Production schedule

  • Complete production schedule

    I will need to complete this production plan including all the dates given for the deadline aswell as my own deadlines to complete the work. This will allow me to spend efficent time on each task and plan the amount of time needed to have it completed.
  • Research/ case sttudies of music magazines

    Choose music genre magazines and carry out reserach to help plan my own magazine.
    Part A) Textual analysis- Analyse the front cover, contents page and double page spread of my chosen magazine. Remember to analyse the images, language, conventions of the page layout & genre elements.
    Part B) Audience & Consistution- Who are the audience of these magazines & look into the media kit of the magazines.
  • Take images for LSC magazine

    Take pictures around college for the magazine cover and contents page. Make sure they are clear images and think about the angle sot.
  • Complete front cover of college magazine

    Select an appopriate image for the front cover of the college magazine then add conevntions such the masthead, the barcode and issue number.
  • Preliminary task: LSC magzine (planning)

    My lsc college magazine must be completed to this date. I such have carefully planned the layout of the magazine including appopriate imagine for the contents page and the front page.
  • Feedback & evaluation of college magazine

    Once the magazine is posted on my blog make sure i receive enough comments from my class members telling me what went well and what to improve. Using this feeback i will need to make sure i write up an evalution taking all the points into account.
  • Newstand analysis & magazine distrubution

    Go to a newstand, take a picture then analyse why the magazines are placed in this certain way.
    Part B) Find different way magazines are distrubuted such as through social media sites. Blog all the findings,
  • Photography (Construction)

    I will need to make notes from the visit to the Photography studio and blog this so it helps me remember and plan how to use the DSLR cameras. I will then need to take appopriate images for the front cover of the magazine and contents page.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts

    Write a short propsal for my magazine. Link this to the case studies i chose and how the conventions link together.
    Produce a houstyle, experiment with different font, color schemes and layouts for the magazine. Try to figure out what props and costumes will be needed for thr photoshoot etc. Pitch this propsal to the class.
  • Audience research task

    Take the feedback from the pitch presented to the class and make any alterations or any possible changes needed to the magazine idea.
  • Completed DPS, front cover and contents

    My completed work must be uplioaded onto my blog by this date. Use photoshop and indesign to complete these tasks
  • Completed photographys

    All photography needs to be completed by this date. This mean all the location images must be taken with a full call list of the props, models and any other notes needed.
  • Progress feedback

    I need to screenshot the progress which i would have made on the DPS, contents page & the front cover and share this with the class. I will then use the audience feedback to improve my work further.
  • Gather audience comments and feedback

    Present to the class your work and ask them to tell you the strengths and weekness's. I can do this by creating a survey on survey monkey or directly asking a group of people or to the class.
  • planning for the evaluation

    This is 20% of the coursework grade. Answer the questions given in the assignment portfolio. Present the evaluation in a creative form and link this to the blog.