Short Term Goal

Timeline created by BranBear19
  • Senior Year starts

    Senior Year starts
    The Begining of my senior year, also the start of my wokring process to graduate. school, the oly main cost we have is gas to get there and back. Its free to us, only to set us up for our future.
  • Period: to

    Finish Highschool

  • Chrimas Break

    The time of the year where we get to take a 2 week break form school, and enjoy christmas. this is out only maine break from school that last longer than a few days.
  • Semester Change

    Half way through the year, its tiime for progress reports. They school is half way over, only about 5 more months till I get the opertunity to get my diploma. By making it to this point, we show we have what it takes to go all the way and reach out goal.
  • Finial Day of School

    Finial Day of School
    After a year of hard work, i finish higschool and graduate on time with my class.