• Period: to

    Music Magazine Institutions Research

    This was set in the summer holidays as transition work. I created a power point on SlideShare about a small and large music media company, giving details about two of the magazines they run.
  • Analysis of existing school magazine

    The first lesson back after the summer holidays, we were told that we were to create a front page and contents for a Little Heath School magazine. For this task, we analysed two different school magazines to give us some initial ideas. I used Prezi to present these ideas.
  • Paper plans

    As homework, we were asked to make a mock up of our desired design for our front cover and contents page on paper. This included a masthead, images, cover lines and any further features we wanted. We also did this for our music magazine.
  • Pictures around the school

    In this lesson, we got into pairs and walked around the school, taking pictures of what/who we needed for our magazines.
  • Learning PhotoShop

    Today, we were taught the basic skills of PhotoShop. We transferred these skills to manipulate one or two of the photos we took around the school. I showed my progression with a before and after image which you will find on my blog. We had two lessons on this, before creating the real thing.
  • Period: to

    Final School Magazine production

    Over just a few days, we worked on our final school magazine using PhotoShop. We weren't given too long to complete this task, but I was finished within this deadline because our magazine's didn't have to be too detailed as we do not get marked on it- however, if we didn't complete this task then 15 marks would be deducted from our final grade.
  • Audience Survey's

    I created three different survey's in order to receive feedback on the FC,Contents and DPS of my music magazine paper plans. I did this using SurveyMonkey.
  • Voice Thread

    I created a voice over for the evaluation of my preliminary tasks. This was a fun, easy and most effective way to get across what I wanted to say about the school magazine project.
  • Model Profiles

    For each of my models, I created a brief bio about them and illustrated why I have chosen each.
  • Period: to

    Mock Ups

    In this period, I created three different designs for a FC, Contents page and DPS. I then made a decision on which ones I will use for my final design.
  • Music Magazine Analysis

    Using Prezi, I analysed four FC's, Contents pages and DPS's of several different music magazine genres. I looked closely at the representation of the artist/band on the FC, the connotations and denotations of the magazine, the genre and audience it targets and what features I will apply to my own magazine and why.
  • Mood Board

    On Pinterest, I created a board of inspiration for my music magazine by "pinning" images and giving a brief explanation as to why it fits my genre.
  • Analysis of Audience Survey's

    Using Piktochart, we had to analyse our survey results a put this in a data format.
  • Model Conformation

    I screenshot proof of contacting my models, asking if they are available to model for my music magazine
  • Music Magazine Photoshoot Practice

    In the groups of three we chose in the previous lesson, we each got a half an hour slot to practice taking pictures, outfit ideas and poses in order to be prepared for our real music magazine. I really enjoyed completing this task because it was a lot of fun.
  • Dafont

    In my free period, I researched a website that enables you to download thousands of different fonts.
  • Photoshoot Planning

    Over the course of a few days, I planned poses for each of my models on their page I chose for them.
  • Fonts

    Today I chose several different fonts that would suit my genre of music for my magazine. I analysed six fonts with their pros and cons, te made a final decision on which one I would use.
  • Period: to

    Learning InDesign

    Over three lessons, we learnt how to use a new programme called InDesign for practice for our DPS. We looked at past years DPS's and tried to recreate them.
  • Readership Profile

  • Props and Costume List

    Over the course of a couple of days, I designed a minimum of two outfits for each of my models and possible props that could feature. I presented my ideas using Polyvore and wrote descriptions on each look.
  • Location Recces

    Today I decided on 3 locations to do my shoots. I used emaze to present my ideas and why each location suits my genre and target audience.