Magazine Practical Assignment: Foundation Portfolio

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    Magazine Practical Assignment: Foundation Portfolio

  • Planning the project: production schedule

    Your first task is to produce a production schedule for the Foundation Portfolio, to help you organize your time for the project. Use the dates and tasks on this assignment brief to help you and publish the schedule on your blog so you can refer to it regularly. You can also use a timetoast if that helps. This needs to be complete by Wednesday 26th September at latest.
  • Research / case studies (individual work)

    Once you are organized into a group, you will need to decide on a genre of music to work with for your magazine project. Carry out research into magazines of this genre. The purpose of this task is to help you understand about the layout, content and generic conventions of magazines. Analyse the front cover, contents page and a double page spread(DPS) feature of two magazines, under the following headings:
  • Preliminary Task: LSC magazine (individual work)

    In this task you will produce pages from a college magazine using PhotoShop and InDesign. You need to create a front page and a contents page, and include original photography.
  • Audience feedback and evaluation- preliminary task / college magazine

    Gather audience comments and feedback on your college magazine.
  • Magazine newsstand task

    Go to a newsstand. This might be a newsagent and / or a supermarket. Have a look at the music magazine titles available, where and how they have been displayed, and anything you notice about the front covers, mastheads, cover lines and images.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts

    As a group or individually: Write a short proposal for your magazine
  • Audience research task

    Evaluate the audience feedback from the pitch from focus groups and / or survey monkey.
  • Construction: Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine

    The front cover, contents page and DPS needs to be complete and uploaded to your website by 16th November 2012. You should use PhotoShop for the front cover and InDesign for the contents page and DPS. On 8th November you must show a rough draft of the three pages to the class and record their feedback on your work in progress on your blog.
  • Planning and shooting

    On the week commencing 22nd October 2012 you will have the chance to use the SLR camera in the studio to take photographs to use in your music magazine.
  • Audience research- main task / music magazine

    Gather audience comments and feedback on your music magazine. This may be done in class, as a focus group, and/ or online via survey monkey
  • Evaluation

    The work you have done on the previous tasks should help you to write this evaluation script.