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Journey Timeline

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  • Starting Preliminary Tasks

    Starting Preliminary Tasks
    The first preliminary task I did was to research ambient advertising and present them using a word document. The preliminary process was important in this jorney of creating a magazine as it's where I formed a basic understanding for the world of media.
  • Starting Main Research Tasks

    Starting Main Research Tasks
    The main research section of my journey was much more important than the prliminary. Here, I began my work into studying all aspects that are included in the making and publishing of a music magazine. This involved looking at many, many different examples and variations of music magazines, hoping to find inspiration and ideas that couls be used in my final product. By doing this I also gained the knowledge of what the standard convention was for what I was required to produce.
  • Main Research Tasks Continued

    Main Research Tasks Continued
    I needed this standard convention so that I could fully understand ways in which I could go against it to make my product stand out from the otheres but also so that I could include aspects that were mandatory for the publication of a magazine, for example a bar code. Not only did I look at magazines but also things like institutions that published magazines so that I could find out which one would be best suited to publishing my magazine.
  • Page Layouts Task 12

    Page Layouts Task 12
    I feel the page layouts task was important for me because this was the first time was I actually thought about how I wanted the design of my magazine pages to look and what would need to be included in them. For this task my knowledge of the differenttechniques and key terms used in magazines such as: pug, masthead, main image etc. was needed to be able to accurately label the mock ups. When creating my final product I made sure to go back to this task.
  • Mood Board Task 15

    Mood Board Task 15
    This task stands out to me as it is where I researched imagery used in different, successful magazines such as the main image, secondary images, advertisements etc. to see where it was used. The reason this stands out is that I believe that images are the most important factor in drawing in readers to a magazine, they stand out more than anything else and clearly show what the content included inside the magazine is about, therefore task 15 was integral in developing my imagery placement skills.
  • Dragon's Den Pitch Task 16

    Dragon's Den Pitch Task 16
    Here I had to think about the selling of my magazine, how it would be presentated if I were trying to secure investment for it and thinking about what would be done to develop this. Task 16 was different to any other task because it was less to do with the magazine itself and more to do with the business side of it which is perhaps more important when it comes to making money from the media industry.
  • Rate Card Task 17

    Rate Card Task 17
    As with the previous task, this task was less to do with the magazine itself and more to do with who it was actually being aimed at. This meant that I needed to think about what companies would be advertised in my magazine as they needed to be appealing to my target audience and the readers of my magazine which is also shown on my rate card.
  • 1st and 2nd Article Drafts Task 18

    1st and 2nd Article Drafts Task 18
    Here is where I wrote the main text of my double-page spread article. This was very important as it's the main section of the main feature in my magazine which is why I had to come up with multiple drafts so that it could be developed and changed.
  • Photo Shoot Planning Task 22

    Photo Shoot Planning Task 22
    On this task I planned my photo shoot to take the pictures that I would be using in my magazine, they would be used on all 3 pages, most importantly on the front cover. Although my eventual photos varied slightly from the plan I made, it helped me be able to shape in my mind the kind of photos I should take that would fit appropriately in my magazine and what they should be of.
  • Photo Shoot

    Photo Shoot
    This is when I did my actual photo shoot. I actually did two seperate ones but they were both in the same place, with the same artist model and wearing the same clothes. The difference was that one of them involved using a guitar as a prop whereas the other one had no props and was mainly focussing on body language and facial expressions. I took many photos in several different positions and angles so that I had a variety of pictures to go through and pick out the best ones for my magazine.
  • Logo Design Task 24

    Logo Design Task 24
    This was the last of my main research tasks and was one of the more significant ones as it is where I uploaded my finished logo. The logo for my magazine is extremely important as it is what makes it a brand and therefore gives my magazine brand identification to secure repeat purchase. A strong, standout logo, like mine, will be easily remembered by readers. Although this is where it was posted, I actually desinged it earlier to go on my rate card.
  • Front Cover Construction

    Front Cover Construction
    This was the day that I finally finished my front cover for my magazine. As can be seen on this timeline not much happened between my photo shoot and the finishing of this because I was so focussed and completing my final products, in particular this one because it involves the most attention to detail and is perhaps the most important as it's what draws readers in initially.
  • Contents Page Construction

    Contents Page Construction
    This day was also the day that I completed my contents page as I did all three pages at the same time, editting them all constantly rather than just focussing on one at a time so that I didn't spend too much time on one and leave myself needing to rush on the other 2. This page was the most simple of the 3 so probably involved me spending less time on it than the others.
  • Double-Page Spread Construction

    Double-Page Spread Construction
    My double-page spread article was completed on the 18th of December too. This was quite a busy and stressful day for me as I had various little bits on each of the pages, in particular the double-page spread where I needed to rearrange quite a lot of text, that needed editting before I posted them because it was the last day of term and I needed them to be finished before Christmas, thankfully I managed it.
  • Final Product

    Final Product
    Here is when I uploaded all 3 of the pages that I had created as my final product, although there wasn't actually any change made to them from when I had decided that they were finished, this is the day that I made my mind up that they were indeed to the level in which I wanted and were ready to be seen as my final product for my media AS level coursework. The jounrey effectively ended here although there was still more posting to be done for my evaluation questions.
  • Evaluation Questions

    Evaluation Questions
    After finishing, I started on my evaluation questions. This was not only important upon reflecting but also helped me to think about what was good about my magazine and if anything needed changing. Not only this but it's given me the opportunity to think about what I may want to do differently and anything that I should slightly tweek in order to acheive better results if I were to do a task like this again or indeed for A2 coursework next year.