Media As Blog schedual

  • Media as brief

    We were given our brief today telling us about our course work assignment, also started the schedual for this assignment.
  • Period: to

    Production schedual

  • Magazine name and genre.

    Start drafting the genre and name of the magazine. Target audience should also be determined.
  • Begining to shape the magazine

    look for what might be popular conventions of magazines of simillar types to the one i will be creating. Include image shoot style, page layout and language.
  • Demographics of simillar magazine

    compare the demographics of simillar magazines to the identified target audience of my own magazine provide adjustments.
  • Publishers

    Look at the publishers and the other instituions or media they own, look to other magazines. this could influence the style and content of the magazine.
  • Finish planning

    All of the previously mentioned planning should be finished by this point.
  • Start preliminary task: LSC magazine

    Front cover: A medium close up (MCU) of a student,text such as teasers and coverlines,a masthead,date,issue number, bar code,price/fee.
    contents page: sections, images, number of pages, editors letter.
  • College magazine finish date

  • Audience feedback of preliminary task

    what went well?
    what didnt do well?
    what could i do better???
  • Distribution of magazines

    Research magazine distribution methods of music magazines.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts (planning)

    Write a short proposal for your magazine. this should include how your own mag links to the two case studies you did in task two.
    Produce house style sheets for your music magazine. this should include a mast head design and layout for the front cover, contents page and DPS. include font, cover lines, teasers, titles, prices, colour scheme, models, locations, costumes and props, content of journalism a flat plan would be useful.
    individually draft the questions to be used in the DPS. what angle?
  • Audience research task

    Evaluate the audience feedback from the pitch from focus groups and/or survey monkey. make any changes to your plans as per feedback and clearly sign post any changes on the blog.
  • Photography (construction)

    we will be shown how to use the DSLR cameras in the studio this is to take pictures to be used in your music magazine. take photos and notes to be posted on your blogs of the studio set up.
  • Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine

    The front cover, contents page and dps needs to be complete and uploaded to your website. Make sure to annotate the images uploaded to the website. a rough draft of the magazine must be presented on the 20th.
  • Audience research- main task/ music magazine (planning/evaluation)

    gather audience comments and feedback on your music magazine. this may be done in class, as a focus group, and/or online via survey monkey. ask the audience to comment on specific strengths and weaknesses , and how the final magazine compares to your draft and plans.
  • Planning the Evaluation

    Worth 20% of the course work grade.
    In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? How does your media product repersent particular social groups? What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? who would be the audience for your media product? How did you attract/adress your audience? what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  • Creating the Evaluation