The french revolution and Napoleon

  • Period: to

    National constituent Assembly

  • Formal opening of the Estates general

    king Louis XVI summoned a general assembly that represented the estates of the kindom.the clergy(1 Estate),the nobility(2 Estate),and the peasants(3 Estate).in this assembly they discused about the financial problem france was having and the type of vote:by estate,or by head.
    the estates didnt got to an agreement,so the assembly was changed to one that represented all the people,this passed to be called the tennis court the absolute monarchy was changed with a parlamentary monarchy.
  • Tennis court Oath

    In the formal opening of the estates general the estates didnt got to an agreement,they canceled it and made other one in the tenis,they promised to dont leave until they settled the constitution of france.
    then they agreed to have a parlamentary monarchy. the tennis court oath was the promise to dont leave until they settled the constitution of france.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    The storming of the Bastille was a symbol of the french revolution,it represented the destruction of the absolute monarchy of france.
    the bastille was used as estate prision by the kings,time later it was taken by the french republican movement and later on it was demolished and replaced with a place called the place of the bastilla.
  • the august decrees

    they were a set of 19 articles passed by the National Constituent Assembly during the French Revolution which ended the feudalism in France and ended the tax exemption privileges of the upper classes. Although not without flaws, the passage of the decrees was a significant achievement of the french Revolution.
  • The declaration of the rights of man and citizen

    in 1789,king louis XVI proposed a charter of rights to the estates general,they wanted new rights to the men and citizens,and the The declaration of the rights of man and citizen were aproved by the national assembly.
  • Period: to

    Legislative Assembly

  • The flight to Varennes

    it was a significant event in the French Revolution in which King Louis XVI , Queen Marie Antoinette, and her family tried unsuccessfully to escape Paris to start a counter-revolution at the head of loyal troops under royalist officers concentrated at Montmédy, near the frontier.But they were arrested in the town of varenees.
  • Period: to

    1st french Republic

  • Period: to

    National convention

  • The assembly declares war on australia

    the other kindoms of Europe looked at the revolution and they considered whether they should intervene,in support of Louis XVI, to prevent the spread of revolution,or to take advantage of the problem in France.Austria stationed troops on the French frontier and together with Prussia.After Austria refused to recall its troops from the French frontier and to back down on the perceived threat of using force,France declared war on Austria and Prussia.both responded with an invasion.
  • storming of the tuileries Palace

  • execution of Louis XVI

    King Louis XVI was acused for treason to the kindom,so the national convention decided to execute him.
    there was a majority of votes.later on his wife was punished too.
  • execution of Robespierre

    He was a lawyer of the french revolution and he was shoted in the mandible by a group of coup plotters in the paris city hall.
    the next day he was executed in the guillotine toguether with other 21 supporters
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    The napoleonic era

  • Period: to

    The consulate

  • Period: to

    The empire

  • battle of trafalgar

    The name of this war is taken because it taked place in the cabo of trafalgar.
    it was a naval battle around the Third Coalition initiated by the United Kingdom, Austria, Russia, Naples and Sweden to attempt to dethrone Napoleon and destroy all French influence in Europe.
  • battle of Austerlitz

    It was one of Napoleon's most important battles, which defeated an alliance between Russia and Austria. This was the war where Austria was eliminated from the War of the Third Coalition.
  • battle of leipzig

    The Battle of Leipzig was the largest battle of the Napoleonic Wars and in Europe prior to World War I. The battle was fought between the coalition armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden against the French army of Napoleon. The coalition forces were victorious and Napoleon’s army was forced to retreat westward.
    it was a try of napoleon to dyvide their oponents and attack them one by one,but he was defeated.
  • battle of waterloo

    allied forces, consisting of British, Dutch, Belgian and German soldiers, thwarted the attempts of European domination by the French emperor,Napoleon . The battle marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars