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Looking back at your preliminary task (the school magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

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    preliminary task - music magazine task

  • Features on front cover

    On both magazines I chose to use a strap line at the bottom of that page. When looking at hem both you can see how my skills have improved. I have used different sizes, colours, added images to fit perfectly inline with each other.
    Also I developed the buff by using a start shape instead of a circle, this ads more interest. I leant to do this by experimenting with different shapes. Also from experimenting and earning how to use and place different layers I was able to create the puff about Katy
  • Front cover- Text

    Front cover- Text
    I have also learnt that to make large text to stand out it is important to add a drop shadow on outer glow. If the writing is on a dark background and you are wanting it to stand out an outer glow should be added for example Harriet Sanderson on my main magazine. But on a light background a drop shadow makes the magazine look like it has depth, as you can see on the masthead Dream POP.
  • Layout development

    Layout has improved from my development of learning how to used layers in Photoshop and create columns in InDesign. The columns help the magazine have a similar layout throughout.
  • Images Contents and Cover

    Images Contents and Cover
    The result I fond from my research were that the centre image should always fill the majority of the page and most of the time the main image has direct eye contact with the camera, making it more engaging. It is also important to have good lighting to make it look like they’re taken in a studio. This is a convention of a pop magazine front cover. When look at my music magazine you can see the different images which have dynamic movement and different style of images. For this task I though abo
  • Contents Page - Navigation

    Contents Page - Navigation
    From the starts of making my preliminary task to now, after making my music magazine, I have realised it is important to make it easy to navigate around a magazine. For the preliminary task I wanted to keep it simple on the contents page however now I have done research and made my own magazine I realise you never see simple contents pages, contents page is the page that should catch your eye after the cover and be easy to navigate around the magazine. I have realised this now and it comes acros
  • Finish

  • Finish