Timeline of my life

Timeline created by jessicaslezak
  • Birth

    I was born November 4th 2002 at Shawnee mission medical center
  • Little brother was born

    Little brother was born
    My little brother Jake was born May 4th 2005
  • Started preschool

    Started preschool
    I started preschool when I was 4
  • Started dancing

    Started dancing
    I started dancing when I was 5 at Denise's Dance Acadamy
  • First dance competition

    First dance competition
    I started competing dance when I was in 2nd grade
  • I will go to college

    I will go to college
    I will probably go to a state school, either KU or another big university school.
  • I will graduate college

    I will graduate college
    I will hopefully graduate college
  • Get a job after college

    Get a job after college
    i will hopefully have a good job after i graduate from college
  • Get married

    Get married
    I probably will get married after college
  • I will have kids

    I will have kids
    after I get married i most likely will have kids
  • What does your time line tell you about yourself?

    my timeline tells how my passed is and how i evolved to the person i am today. it tells what my passes leads to my future
  • How different would you be if you could have changed one or two events along your line?

    my life could have been completely different if i wouldn't have started dance, or i wouldn't have had a brother. my whole life would change not just as a hobby but my family life would too.
  • How flexible or fixed does your future seem do be?

    my future is pretty fixed considering i don't know what else i would do then go to college and have to get a job. theres nothing really else im interested in.