Production Schedule

  • Planning the project: production schedule

    i have learnt how to use timetoast for the first time. it has helped so far since i am able to know when each part of my coursework is due.
  • Research Case Studies of Real Music Magazines (Planning)

    for reseraching my case studies, i ahve learnt how a RnB magazine should looka nd how to improve a magazine.
  • preliminary task LSC magazine (Planning)

    i have planned my college magazine and i have drawn housestyles of how my college magazine front cover and DPS will look like.
  • Audience Feedback and Evaluation - college Magazine

    My audience feedback and evaluation has helped me understand what tasks will need to improve on in order to make my music magazine look better and what parts of my magazine are good and how i could develop them.
  • Magazine Newstand Task/ Distrubution of magazine

    For my magazine newstand task i have learnt how magazines are distributed and how magazines face importance on a newstand. all of my features on my front cover will be placed due to the reserach i have done on magazines newstands and hwo they should be distributed.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts

    For drafting my house styles and layouts i have found it increasingly helpful since i was able to plan out several layouts of how my magazine should look. i designed a suitable layout for my magazine and it has helped me develop ideas for my final magazine.
  • Audience research Task

    The audience research has helped me develop my ideas and has helped me to see what improvemnets need to be made and the parts of my magazine which the audience has liked.
  • photography construction

    i have studied how to use a professional camera and that aided me in progressing my photography work. i have become more familiar with professional cameras such as the DSLR.
  • Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine

    previously from my preliminary task i have gained the knowledge on constructing my music magazine and therefore i ahve been able to further develop when making my music magazine.
  • Audience research - main task / music magazine

    the audience research has allowed me to see what developments could be made further in my magazine and if i have followed the feedback to change my magazine.
  • Planning the evaluation

    planning the evaluation has given me time to think about what i ahve learnt through out the taska and in which skills i ahve developed. planning the evaluation made it easier rather then going straight into it.
  • creating the evaluation

    creating the evaluation was easy but time consuming, therefore i found it easier that we had planned the evaluation before. i was able to show my tasks and how each questions was answered and developed.
  • all work must be complete

    i have completed all my work and have been able to go back and look at my work to see the development i have made and the imrpovemnets also.