Natalia Salazar

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    AS Media

  • Planning the project schedule (planning)

    First task is to produce a production schedule for the Foundation Portfolio, to help organize your time for the project. Use the dates and tasks on this assignment breif to help you and publish the schedule on your blog so you can refer to it regularly.
  • Reasearch/ case studies of real music magazine (Planning)

    A.) Textual analysis - images (mise-en-scene, framing, shot type, costumes, lighting, props, make-up), :Conventions of page layout ( textboxes, drop caps, margins, captions cover lines, columns, pull qoutes, images and text), :Language (used in journalistic copy; tone, mode of address and structure). And genre: (elements and representation:which groups, stars, subcultures and genresare portrayed and how? consdier locations, props, costumes and language. MAKE SURE YOU USE DENOTATION&CONNOTATION
  • Research/case studies of real music magazines (Planning)

    B) Audience and Institution (who are the audience for the magazine?
    Secondaty audience research : look at the press pack/meia kit for eavh magazine an annote (include a screen shot).
    Who publishes the magazine? get some info, anout these institutions, the other products they publish and cross-media interests they have. NO cut and paste from wikipedia or anything similar..
  • Preliminary Task : LSC Magazine (Planning)

    In this task you will produce oages from a college magazine using PhotoShop and InDesign, you need to create a front page: a medium close-up (MCU) of a student, text such as teasers and coverlines, a masthead, date, issue number, bar code, price(free).
    contents page: sections, images, number pages, editiors letter (InDesign). 15 Marks
  • Audience feedback and evaluation-prelimiary task?college magazine (Planning)

    Gather audience comments and feedback on your college magazine. Q's: What went well? Photography, image manipulation on PhotoShop, page layout, use of text including masthead and coverlines, journalism, layout on InDesign, etc. What do i need to improve on? write 3 key points for development when producing the main task (music magazine).
  • Magazine newsstand task?distribution of magazine (Planning)

    Go ro a newsstand.
  • Photography )construction)

    DSLR camera in studio will be taught to take photographs to use for your music magazine. take photos and make notes and blog about this. produce a photography call sheets.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layout (planning)

    As a group or individually:write a short proposal for your magazine (include how your own mag.links to the case studies you did in task 2).Produce house style sheets for your music magazine (include; masthead design and layout for the front cover,contents page and DPS)Include font,coverlines,teasers,titles,prices,colour scheme,models,location costumes and props,content of journalism.Q.What will your angle be? who your publisher?why? who are your audience?
  • Audience research task (planning)

    Ensure that atsks 1-7 are all improved and up to date on your blog over half term, with regular reflections on your progress to date. location photography should also be done over half term where possible.
  • Reasearch and planning week

    Blog checks 1-1's week commencing.
  • Photography

    All photography needs to be completed by this day.
  • Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine (construction)

    Production week, 1-1's. you must show your rough draft of the three pages to the class and record the feedback. front cover, contents page and DPS needs to be completed and ulpoaded. use photoshop for thr front cover and indesign. do the contents page first
  • Audience reaserch-main task / music magazine (planning / evaluation)

    Gather audience comments and feedback on your music magazine. done i class as a group. ask the audience for EBI(even better if).
  • Planning the evaluation

    worth 20% of the coursework grade; - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?- How does your media product represent particular social groups? - What kind of media institutions might distribute your mediaproduct and why? - Who would be the audience for your media product? - How did you attract your audience? - Whathave you learnt throughout all this?
  • Creating the evaluaion

    You will be marked according to how appropriate your chosen technologies are to the presentation of your answer, and how creative/interactive you are, as well as the content of your answers. the evaluation needs to be uploaded to your blog by Wednesday (this date)