Production schedule

  • Period: to

    Production schedule

  • planning the project: production schedule

    planning the deadline of each task
  • Research part

    1) decide on genre of a music to work with such as R an B etc..
    2) look at two magazines and analyse the text/ image/ convention page layout/ language and genre
    maximum 900-1000 words
  • section B

    1) write descriptio of who are the audience
    2) do secondary research such as annotating the the magazine and include a screenshot.
    3) write on who publish the magazines and write about these institutions
  • upload the work you done so far

    • they will coint towards research planning and evaluation
  • preliminary task LSC magazine (planning)

    this is due on 6th october
    1) produce pages from college magzine using photoship and indesign
    2) create front page and content page - include origianl photography include
    medicum close up of a student/ test such as coverlines/ heading date/ barcode/ price/ free(photoshop)
    content page
  • audience feedback and evaluation - college magazine planning

    1) gather audience feedback and comments of your magazine
    survey monkey/ blog
    1) use feedback to write evaluation
    went well/ photography/ page layout etc...
    2) improve on?
    3) three key points of development
    due on 13th october
  • distribution of magazine

    1) go to newstand look at music magazine
    2) notice front covers
    3) research other distribution methods - make use of other media technologies
    4) take pictures and upload them - wrote findings on your blog.
    5) blog findings on appropriate hyperlink submit by 17th
  • drafting and finalyzing house styles, drafts and layout - planning part

    as a group write short proposal for your magazine also
    produce housesyle sheets- should include good layout/ heading/ prices/ colour / models etc...
  • planning about drafting house plans

    1) draft queation to use in your Dps/ angle
    2) include who the publisher is
    3) audience? produce audience profile - short video
  • taking photography (construction)

    use DSLR camera in studio
    take photo and notes and blog
    take 6 pictures
    for each shoot in studio produce photography call sheet - should have details of location/ model/ costumes etc...
  • photography construction

    DSLR camera take 6 pictures
    produce photography call sheet- details of costume /model/ location etc...
  • planning drafting house styles

    make powerpoint and talk about audience/ publisher etc...
    and how case studies helped me with my ideas and design
    - record feedback- survey monkey
  • audience research task (planning)

    1) evaluate audience feedback
    2) make any changes if you have got any negative feedback
    3) show that you have made changes on your blog
  • music magazine (construction)

    indesign- content page and DPS
    content page using flat plan take print screen annotate on the blog
  • music magazine (construction)

    photoshop- front cover
  • music magazine construction

    1) show rough draft of three pages to class
    2) record feedback
    3) proof - read/ sub edit copy
  • audience research - (planning and evaluation)

    1) gather audience feedback
    2) specific strenght/ weakness
    3) compare draft and plans
  • desktop publishing and editing music magazine ( construction)

    1) use photoshop for front cover / content page/ dps completed and uploaded- 30th november
  • music magazine construction

    feedback handed in
  • planning the evaluation

    evaluation consists of
    - media product represent social groups
    - how my media product develop/ challenge forms/ conventions of real media
    - what kind of media institution distribute my magazine
    - how i attracted audience with my magazine
    - learning new technologies from developing this product
    - what i feel i have learnt to represent these 7 queations i need to be creative
  • evaluation- produce proposal to show which technologies you will use to answer each queation

    • choose appropriate technologies - to presentation of answer - creative/ interactive / content
  • evaluation

    evaluation uploaded and blogged
  • foundation portfolio

    DEADLINE: everything uploaded and blogged for the examiners to mark