Production Schedule for media project

  • Period: to

    Media Foudation Profolio

    Magazine Pratical Assignment
  • Planning for production schedule

    your first task is to produce a production shedule for the Foundation Portfolio, to help oraganzie your time for the project. Use dates and task on this assigment brief to help you and publish the schedule on your blog so you can refer to it regularly
  • Research and case studies

    Carry out research into magazines of this genre. The purpose of this task is to understand about the layout, content and generic conventions of the magazine. Analyse the front cover, content page and a double page spread(DPS) geature of two magazines, under the following headlines; images,page layout, language,audinece and who publishes the magazine
  • Preliminary task: LSC magazine (individual work)

    In this task you wuill produce pages from a college magazine using Photoshop and InDesign. You need to create a front page and a contents pages and include original photography. Include the following
    Front page: medium close-up of a student, text such as teasers and coverlines a masthead, date issue number, bar code, price
    Contents page: sections, images, number of pages, editors letter
  • Audience feedback and evaluation- preliminary task/ college magazine

    gather audience commets and feedback on your college magazine. This may be done in class as a focus group, online via your blog, or on survey monkey or similar. Use the feedback to write an evalution of your production skills to date, using the following
    what went well? what do i need to improve on? write three key point for development
  • Magazine newstand task

    Go to a newstand. This might be a newsagent or supermarket. Have a look at the music magazines titiles avaible, where and how they have been displayed and anything you notice about the front covers, mastheads, cover lines and image. Take some pictures on phones and upload them. Write findings on your blog. Research other magazines distrubiton methods, espically those which makes use of other media technologies.
  • Drafting and Finalizng house styles, drafts and layout (group/ individual)

    Write a short proposal for you magazine. Produce a house style for your music magazine. This should include a masthead design and layout for the front cover. Decide on a audience for the magazine.Produce layouts of your own edition of the music magazine front cover, contents page and Draft of dps, who is the publisher.Do a formal pitch on powerpoint or prezi
  • Planning and Shooting

    In studio take photographys to use for music magazine. You should also start too shoot on location. For location shoots you can borrow a college digital camera or use your own. you need to plan and book any shoots, using a photography . the call sheet and booking forms should have details of models,location costumes and props
  • Audience feedback

    Evalutate the audicence feedback from the pitch from focus groups and survey monkey. This needs to be blogged
  • Construction

    Yous should show rough draft of the three pages to the class and record their feedback on your work in progress on your blog
  • All photograghy needs to be complete

  • Construction: Desktop publising and editing your magazine

    The front cover, contents and dps needs to be complete and uploaded to your website
  • Audience research- maintask/ music magazine

    gather audience comments and feedback on your music magazine. This may be done in class, as a focus group or online.
    Who are the audience?, Are they the group that you initiallly targets?, how are particular soical groups represented - fans of particular music, ages groups
  • Evaluation

    The evaluation needs to address the following questions]
    In what ways does your meida product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products, how does your media product represent particular social groups, what kind of media insitiution might distribste your media product, Who wouldthe audience for your media was, how did you attract/ address your audience, what hace you learnt about technologies
  • all foundatio pportfolio work must be complete and uploaded to blog

    No submission to the exam board after this date