As Media Timeline

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    As Media Timeline

    This is my timeline for as media that will help me see when i need to do and what i need to do when.
  • Pinterest Mood Board

    This is when i started to create my Pinterest mood board for my magazine. I included potential colour schemes, inspirational images and potential fonts.
  • Started Planning Part Of The Coursework

    This is when i started to create my planning part of the course work
  • Models

    Today I decided on my final list of potential models, and added it to my blog in an emaze. Now I have to decide what they will wear and what they will look like on my front cover
  • Costumes For Final Magazine

    Today i started planning what clothes my models would wear during the final photoshoot. I had 4 main ideas, and i will think about which ones i like the most, and the ones my models would feel most comfortable wearing
  • Practice PhotoShoot

    For this task we choose a genre very different to the one we would do in our final design and got to use the camera to learn how they work.
  • Location Recces

    Today I started to look at places I would like to take my final pictures. I will analyse the pros and cons of each of these places to decide which one is the best, and most appropriate.
  • Fonts

    Today, I decided on my final fonts of my magazine. I decided which one would be the masthead, which one i would use for the artist name, and which ones i would use for headers
  • Started Final Mock Ups

    Today i started doing my final mock ups for my magazine. I want these to look as realistic and as good as possible.
  • Started Work On Final Front Cover

    Using photoshop, i started to decide what my final magazine would look like, and i started putting it together.
  • First Studio Shoot

    On Thursday, me and Gaby went into the studio we have at school to take pictures for my final magazine. I decided that Gaby would be the main artist in the magazine, so this shoot was focusing on pictures that would be on the front cover, and the double page spread.
  • Second Studio Photoshoot

    On the Friday, me, Emma and Emily went into the school studio to take pictures for my final magazine. I knew Emma and Emily would be on the contents page on my magazine, so this shoot was mainly focusing on shoots that would work there
  • Started Work On Double Page Spread

    On this date, I started working on my Double Page Spread, using pictures of Gaby from the studio shoot I had done the day before.
  • Outside Photo Shoot

    On the Sunday, I went out with Emma and Emily to take pictures of them in outside locations. We borrowed a camera from school, and found an alley near my house that was genre appropriate. I tried to get pictures I thought would look good on my contents page.
  • Started Contents Page

    Today i started work on my contents page, using pictures I had taken at the weekend shoot and the studio shoot I had done earlier. I started this later than the front cover as I wanted a picture of Emily or Emma on the contents page
  • Started Evalution Task

    At this point, I started to plan all of my evaluation tasks, and started thinking about what I might include in each one, and what program I will use to present these tasks.
  • Finish First Draft Of My Final Magazines

    Today, I finished my Front Cover, my Contents Page and my Double Page Spread and have handed them in. After the christmas holiday, I will do the changes the media department believe I should do to make my magazine the best I can make it.
  • Started Evaluation Task

    Today, I started work on my evaluation tasks, specifically Task 1.
  • How Does Your Music Magazine Represent Your Particular Social Group

    Today I did task 2, in which I talked about how my magazine represents my social group through text, font and pictures, as well as other factors
  • What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Music Magazine And Why?

    For this task, I thought about who would distribute my magazine and why this would be the best company to distribute my magazine.
  • Who Would Be The Audience For Your Music Magazine?

    I had to think about who my audience would be for my magazine, and what they would like,for example their music taste, and what kind of food they would eat
  • How Did You Attract/Address Your Audience

    I had to think about what I did in my magazine that would attract my audience in task 5, and how I achieved this, for example the type of fonts I used and what was in my magazine
  • What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product?

    For this task, I had to say what I have learnt from this task, for example what programs I have learnt how to use.