Misc. 026

mehh !! <3

  • i was born in rio clolordo in mexico at 3:35 am

    i was born in rio clolordo in mexico at 3:35 am
  • when i was 3 years old i had a grand mall seizure

  • by the age six i had another seizure in my sleep

    but htis one hit worse i was ill i could not walk i just vomited
  • i meet adopted borther victor ramirez

    he was a child hood bestfreind soo we did everythinq together we were like unsepreable we were happy
  • i meet jonee

    my freind who lives next door to us we become so closs we even went to school toghether
  • i turned 8 years old

    i turned 8 years old
  • i turned 9 years old

  • jonees mom got married again

    i went with jone to see her mom get maried and live happily ever after like i wanted to
  • i ran track for my school

    i ran track for my school
    im in the 3rd row the 4th gurl wearing the jacket
  • my dad was diggnosed with cirrhosis of the liver

  • my mother left to go pick up my sister from salt lake city

    my mother went to pick up my sister from salt lake city to bring my sister back home to take care of my father
  • 6th grade began for me

  • my dad ended up in the hospital he was dying

    he ended up in the hospital 3 days before my birthday i was hurting so much and my mom was gone on a trip in salt lake city
  • i tured 12 years old

  • i meet marisa my close freind

    i meet marisa my close freind
    were were always toghether
  • my worst niqhtmare

    this day i would never forget the time i was attacked after school by my freind mark chavez :(
  • my dad got his liver transplant !! :)

    2 hours after we got home sure enough they called us to go back to go get my dad his new liver and we thank god that he was great to us and give my father another life
  • the hospital told my dad he could go back home

    they told my father to go home and wait for them to call and tell us they had a liver for him they said it usually took a couple months for a liver to come in so we went home and waited
  • my parents put me in usa track and filed

    i was very slow and not use to runinq alot of laps
  • i began home schooling

  • i turned 13

    it was a simple party i got to have my family around me
  • 7th grade began

  • my fathers first year after he had his liver transplant

  • i had my 4th track meet in glendale arizona

    it was very fun and hot down there but i enjoyed it
  • imeet dayveontee lewis <3 <3

    i meet the boy i fell for his name was dayveontee lewis aka day day my clyde <3 i meet him. in arizona at our track meet he was a funny swett guy not my type but he was just tryinq hard 2 get my attention
  • my moms 56th b day

    my moms 56th b day
  • i lost my child hood beststie

    my bestie jonee her mom thought i was a bad influence so her mom told her there could be no more veronica and jonee we were torn apart and till this day we still or </3
  • my family and me went to salt lake city for my cuzin cinthyas 15 birthday party

    i had alots of fun and a bunch of pictures and i was asked to dance many times
  • i lost my day day 3

    i lost dayveontee my clyde something tore us apart but he told me forever i will be in his heart and with him where ever he is awwhh :) <3
  • i got my first pair of plugs

    i got some plugs there like tooth picks put there made for ur ear there like earings i have yellow and pink ones
  • my aunt came down to take care of me nd my father

    my aunt came all the way from mexico 2 take care of me because my father was to ill
  • i began playing soccker

  • i turned 14 years old !!!

    imm way older now
  • 8th grade began

  • i meet cupcake and gangsta

    i meet cupcake and gangsta
    i meet cupcake aka kayliin nd gangsta aka lily they were my two close freinds in soccker were know as the three musketers at soccker 24/7 were always toqhether and ilove them so much
  • i began to talk to jaacob

    jacob is a boy who always behh there for meh since 5th grade nd wh have know eachother for like 5 years already