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Catherine Truong Geologic Timeline

  • Missouri

    Every year, I go to Carthage, Missouri with my family to celebrate Marian Days.
  • Day of Birth

    Day of Birth
    On this day, my family was blessed with a fat blob of happiness.
  • First Steps

    First Steps
    Sometime in August, I learned to take my first few steps with the help of my sister and favorite toy.
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    My Life Span
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    Infant Era

    I was born on October 9th, 2002 in Lakewood, CO.
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    Toddler Era

    During this time, I was a blob of fat. :)
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    Daycare Period

    I didn't go to a day care; my mom is a stay at home mother.
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    Childhood Era

    This time period is full of laughter, immaturity, bandaids, visits from the tooth fairy, and boogers.
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    Preschool Period

    I didn't go to preschool.
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    Kindergarten Epoch

    For kindergarten, I attended Lasley Elementary School.
    Way back when my only worries were what kind of cookie am I gonna eat for lunch and what am I gonna make with my legos. Good times.
  • Moving

    My family and I moved from Lakewood, Colorado to Littleton.
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    Elementary School Period

    I went to Lasley Elementary School for kindergarten, then transfered to Governor's Ranch for the rest of elementary school.
  • Kindergarten

    Today I graduated kindergarten at Lasley Elementary School.
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    1st Grade Ecoch

    I moved to Littleton and started going to school at Governor's Ranch Elementary.
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    2nd Grade Epoch

    During this time I met my best friend Kara.
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    3rd Grade Epoch

    Me and Kara got put into different classes, so we drifted apart. :(
  • Commuion

    On this day, I received my first communion at Queen of Vietnamese Martyrs Church.
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    4th Grade Epoch

    During this time I became friends with Chloe.
  • Hawaii

    My family and I took a trip to Hawaii.
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    5th Grade Epoch

    Chloe and I became friends with Anna and Annie.
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    6th Grade Epoch

    This was a pretty big year in my life due to certain events. It was a dark time, but in the end, I found the light and got through it.
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    KCMS Period

    Middle school has made quite the impact on my life, I haven't figured out if it's a good impact or a bad one.
  • Piano

    Today was my first piano lesson. At first I didn't like the idea of sitting for hours pressing keys that make sound. But I soon learned to love it.
  • TNTT Camp

    TNTT Camp
    From the 12th to the 14th, I went to TNTT camp with my two best friends, Rachal and Alex. This experience really changed my perspective on my religion and youth group.
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    7th Grade Epoch

    Coincidence or not, I met my best friend, Abi, on the first day of school when she almost fell off the bleachers. She almost died, but then somehow survived so I guess that's a good thing.
    Later on we met Jontai, who completed our panda puzzle.
  • Best Friend

    Best Friend
    On this day, I met my best friend, Abi, when she almost fell off the bleachers wearing her high heeled boots. If she didn't survive, I wouldn't be able to make fun of her and take her food, so I'm pretty thankful. 0 :)
  • Best Friend Pt. 2

    Best Friend Pt. 2
    After about a week into middle school, Abi and I met Jontai, who we now call our best friend.
  • WAB

    We like to call ourselves WAB, or the Pandas. If it wasn't obvious already, we refer to ousleves as pandas because I'm Asian, Abi is white, and Jay is black. Anyway, I know I can always count on these two girls to have my back like I have theirs. In my opinion, our friendship grows stronger and stronger as the days roll by and I really hope it lasts for as long as I live.
  • Family

    During this weekend. my family came to visit. It was the first time in about 9 years seeing my family from Louisiana. and my first time ever meeting my aunt and uncle from Japan.
  • Fearless

    On this day, I conquered my fear of hights by climbing up a wall thing.
    (Although the title is "Fearless", this wasn't my only fear)