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Logan's Timeline

  • My Arrival to the World!!

    My Arrival to the World!!
    I arrived to Melanie Berney and Blane Britton at 9:49pm in St. Augustine, Florida. I was a healthy 8 lbs and 20 inches long. I had many people in the delivery room awaiting my arrival, including daddy, Aunt Caymi and mommy's friends Molly and Kris.
  • My 1st Visit to Michigan

    My first airplane ride to Michigan went very smooth for my mom and dad. We visited my Grandma and Grandpa, my Great Grandma Meier (I was her first Great Grandchild!) and many uncles, aunts and cousins. And...I got spoiled!
  • My 1st Birthday!!

    I had so many people celebrate my first birthday with me. My Grandma and Grandpa from Michigan even came down! It was held at the Hammock Community Center in Palm Coast.
  • My 2nd Christmas in Michigan...SNOW!

    My 2nd Christmas in Michigan...SNOW!
    My mom and dad decided to drive to Michigan this time rather than flying. We stopped in Virginia and visited with my Aunt Kami, Uncle Darrell and cousin Cienna then went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house in Northern Michigan. This was the first time I got to play in snow!
  • Michigan Summer Trip

    Michigan Summer Trip
    My mom took me to Michigan for my Aunt's wedding. I was able to see all my cousins and celebrate my 3rd birthday there too!
  • Who's The Pilot?!

    Who's The Pilot?!
    My future step-dad's airplane for work. He let me pretend to be the pilot, I wasn't sure what to think about it!
  • My 3rd Birthday!

    My 3rd Birthday!
    I got a new Spiderman bike from my Grandma!
  • Arrrrrh! Halloween

    Arrrrrh! Halloween
    I wanted to be just like Captain Jack Sparrow!
  • Busch Gardens!

    Busch Gardens!
    My mom, me and lots of friends went to Busch Gardens in Tampa for the weekend.
  • Bowling with Friends!

    Bowling with Friends!
    I love to go bowling and I am getting better everytime. These are my two good friends, Brianna and Brandon. We are goofing around and having fun!
  • My 4th Birthday!

    My 4th Birthday!
    Pool Party! This is my Uncle Chris and me....he acts 4 too!
  • I am Iron Man! Halloween

    I am Iron Man! Halloween
    I love Iron Man! This was at my pre-k school, Bunnell Elementary and all the kids got to dress up!
  • Pre-K School Picture

    Pre-K School Picture
    My first real school picture!
  • A trip to the Jacksonville Zoo

    A trip to the Jacksonville Zoo
    I saw so many animals, fed a giraffe, brushed some goats, played and went on a train ride.
  • Mud Bogs!

    Mud Bogs!
    I love riding my daddy's 4 wheeler and he would take it out to the mud bogs. I love getting dirty! This is my friend Brandon and me, filthy!
  • 4th of July - Pool Party

    4th of July - Pool Party
    Pool party at my Aunt Caymi and Uncle Chris' house. I have so much fun in their pool!
  • My First Day of Kindergarten & My 5th Birthday!

    My First Day of Kindergarten & My 5th Birthday!
    My first day of Kindergarten at Rymfire Elementary AND it was my 5th Birthday! This picture is with my new teacher, Mrs. Wright. What a great day!
  • My 5th Birthday!

    My 5th Birthday!
    I have so many people who love me and came to another one of my pool parties!
  • My First Camping Trip!

    My First Camping Trip!
    We didn't go far and we only stayed one night but I had a blast with my friends climbing trees and playing in the water. I can't wait to go camping again!
  • More Bowling!

    More Bowling!
    I told you I liked bowling! My friend Brandon and me.
  • A Tour of the Flagler Beach Fire Department

    A Tour of the Flagler Beach Fire Department
    They even let me sit on the motorcycle!
  • Christmas in Michigan...More SNOW!

    Christmas in Michigan...More SNOW!
    This was the first year I really got outside and played in the snow. This picture is of me and my cousins, Taylor and Garrett. I miss them very much!
  • My 1st Airshow!

    My 1st Airshow!
    My mom took me to Flagler County's first airshow. We had so much fun looking at all the airplanes, watching them do manuvers in the sky. I got my face painted, sat in a helicopter and a tank!
  • Boating!

    I love to go on the boat and go swimming with my friends!
  • Trip to the Alligator Farm!

    Trip to the Alligator Farm!
    My Grandma, Aunt Laurie and cousin Marci came down from Michigan to visit us. We all went to the Alligator Farm. This alligator we got to hold and peed on me and my mom!
  • I was awarded a Terrific Kid for honesty!

    I was awarded a Terrific Kid for honesty!
    My teacher in Kindergarten, Mrs. Wright nominated me for this award. I got a trophy too!
  • 4th of July Festivities

    4th of July Festivities
    My friends and family went to the TownCenter this year for the 4th of July. I had a lot of fun running around and playing football in the field before the fireworks started.
  • Summer Trip to Michigan

    Summer Trip to Michigan
    My mom, Leon and I went to Michigan for a family reunion. I had so much fun playing with my cousins and got to meet my newest one, Jackson. I can't wait until he gets bigger so we can play. And I went canoeing, that was so awesome! This picture is my mom's whole side of the family.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to Me!

    Happy 6th Birthday to Me!
    My last five birthdays have been at my Aunt Caymi and Uncle Chris' house because they have a pool! I love when all my friends and I can get together and play!
  • Creekside Festival

    Creekside Festival
    My mom, her friend Kris and daughter Ari and I went to the Creekside Festival. I had a lot of fun riding the ponies, painting a pumpkin and playing games.
  • Fall Festival

    Fall Festival
    My mom took me to the Fall Festival at Vertigo. They had jumpy houses, games and a hay ride. We had a lot of fun!
  • Pre-Kindergarten Graduation

    Pre-Kindergarten Graduation
    My first time in school and I loved it. I went to Bunnell elementary for my pre-k and I made some awesome friends!
  • This is me today!

    This is me today!
    My newest school picture. I hope you have enjoyed my timeline!