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My Production Schedule

  • Creative ideas and scheduling

  • Researching case studies

  • Treatment

  • Research and Planning Moving Image

  • Pre-production

    StoryboardIn the pre production I will be researching and planning the moving image, also roles will be delegated.
    We will create a story board for our music video, first we will make a draft story board then give it to my media teacher to look at. Elma will be drawing the pictures and Marvellous and I will write the narrative and explain what editing techniques we will use, also I would like to tailor the story board for our understanding so it will be easy when we are editing.
  • Production meetings via whatsapp

  • Physical Group meeting

  • Costume, Makeup, & Jewellery

    Costume, Makeup, & Jewellery
  • Shooting the Video

  • Copyright Law

    We will ask Vibe squad if we can use their music in our promo video. I do not want to be fined for copyright. Remind Elma and Marvellous about consequences of copyright music.
  • Editing

    Start editing today or tomorrow as we go along, I do not want all of the editing to be done in one day. We will have a meeting on who will be editing more, I can edit but I am not as confident on editing but I can give my opinions on what watch transitions and texts to add. So Marvellous, and Elma are editing more.
  • Editing

  • Filming on Location

    Filming on Location
    Filming (Day 3)I want to film where there is less environmental noise, I will speak to my group and hear their views on my suggestions. We hope to film at the shop shutter or somewhere in college. It all depends on our actor's avialability.
  • Finish Editing

    I hope to start the post-production tomorrow.
  • Period: to

    Research and planning the CD/ DVD cover and advert

    • Case studies deadline 28th November 2014
    • Produce mock-ups of the advert and the cover.
    • Pitch your print ideas - will take place the week commencing 1st December, 2014
  • Post-Production

    Researching professional adverts, and digipaks/print products Research and Planning Print Products Research and Planning Print Products
  • Producing the CD/ DVD digipak and advert

  • Post-production focus groups

  • My Evaluation Plan

  • Evaluation Deadline