the Desert Storm war ended, bringing my father back.
  • Lloyd Jr. is born.

    Lloyd Jr. is born.
    My first little brother was a 10lb baby born in NC. My older sister and I were very excited to have a brother, and I was very excited to be a big sister.
  • Move to Mobile, AL.

    Move to Mobile, AL.
    The day after my brother was born, we moved to Mobile, AL, where my family has been ever since.
  • Patrick Thomas is born.

    Patrick Thomas is born.
    My second little brother was an 8lb baby, born at Mobile Infirmary Hospital in Mobile, AL, less than a year after my first brother.
  • Start school.

    Start school.
    (Sometime in Sept '94), I started kindergarten at age 5 as a dragon at John Will Elementary School with Miss Blount in Mobile, AL. "I will do my best today!"
  • Move to Grand Bay, AL.

    Move to Grand Bay, AL.
    In the middle of my third grade year at John Will, I had to move to Castlen Elementary in Grand Bay, AL.
  • Graduate elementary school.

    Graduate elementary school.
    (Sometime in May '00) I graduated elementary school as a Castlen Cub in Grand Bay, AL. I won a trophy at my graduation for making all A's from kindergarten to the fifth grade.
  • Start middle school.

    Start middle school.
    (Sometime in Aug '00) I started middle school as a tiger at Grand Bay Middle School. My favorite teacher was my homeroom/history teacher Mrs. Tew. She gave me my first true appreciation for teaching as a profession: she let me grade papers, take attendance, etc.
  • Move to Causey Middle School.

    Move to Causey Middle School.
    Even though I hated leaving GBM, I had to start seventh grade at Causey Middle School in Mobile. This was by far my least favorite school I've ever been to. Thankfully, I only had to stay there for one year.
  • Graduate middle school.

    Graduate middle school.
    (Sometime in May '03) I graduated the eighth grade and finished middle school from Semmes Middle in Semmes, AL.
  • Start high school.

    Start high school.
    I started high school as a Viking at Mary G. Montgomery in Semmes, AL, even though I moved to Mt. Vernon (Citronelle High district) the summer after I graduated middle school.
  • Move to Bryant HS in Irvington.

    Move to Bryant HS in Irvington.
    I very reluctantly had to move to Irvington where I started the tenth grade at Alma Bryant High School. I moved back to Mobile, back to MGM, before the end of the year, but had to start the eleventh grade back at Bryant.
  • Kaylei Michelle is born!

    Kaylei Michelle is born!
    A surprise addition to our family, Kaylei was born at Mobile Infirmary 13 years after my youngest brother. Our new little sister weighed 7lbs 8oz 21in.
  • Hurricane Katrina hits.

    Hurricane Katrina hits.
    As a category 3 hurricane, Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, destroying the house I lived in at the time, My entire family (parents, younger brothers, and new baby sister) moved to Room 114 of the Red Roof Inn in Tillman's Corner. This was by far the WORST time of my life; I have no fond memories during the next seven months.
  • Move out of the Red Roof Inn!

    Move out of the Red Roof Inn!
    After SEVEN months of living at the Red Roof Inn (and without the help of FEMA), my family was finally able to move into a house of our own in Wilmer. I finished the eleventh grade and started/finished my senior year of high school at MGM. My parents, brothers, and younger sister still live there today.
  • Graduate high school!

    Graduate high school!
    I graduated from Mary G. Montgomery High School in Semmes, AL, ranked #27 out of about 350 seniors.
  • Start college.

    Start college.
    I moved out of my parents' house into a dorm the weekend before starting my freshman year of college at the University of South Alabama. Go jaguars!
  • Met Lifehouse at the Mitchell Center.

    Met Lifehouse at the Mitchell Center.
    Lifehouse played a concert at the Mitchell Center this Thursday night. I won tickets on the radio to meet them before the show. My best friend Michelle and I also hung out with them after the show, talking for hours outside their tour bus. We had lunch with half of them the next day at TGI Fridays.
  • The day I met Jeremy.

    The day I met Jeremy.
    This Tuesday was the day I would meet my future husband, Jeremy Lynn.
  • Start work at Ruby Tuesady.

    Start work at Ruby Tuesady.
    This was the beginning of my first "real" job. I waited tables and greeted guests while making lifelong, irreplaceable friends.
  • Lifehouse: New Orleans, LA.

    Lifehouse: New Orleans, LA.
    Michelle and I drove to New Orleans this Wednesday to see Lifehouse in concert, playing at FanFest for the NO/OH football "pep rally." We stayed in the Ritz Carlton Hotel Suites and had a blast!
  • Lifehouse: Jacksonville, FL.

    Lifehouse: Jacksonville, FL.
    Michelle and I flew to Jacksonville, FL, to see Lifehouse play at the Freebird Live. After roaming the city, hanging on the beach, and having lunch with the band, we flew home on the 14th.
  • Jeremy moves to Enterprise

    Jeremy moves to Enterprise
    My boyfriend had to move to Enterprise - three hours away! - for his new job at Fort Rucker. This was a sad day for me.
  • Lifehouse: Jackson, MS.

    Lifehouse: Jackson, MS.
    My friend Kourtney and I drove to Jackson, MS, for the state fair performance of Lifehouse. This is sadly the last Lifehouse concert I've been to...
  • My first car!

    My first car!
    I bought my first drivable car so I would be sure not to miss Valentine's Day (my favorite day of the entire year) and my one-year anniversary with Jeremy the next month. The first day I drove my car to work, my lovely coworkers wrapped in Saran wrap.
  • 21st birthday!

    21st birthday!
    I finally turned 21! My roommate and best friend threw me a surprise birthday party. I had no idea - because I definitely didn't tell them to do it. (Haha.)
  • Quit Ruby Tuesday.

    Quit Ruby Tuesday.
    Just two days short of my two-year anniversary of employment, I quit my job at Ruby Tuesday. My wonderful coworkers played proper "going-away pranks" on me: I got a couple pies to the face, a body coat of wet flour, and a nice layer of shaving cream on my car. I loved that job.
  • "Will you marry me?"

    "Will you marry me?"
    Even though he was supposed to wait for either Valentine's Day on the 14th or our 2-year anniversary on the 15th, Jeremy proposed to me by showing me a slideshow of snow pictures from Enterprise: slides saying, "WILL," "YOU," "MARRY," "ME" that he stuck at the end of the show. We will be getting married May 24 of this year.
  • Kelsey Kay is born!

    Kelsey Kay is born!
    My older sister Charissa gave birth to her first child, Kelsey Kay: 6lbs 14oz 21in, born on a Wednesday at 5:25AM.
  • Last day at South and in Mobile.

    Last day at South and in Mobile.
    After my last final exam, I will be loading my car with all of my belongings and moving to Enterprise to start my life as Mrs. Jeremy Lynn. I will start Troy University in Dothan on August 11th.