Use of technology

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    Usage of technology

  • Usage of Blogger

    Usage of Blogger
    Blogger was the chosen media to get the information across to be marked. I use this because it's easy to layout and seperate the different work as accordingly to the groups they're in. I have learnt how to customise my blog the way it is layed out and shown to the public, allow people to view my posts how I wished them to and also how to publish. I also learnt how to embed certain external media which helped my skills with the web 2.0 and with different media.
  • Usage of Word

    Usage of Word
    Word was a program I used primarily for writing my analytical posts and to allow me to make an image of images put together as this was easier than potentially putting all the images on a post and trying to lay it out in a way thats appealing to the eye.
    It's also what i chose to use to write up the photoshoot plan, a majority of the planning was written on here.
  • Usage of Powerpoint

    Usage of Powerpoint
    I used powerpoint to enable me to segregate different points of my research and allow me to differ each part of the analysis of the magazines easily. It also gave me a chance to upload as a series of photos, using a different manner of media. I use it also to make reading what I write seem more appealing. I also used this to make the flat plan for the magazine.
  • iPhone Camera

    iPhone Camera
    I used my phones camera as it was easy to transport and to use. It also had the settings I wished to used and the grainy images that occaisionally came up were often seen to fit in with the indie genre of the magazine having a grunge feel to them. I took the pictures of the models for the magazine which allowed me to actually start the process of creating my magazine. I took note of the angles to make it seem as if the pictures on the double page spread were selfies taken instead of being taken.
  • Use of photoshop

    Use of photoshop
    The use of this is what effectively allowed me to edit and bring together my magazine from the individual parts of which it was in the format of photos. I found it interesting to use and learned lots of new skills.
  • Usage of Da Font

    Usage of Da Font
    I used Da Fonts to gain a larger choice in fonts for my mastheads and my actual magazine, as such I've learnt to integrate it into prgrams at home and developed the skill of choosing a good font suitable to my magazines genre. I used one of the existing produucts called 'the fly' which allowed me to have a guideline as to what would be a good font for an indie magazine.
    I used it before for the preliminary magazine however I am placing it in the use of only the final product.
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    evaluation technology used

  • Use of youtube

    Use of youtube
    I used this website of which contained embedable videos that would show examples of the existing indie music available for my target audience and thus back up my choice in the mise-en-scene of clothing regarding my models in the magazine. It is easy and allows the reader to relax while watching something informative in regards to my evaluation answer.
  • Use of Slideshare

    Use of Slideshare
    This was used to make my powerpoints able to be seen on the blog as pasting all the screenshots would've taken up more time. It was easy and showed the slide in a clean and effective way. I think it was one of the easiest to use in regards to answering an evaluation question regarding my magazine.
  • Use of Prezi

    Use of Prezi
    This was used as an effective yet creative manner of laying out the information to answer a few of the evaluation questions. It was easy to use and allowed me many options in making it aesthetically appealing to the reader.
  • Use of timetoast

    Use of timetoast
    This was used as an effective way of creating a timeline for all the different technologies used in the process of creating the magazine. I needed to answer an evaluation question concerning this and so I made use of timetoast as it was easy and efficient to use.