Production Schedule

  • Do production schedule

    Do the product schedule for college magazine today
  • Period: to

    Production Schedule - College Magazine

    This is my production schedule for managing my college magazine
  • IdeaStorm & Research Magazine Front Covers

    • Ideastorm possible ideas for your own magazine (genre, design, photography)
    • Research magazine front covers and analyse
  • Find a Model

    Find a model for my music magazine front cover
  • Find clothes & Props for cover

    Find all the things needed for thw magzine cover shoot
  • Analysing

    Analyse the front cover, contents page and a double page spread(DPS) feature of two magazines
  • Hand in Case Studies

  • Photoshoot

    Have the model and all the things needed. Do the photoshoot and find the picture(s) needed for the magazine.
  • Photoshop & Beginning of InDesign Work

    Photoshop all the pictures that need retouching and start on making the cover, contents page and double page spread.
  • InDesign Work

    Do the magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread today, using InDesign.
  • Finish off Magazine

    Do all the final things needed for the magazine today.
  • Teacher Checking

    Get the teacher to check everything on the magazine today
  • Changes

    make all the changes needed to the magazine.
  • Hand in College Magazine

    Hand in the college magazine to the teacher
  • Audience comments and feedback

    Gather audience comments and feedback on your college magazine and start writing evaluation.
  • Finish off Evaluation

    Finish off the evaluation on college magazine.
  • Get Teacher To Read

    Get the teacher to read through the evaluation and find out on any points that need re-doing.
  • Make Changes

    Make all the changes needed to the evaluation.
  • Hand in Evaluation

    Hand in the evaulation to the teacher.
  • Magazine News Stand

    Go to a magzine news stand, look at music magazines and analyse them - take pictures and upload them onto my blog
  • Blog

    Analyise what i found out about music magazines on my blog
  • Reasearch other magazines

  • Complete Findings on Blog & Magazine Proposal

    Finish stuff on blog and Write a short proposal for my magazine
  • Upload drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts

  • Upload Audience Research

  • Music Magazine Photoshoot

    Get all propps and everything for photoshoot
  • Have Rough Draft of Music Magazine ready to Present

    Present magazine to class and record feedback
  • Upload Music Magazine

    Complete front cover, contents page and double page spread of my music magazine and hand in today
  • Get some Audience Feedback

    Get feedback on my magazine today and blog it
  • Hand in Adience research

  • Begin Evaluation

  • Finish Evaluation

  • Get Evaluation checked

    Get a teacher to read the evaluation and give feedback
  • Make Changes to Evaluation

    Make all the needed changes to evaluation today
  • Upload Evaluation

    upload evaluation of music magazine to my blog today
  • Hand in Portfolio Work

    Portfolio work must be complete and uploaded to my blog for submission