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Evaluation Question 7.

  • Analysing School Magazines

    This was the first task and it allowed me to learn about magazines, their publication status and some of the general codes and conventions of magazines; like mastheads, selling points e.t.c
  • Font Analysis

    From looking at different fonts I learnt that the fonts that I choose will have to be easy to read, but still be eye catching and be appropriate to the target audience. I soon established that it made up the Mise en scene of the magazine and that when designing my music magazine this will be a key aspect
  • Making My School Magazine

    Making My School Magazine
    Making my school magazine from all the research helped me to learn processes for the music magazine and would helped me to learn about the basic codes and conventions, which I would develop futher.
  • Analysing Music Magazines

    Analysing Music Magazines
    I learnt about more of the codes and conventions of music magazines and it helped give me inspiration for my music magazine.
  • Music Magazines In Shops

    Branding is paramount on music magazines, that is how they are sold, so when I went into the newsagents it helped me to learn more about the positioning of the elements. Especially the masthead being at the top so that it is visible over other magazines.
  • Magazine Annotation

    Magazine Annotation
    Looking at music magazines in much detail helped me to learn how even the smallest details can change the representation of the magazine. Therefore I learnt that I would need to spend more time (than the school magazine) planning the magazine and how it looks.
  • Typography Research

    Typography Research
    After re-looking over my school magazine it helped me to know the type of font that I wanted to use (Bold and eye-catching) but combine it with a modern twist because one of the fonts had serifs which made it look older but this would give the wrong representation.
  • Music Magazine Plan

    Music Magazine Plan
    For my plan I looked back at my prelinary task, however I learnt more codes and conventions by then, so I adapted it to suit my genre.
  • Masthead

    Looking back at my preliminary task and my typography analysis I learnt that the masthead would need to be something simple, with a modern edge. Therefore I experimented with different fonts and colours, until I decided on the final one, which was mostly influenced by my preliminary task.
  • First Photo Shoot

    It was esential that I planned the photoshoot, in terms of weather and camera angles. I was very pleased with the first photo shoot because of the lens flares and colouring, however I did edit the saturation/brightness of some of the photos for my final product. However I did do another shoot becuase they were not coherent with the article, I learnt from my preliminary task that the photos need to make sense.
  • Fashion Planning

    This was another really important benefactor that I needed to consider becuase from my preliminary school magazine the fashion was clearly not planned and corporate brand logos were visible and this would be a big issue, therefore planning the fashion I was able to know what they would wear and wouldn't have to worry about brand logos.
  • Photoshop Edit

    From my preliminary task I learnt that to make my magazine look professional I would need to edit the photos to get rid of backgrounds and any facial imperfections. This would make the magazine look clean and more appealing on the eye. My preliminary photos were a little blurry in some of them and the background of the whiteboard on the cover is not aesthetically pleasing, it was dirty, but puttting it on a blank background for Current got rid of this problem.
  • Final Magazine

    Final Magazine
    As you can see the final music magazine has elements from my preliminary task, however I learnt along the way I learnt that music magazines have other codes and conventions that I needed to add. I used sizing as a followed through element from the preliminary task, becuase it was an effect that I liked and it made the magazine more professional.
  • Summary

    From the preliminary task, to where I am now, I have learnt so much about how codes and conventions are different from each magazine genre, however underlying codes and conventions for all magazines are present.