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A Timeline of My Life Rashaun Broomfield

  • Before my time

    Before my time
    My Father Fred Womack III dated my mother Trina Broomfield before my brother Ramone (My sister Ronda is holding him) was born. This is the first family photo taken before me. My parents have been together 5 years before this picture.
  • My birth

    I was born October 9th, 2001. The 7th child for my mom and 2nd biological child for my father. at 5:32pm
  • 4 1/2 month milestone

    This was the time period where I was able to lift my head and smile and could kind of grasp objects
  • Period: to

    5-6 Month milestone

    Between this time I was able to really grasp objects and fully lift my head.
  • 7 months

    By 7 1/2 months I was able to crawl
  • Walking baby

    2 months before my birthday I learned to completely walk. I took my first steps in July of 2002
  • 1st birthday

    1st birthday
    For my first birthday we went and took another family picture but my parents weren't in it just me and my 6 siblings.
  • 3rd birthday

    3rd birthday
    Around this time I was able to speak in full sentences with people.( I was kind of a bad child).
  • Pre school

    Pre school
    September 25, 2005 I started pre school at capital park
  • First year of football & kindergarten

    First year of football & kindergarten
    In the summer of 2007 I started playing football for the capital city buckeyes where I played center and free safety.. I Started kindergarten at Cassidy Elementary.
  • Bike riding

    Bike riding
    My first time riding a bike was in the summer. My brother taught me how to and 3 days later My bike got stolen
  • Big Changes

    Big Changes
    My Mother and Father got divorced and my father had custody of me . They got divorced because my mother was a drug addict and would always abandon me by myself . which I stopped playing football also
  • Moving on

    My father , brother and I moved away from Rollingwood by sommerset to 161 by Beechcroft and I switched elementary schools. I started going to Alpine Elementary
  • swimming

    My aunt taught me how to swim at Worthington pools
  • Middle school

    This is the day I started middle school, 6th grade year and I was scared
  • Losses

    I lost one of my childhood teammates to gun violence on this day which was the most traumatizing day for everyone. R.I.P Terrico M. Henry.
  • A bigger loss

    On this day I lost my cousin to gun violence. after he was wounded he was placed in a car and dropped off in the middle of the street a block away from where he was shot.. R.I.P Quran Comer Davis #StoptheGangviolence
  • Freshmen year

    Freshmen year
    My freshmen year playing football I started as a freshmen for varsity. this year was the worst year I've ever had just life changing.
  • Life changes

    Life changes
    My freshmen year during track season I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which was a life changing experience. I really had to work my butt off from this time forward.
  • New Journey

    New Journey
    My sophomore year was key for me adjusting to my newly diagnoses also I had my best friend, my brother there for me. to help me feel comfortable and work hard on and off the field
  • Breakout year

    Breakout year
    Junior year was my breakout year, overcame depression, got faster, stronger and just did excellent in the classroom and on the field. A year to remember forever.
  • Senior year

    Senior year
    Wonderful start to my senior year, Best football season I had personally which could've been better. First quarter of school was good for me.
  • Week of Greatness

    Week of Greatness
    This week of school was the homecoming week. I turned 18 that Wednesday and won homecoming king that Friday which was amazing. Then had the dance Saturday .
  • Commitment

    I will be committing to a college to play football and further my education
  • Graduation!!!

    This is the last day of school and I will be able to walk across the stage to get my diploma
  • Freshmen Again????

    Freshmen Again????
    Freshmen year of college where I will major in psychology and the university I attend.
  • College Graduation...NFL???

    After college if I don't make it to the league I will be pursuing my career in the psychology field most likely as a counselor. If I'm blessed to go to the NFL I'll pursue my career dreams of psychology after my NFL Career.
  • Parenting & Marriage??

    When I get married and hopefully have kids I would overtime adapt the authoritative style as a parent . as they get older I think I'd shift to permissive.
  • Future challenges

    I think Being on my own at first before I find my significant other will be a challenge. Living on my own , paying bills but I believe I'll handle that just fine. Getting my medication will be stressful I do know that
  • Evolving?

    I know I'll always be a person that would want to have fun but responsibilities come first and there's no excuses I have to take care of business before anything
  • Location

    I would be living in California or Atlanta for a long time and maybe decide to move back to Columbus with my family
  • Hobbies & Life for myself in the future

    Hobbies & Life for myself in the future
    I honestly think I'd play a lot of board games in the future and watch Tv when I'm not working. I'd play with my kids and go out and do family activities to keep myself happy. as long as they're happy I'm happy.
  • Contributing to this world? My Legacy?

    Contributing to this world? My Legacy?
    I want to be able to inspire people that they can do anything that they want I life follow their dreams and be themselves. Thats the biggest message I want to get across to people. I want to be known as a person with a big heart and always cared and inspired .