Music Magazine Planning

  • Analysis of Existing School Magazines

    Today I analysed the FC and CP of 2 exsisting school magazines
  • Audience Surveys

    Today I created a survey and collected my audience opinions and post these on the blog alongside my analysis of these results.
  • Paper Drafts

    Today I created some paper Drafts for my school magazine. A FC and CP
  • School Magazine

    Today I created my FC and CP for my school magazine
  • Voice Thread Evaluation on School Magazine

  • Music Magazine Institutions research

    I compared two companies, (1 large and 1 small) and answered the questions:
    Who are the company?
    What is their company history?
    What publications do they manage?
    A detailed look at 2 of these publications and their target audience. At least 1 of these publications should be a music magazine.
  • Uses and Gratifications explanation and application

  • Music Magazine analysis

    Today I started evaluating Different genres of music magazines (4 Front Covers, 4 Contents Pages, 4 Double Page Spreads)
    And said what conventions are found on this magazine, how the cover band/artist are being represented, how the magazine is representing itself, who the audience is, what the genre is and what features there are found on the magazine.
  • Audience Questionnaire

    Today I created an audience survey on survey monkey and sent it too everyone around school to try and get as many responses as I could.
  • Analysis of questionnaire results

    After looking at my survey results I evealuated them today and said how will these results affect my plan for my magazine,
    what will I include/not include based on these results and
    who will be my main target market based on these results.
  • Readership Profile

    Today I created a readership profile based on my results.
  • Practice Photoshoot

    Today I took a practice photo shoot to try and practice my photography skills and trying to capture a genre through props, costumes and poses, before my real photoshoot for my music magazine.
  • Moodboard

    Today I created a moodboard to showing initial ideas for my music magazine (including fonts, costumes, props, poses and more)
  • Models

    Proof of contacting models for photo shoot.
    Why I chose these models.
  • Costumes and Props

    Today I chose what Costumes and props my models should have in their photo shoots and how the props/costumes are appropriate for my genre/audience.
  • PhotoShoot Planning

    Today I drew some rough sketches of some planned poses for my photoshoot and why they're appropriate for my audience/genre.
  • Locations

    Today I chose 3 locations where to take my photoshoots in and evaluated why are these appropriate/not appropriate for my genre and audience. There is also photos of the locations too.
  • Today I took my photo shoot in the photo-studio and music studio

  • Photo shoot in Camden

  • Contact sheet

    Today I created a contact sheet and picked out the images
    -Which are appropriate for my magazine.
    -Which ones I will use, and on what pages.
    -What I like/dislike about specific images.
  • Fonts

    Today I found some fonts I liked and downloaded them.
    I then evealuated some pros and cons of each font
    Why the fonts are appropriate for my genre/audience.
    The I drafted 3 Masthead examples and found some pros/cons of each design.
    Then again said why the fonts are appropriate for my genre/audience.
  • 3 FC mocks, 3 CP mocks and 3 DPS mocks

    Today I created three Front cover mock ups, three contents page mock ups and three double page spread mock ups. I then evaluated the pros and cons of each design and why they're appropriate for my genre and audience.