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Ketty 's life

  • When I was born

    When I was born
    I was born on janaury 11th of 2000 in valledupar i was born at :10 PM at the Clinic Medicos Ltda.My parents were very happy the same that my family because i was the first daughther.My pasrentas gave me golden earrings and roses i was very pretty and beutiful and i still beutiful and pretty
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    Ketty Orozco Life

  • My first formula

    My first formula
    It was the 27th of January of 2000 with the pediatrician Andrés Bornacelli Lobo, he prescripted me: Nan without lactose, 1 pot; Simetricion drops, 1 small bottle; Grazone: 1 small bottle. I got better. I was really well I didn't have more colics, this part was the best. I didn't go anymore to his office.
  • My baptism

    My baptism
    I was baptized the 24 th of june of 2000 in the TRES AVE MARIA church that was a very nice ceremony and we celebrate in the garage of my house. My family was so happy because that was my baptism,my father said thet my gifts wers :2 bracelets,2 pairs of earrings E.T.C
  • My first time in a pool

    My first time in a pool
    I was laughing and happy... I didn't cry much mother said that I lost my earrings in that pool but It doesn't matter I was happy and this was the important I spent a funny day with my family.
  • My first tooth.

    My first tooth.
    My first tooth came out on 27th of September (down) of 2000 after 3 months of fever and drooling it finally came out.
    The second came out on 13th of october of 2000 (down). The third on 12 of december of 2000 (up). My first visit to the dentist was the 10th of July, 2001 because my first molar came out.
  • My first halloween

    My first halloween
    Mu first halloween was in october of 2000. my costume was of gypsy.I was happy because my mom taught me to say: mom a dad. It was a really nice day because I spent a nice time with my neighbors, my mom took me to the Vivero and we played in City Park and my family ate in Charlie's.
  • When i learned to walked

    When i learned to walked
    I walked december 4 of 2000 with the help of my grandma,my nanny and my mom I can walk,run etc
    It was very exiting when my mother came from her job and saw mw walking she was so surprised my father said i was his big little girl.
  • My parents got married

    My parents got married
    It was very simple.They didn't get married in the church only in the civil. In the place where they got married were my grandparents, my aunts and my uncles, my cosins and me. My mother put on me a white dress, pink sandals and a withe hat. I was so cute that day.
  • My first birthday.

    My first birthday.
    It was 11th of January of 2001 in the garage of my house. My friends, my family and the others were there. The theme was "Hello Kitty", the menu was: cake, ice cream, bom bom bum and candies. My mother put on me a pink dress with pink heels (photo)
  • My first day of school

    My first day of school
    My first day of school. On July 16th, 2001 when I was 18 months old. I went to kindergarten every day. They danced and played with me. The kindergarten is called "Mis travesuras".
  • My second birthday

    My second birthday
    It was the 11th of January of 2002. It was really good because I didn´t do anything but I spent a good moment with my family and friends. We played a lot. We ate.
  • As I learned to wash my teeth

    As I learned to wash my teeth
    It was not difficult to learn to wash to my teeth, with the help of my Dad and Mom, they were singing songs to me with my brush, glass and my toothpaste. I was learning the important thing that was this step after every food. Nowadays, I continue taking care of my teeth very much.
  • My sister was born

    My sister was born
    She was born the 21st of June I was not happy but she is my sister and now I love her. Her second day of life I bit her, she cried a lot. The other day I broke her baby crib and my mom punished me I was really sad and jealous, it was unfair I was only two years...
  • My third birthday

    My third birthday
    it was the 11 th of january of 2003 in my hause the theme of te party was barbie and i the cake we put my favorite barbie my mom put me :a fuscia blose and a capri with pink sandals . i enjoy those moments because in that moment ihard friends.
  • My first trip to bogota

    My first trip to bogota
  • When I got my first bike without trainning wheels

    When  I got my first bike without trainning wheels
    My parents gave me the bike without trainning wheels. I was very happy I fell and scratched so much when i learned I go very vey fast and my mom said that i were so scrached but I learned It was a funny day.
  • My favorite cousin was born

    My favorite cousin was born
    Her name is Maria Camila Lemus Orozco, she is very pretty and cute, she currently lives here in Valledupar, but she was born in Bogotá, but lived in Medellin. I used to go every vacation to Medellin to visit her. I spent so much time with her. She is my doll.
  • My first trip to Cartagena

    My first trip to Cartagena
    It was June of 2006 we stayed 5 days with my cousin in Playa Blanca, we had a problem in Playa Blanca. we went to Jenno's Pizza and to Caribe Plaza Comercial and to an ellegant restaurant and my sister broke a glass... we payed for it. It was a really good that trip.
  • When I was transfered from Gimnorte to the FCBV

    When I was transfered from Gimnorte to the FCBV
    It was the 5th of September of 2006. I didn't have friends. I remember that one day I was running in the "polideportivo" and Daniela Arce and Isabel Linero and Isabella Gutierrez came to me. They ran and ran and they told me that they wanted to be my friends and I accepted. I talked with my best friend from Gimnorte and she got very sad because she thought that I didn't have friends. But I told her that I had friends and she was happy because I was happy.
  • My graduation from preschool to primary

    My  graduation from preschool to primary
    My gradution was in the school. It was very nice, I remember that day I was very nervous and the nerves made me laugh...
    I graduated twice, one at Gimnorte and the other at FCBV
  • My first trip to USA

    My first trip to USA
    It was In june 30 of 2008 I was very happy I went to Orlando, Tampa and Miami. I went to the Disney Parks and to many shopping centers. I bought a Twister, clothes. gifts and so many things. I was very happy... I was with my cousins and some friends. I stayed on my own for 10 days.
  • My first trip to La Guajira

    My first trip to La Guajira
    I went to La Guaijira in June of 2009. We went to Cabo de la Vela, La mina de Sal en Manaure, Dibulla and Rioacha. I stayed for 5 days in that place with some friends. We had a little accident but it doesn't matter now. We went to the place where the sea meets the river and I touch and saw stingrays!
  • My hernia operation

    My hernia operation
    It was the 6th of August of 2009. I didn't eat that day. My operation lasted 15 minutes... when I came out from surgery my father bougth me a bottle of ice cream and a hamburger of Mc donald's. The operation was in Barranquilla and when we started classes back in Valledupar, my teacher of English didn't believe me and he didn't give de permission to go to the bathroom :(
  • My second trip to USA

    My second trip to USA
    This time I did it with my family, it was fun! We went to theme parks of Disney and bought many things and we spent 10 days there.
  • My First Communion

    My First Communion
    I did it at school. The ceremony was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. I received Jesus in my heart... the party was fun and I had a great time with my friends and family.
  • My brother was born

    My brother was born
    My brother was born on the 13th of August of 2010. It was really good because the maid woke me up saying: "Wake up, wake up! because your brother was born". My father was drunk and he didn't have a car because the car was in Barranquilla in a workshop... so a neighbor helped us.
  • When I got my first dog

    When I got my  first dog
    When I bought it I was very happy because it was my first dog. That day I went to hte airport to pick her because she came from Bogotá. She is very beautiful and pretty. Her food is "Pedigree" wiht water and cookies for dogs. The other day my mom bought her pet wipes, it was very funny and other day we put her on a diaper and she didn't walk very well. I love her and she loves me. Her favorite activity is running.
  • My first convivence with ruah

    My first convivence with ruah
    It was 16th of February. It was the best convivence of my life. I played, I ate I shared with my friends and spent precious moments with them. We got wet and muddy. The best thing is that we did things that we usually don't do.