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My History - Viraj Sashankan

By pakkf01
  • Date of Birth.

    Date of Birth.
    This was the day I arrived into the world. My Dad, Mum, Grandma, and Great Grandma were all around my Mum when I was born. I was born in the Royal Womens Hospital at 10:27pm. I weighed 9.4 pounds and I took approximately 4 days to be born. The rest is history!
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    My History - Viraj Sashankan

  • First Bath.

    First Bath.
    This was my very first bath. Although I don't remember it, I am glad that there is a photo I can look back at to see how I was during my first bath.
  • One month old.

    One month old.
    I am sleeping on the baby pillow that my Grandma made for me. I had lots of hair back then, and that still has not changed!
  • Christening.

    It is a family tradition that babies are christened after 30 days of being born. So I was christened around the same time just before Christmas at our old church, the Bracken Ridge Uniting Church.
  • First Haircut.

    First Haircut.
    I was 3 months old when I had my first hair cut. My Grandad did this while I was visiting Darwin for the first time. So much hair!
  • First Trip to Darwin.

    First Trip to Darwin.
    This trip to Darwin became the first of many trips that I have made back there over my life to now. Darwin is my second home and I really do feel at home when I am there. My Grandparents had a "Welcome Home" party for me when I visited for the first time.
  • First Easter.

    First Easter.
    This was my first Easter - and it seems like I loved getting into the eggs. Easter is a special time for the whole family and therefore my first Easter is just that extra special.
  • 6 months.

    6 months.
    My parents celebrated me turning 6 months with a little party. My Mum made this cake all by herself - which is pretty cool (if you know my Mum).
  • Learning to crawl.

    Learning to crawl.
    My Mum says that I had a unique style of crawling. I apparently crawled with one leg while trying to get up on my feet with the other leg. She said that I was probably trying to walk before learning to crawl.
  • My First Holden.

    My First Holden.
    I loved my first Holden! It was the coolest toy and I would have lived in it if I was allowed to. That is how much I loved this ride and that is why it is on my timeline.
  • My First Bike.

    My First Bike.
    I rode my first bike at my Grandparents place in Darwin. It was a really cool bike and just right for me. I used to ride this bike every time I went back to Darwin - until I became too big for it!
  • First Steps.

    First Steps.
    I am so lucky that my Mum had the camera out and was ready to take a photo of my very first few steps. I took my first steps the night before my first Birthday.
  • 1st Birthday.

    1st Birthday.
    We went back to Darwin to celebrate my first birthday. It was a big bash with over 60 people attending the party. The theme was Winnie the Pooh - Awesome!!
  • My First/Second Christmas

    My First/Second Christmas
    I call this milestone my 'first/second Christmas' because although it was officially my second Christmas, it was the first Christmas where we actually started a special tradition, with my Grandma making my own special Christmas themed cake every Christmas we are together. Over the years she has made me cakes decorated as Christmas trees, reindeers, a snowman, the nativity scene, and much much more.
  • First Pasta Meal.

    First Pasta Meal.
    The first pasta meal was a milestone for me because I never really liked trying new meals. The day I actually did was on this day with my first go at pasta. I just loved the pasta and I have never looked back since!
  • 2nd Birthday.

    2nd Birthday.
    My 2nd Birthday was all about the Wiggles! We had this party back home in Brisbane. I wore a traditional Indian outfit for the occassion.
  • Seaworld - First Trip.

    Seaworld - First Trip.
    I can still remember my first trip to Seaworld at the Gold Coast. I absolutely loved the dolphin and seal shows and I still have a couple of souvenirs from my first trip. It is interesting to see the types of rides and shows I like now at Seaworld compared to my first trip.
  • First Visit to Australia Zoo.

    First Visit to Australia Zoo.
    Looking back, I consider this to be a milestone because it was my first trip to a Zoo and it was more special because it was the Australia Zoo.
  • 3rd Birthday.

    3rd Birthday.
    I was very much into Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends by the time I turned 3. We went bowling after having cake.
  • Underwater World - First Trip.

    Underwater World - First Trip.
    There have been many trips to Underwater World since this first trip. I love the sunshine coast area and having this awesome place to visit just tops it off.
  • Moving to Forest Lake.

    Moving to Forest Lake.
    Our new family home in Forest Lake. This move was special because that is how I ended up going to St John's Anglican College.
  • Movie World - First Trip.

    Movie World - First Trip.
    This was a new experience for me and, to be perfectly honest, I was not too keen to go on any of the rides. I still had a good time and was lucky to be able to go to Movie World.
  • 4th Birthday.

    4th Birthday.
    My 4th birthday was extra special because it was just a few days before my Aunt's wedding - so we had lots of family and friends around. The party was in Melbourne and the theme was Cars.
  • Ring Bearer.

    Ring Bearer.
    I was the ring bearer/ page boy at my Aunt's wedding in Melbourne. This was a milestone for me as I was only 4 years old and was given such a big responsibility. Fortunately, I did well on the day.
  • Starting Karate.

    Starting Karate.
    I started Karate with my friend Kiran - and it was fantastic! I stayed with Karate for about a year or so, and then, unfortunately I had to give it up as it clashed with my Basketball matches and training. Karate taught me a lot about self discipline and I am really glad that I had a go.
  • 5th Birthday.

    5th Birthday.
    By the time my 5th Birthday came around, we had moved into our home in Forest Lake. The theme for my birthday was racing cars and I had an ice cream cake.
  • First School Uniform Fitting.

    First School Uniform Fitting.
    This was my very first school uniform fitting.
  • Graduating from ABC Learning Center.

    Graduating from ABC Learning Center.
    Graduating from ABC Learning Center was a big moment for me and my family. This was because I started going to the Center when I was about 20 months old and so it was a major part of our lives in my early days.
  • Special time with my Dad.

    Special time with my Dad.
    I love the times when Dad and I just have a chat. Although this may not be such a milestone; it is defintiely a highlight and something that means a lot to me and that is why I wanted to place this on my timeline.
  • First Bunny Brunch.

    First Bunny Brunch.
    My First Bunny Brunch, and little did I know at the time, there were a few more Bunny Brunches to come in my schooling years!
  • First Instrument - Piano.

    First Instrument - Piano.
    Piano was the first musical instrument I started playing. I played piano for a few years and then decided to focus on violin at school because I enjoyed this more than the piano. Starting the piano is still a milestone for me as it was my first real introduction to music and I felt I had a head start in learning how to read music and undertsanding the beats when I started violin at school.
  • First Foundation Day - Fancy Dress Ball.

    First Foundation Day - Fancy Dress Ball.
    With a Batman costume and a dance with my awesome Prep teacher, Mrs Wilson. A great night to remember!!!
  • My First Sport - Tennis.

    My First Sport - Tennis.
    Tennis was my first sport that I played for a couple of years and then I moved on to a team sport which I enjoyed more.
  • 6th Birthday.

    6th Birthday.
    I celebrated my 6th Birthday at school with my Prep Class. It was a good feeling to be able to share cake and lolly bags with my new friends at school. The theme for this year was Sponge Bob.
  • In 2 Cricket.

    In 2 Cricket.
    Getting a medal for my year at In 2 Cricket was a highlight for me. It was a personal achievement.
  • First Outback Spectacular.

    First Outback Spectacular.
    This was a milestone for me because it was the first time in my life that I got to experience true outback culture.
  • Brisbane Ekka - First Time.

    Brisbane Ekka - First Time.
    This was a very fun day to remember and it was great to take part in Brisbane's tradition.
  • First Sports Day.

    First Sports Day.
    My First Sports Day was really cool and the best part was that I got to experience it with my friends.
  • Basketball - Early Days.

    Basketball - Early Days.
    I started Basketball at this time and have never looked back. It is now my main sport that I play all year round. I will be playing for the Algester Hawks, under 14s this year.
  • 7th Birthday.

    7th Birthday.
    I invited pretty much my whole Grade 1 class to my 7th Birthday. We had an Aussie Sport party - with playing all sorts of sports at a nearby park - and then followed by lunch for the kids and their parents at our place. My cake theme was StarWars.
  • First Trip to Sydney.

    First Trip to Sydney.
    We did a road trip to Sydney and I got to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It was a sunny day and we were able to walk around the area and take lots of photos.
  • Harley with my Grandad.

    Harley with my Grandad.
    Riding for the first time with my Grandad on his Harley was just amazing. Unfortunately I don't get a chance to do this very often with him because he lives in Darwin.
  • 8th Birthday.

    8th Birthday.
    I had a basketball icecream cake for my 8th Birthday. The party was pretty low-key compared to my 7th Birthday - but it was still a lot of fun.
  • Trip to New Zealand.

    Trip to New Zealand.
    My first trip to New Zealand was very special because it was my first overseas trip and I did it with my family, including my grandparents, parents, and my Aunt and Uncle. It was a big family trip and really amazing.
  • First Trip to USA

    First Trip to USA
    My USA trip with Mum and Dad was full on and fun! Highlights of our trip were: Disneyland, Lego Land,Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Centre, Washington DC, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, and the Grand Canyon.
  • 9th Birthday.

    9th Birthday.
    I was lucky to have 2 Birthday cakes this year - with one for the classroom and the other one for home. I had a Chicago Bulls cake for home and New York Knicks cake for school. Basketball is still my favourite sport.
  • Mowing the Lawn - First Time.

    Mowing the Lawn - First Time.
    Up until the 10th of March, I helped with the gardening but this was the day that I actually mowed the lawn on my own for the very first time.
  • First Academic Assembly.

    First Academic Assembly.
    This was a memorable day because I got to celebrate my first academic assembly with my grandparents. I have always missed not having my grandparents on school occassions, especially on Grandparents' Day, and that is why it was extra special for me.
  • First Gold Academic Award and Student Citizen Award.

    First Gold Academic Award and Student Citizen Award.
    Wow! What can I say? It was an awesome night and I can remember the feeling very well. I felt so humbled and good for receiving these awards.
  • 10th Birthday.

    10th Birthday.
    I had a double party for my 10th Birthday as it was my first year of double digits. My first party was at Hog's Breath Cafe with my friends in Brisbane. This was followed by a trip to Darwin to celebrate my 10th Birthday with my grandparents, as well as family and friends who came to my first birthday. This was pretty cool and I felt very lucky to have this party.
  • 11th Birthday.

    11th Birthday.
    My 11th Birthday was a hoot. We had a day out with my friends doing strike bowling, laser skirmish, the Mount Cootha Lookout and then we headed home for cake. I had a chess board cake- delicious.
  • Leadership Ceremony.

    Leadership Ceremony.
    It was an absolute honor to be selected as College Vice Captain, and as I shook Mrs Bain's hand and took the badge, I was filled with pride and humility.
  • First trip to asia - Malaysia.

    First trip to asia - Malaysia.
    My first trip to a country in Asia was in December 2013. We went into the Petronas Twin Towers which are the tallest twin towers in the world and the sixth tallest tower in the world. I actually saw how the towers were built on the discovery channel before making the trip, and so it was an incredible feeling actually being in the building after that.