Question 7

  • School Magazine Cover Research

    School Magazine Cover Research
    here I did research for my first school magazine cover. This was so when I made my final magazine I could see how far I had come.
  • School Magazine Front Cover

    School Magazine Front Cover
    This is my final School Magazine Cover
  • School Magazine Plans

    School Magazine Plans
    These are the plans for my school magazine
  • Evaluation

    Here I evaluated my School Magazine
  • Institutional Research

    Institutional Research
    Here I researched different media institutions.
  • Institutional Research Video

    Institutional Research Video
    This is a video I made that taught me about the different Media Institutions
  • History Of Music Magazines

    History Of Music Magazines
    This is a timeline I made on Time Toast about the history of music magazines. It taught me about how music magazines have developed through time.
  • Rate Card Analyses

    Rate Card Analyses
    Here I analysed Rate Cards so I kew how to make my own and how they worked.
  • Analyses of UNCUT Magazine

    Analyses of UNCUT Magazine
    Here I analysed UNCUT magazine so I had a real understanding of how a music magazine is made.
  • Market Research

    Here I did market research so I knew who the target audiance of my magazine would be.
  • Survey Analyses

    Here I Analysed the survey I made. This showed me who the target audiance for y magazine woudl be.
  • Formatting Research

    Formatting Research
  • Representation Analyses

    Representation Analyses
    Here I analysed how people are represented in music magazines.
  • Flatplan Of Classic Rock

    Flatplan Of Classic Rock
    Here I made a flat plan of CLassic Rock. This way I can see what exactly needs to be included in a Rock magazine.
  • Contents analysis

    Contents analysis
    Here, by analysisng the content I learn't about what content I should and shouldn't include in my magazine.
  • Mood board and Video Analyses

    Mood board and Video Analyses
    This task helped me brainstorm idea's for my magazine.
  • Thinking of a Concept

    Thinking of a Concept
    By doing this task I learnt what my concept was going to be. This is way more planning than I did for my prelimery, thus the outcome of this should be a lot better.
  • Photoshoot planning

    Photoshoot planning
    When I did the prelimery task I just used whatever photo's I could find. However this time I spent the time to plan out what photo's I would take in order to produce a good product.
  • Flat Plan

    Flat Plan
    Here I completely planned out what I wanted to be in my magazine. In the prelimery task I didnt do this which made advertising the content of the magazine hard. However now I knew exactly what to do.
  • Rate Card

    Rate Card
    Here I made my own rate card for my magazine. Having one of these was extremely useful to refering back to who my target market was. By not having one of these in the premilary task it made making my first amagzine difficult.
  • Logo Design

    Logo Design
    Here I sepnt the time to design my logo. In the prelimery task I just used the school's logo. However, by now taking the time to plan everything out. My product will have a much better outcome.
  • Rock of Ages Plan

    Rock of Ages Plan
    Here I used pages to plan how I was going to design my magazine. By doing this I knew exactly how I wanted my agazine to be. This is a lot more useful than jumping in blind as I had done in the premilery ask.
  • Photoshoot

    Here I took a photoshoot for my magazine. This is a collection of photo's I could choose from to make my magazine complete. This is a lot more effective than just taking one photo as I had done in the premilery task.
  • Article Draft

    Article Draft
    Here I drafted the article I was going to include in my magazine. My premilery task didn't even have an article in it so as you can see this product is going to be a lot more poffesional.
  • Final Magazine

    Final Magazine
    Here is my final magazine. It is a lot more proffesional than my premilery task as I had learnt a lot more about media production since starting the course. I also learnt a lot of photo shop skils meaning I could make my magazine on photoshop instead of trying to do it on pages, as I had originally done in the premilery task.