Question 7

  • Preliminary Task

    This was the first step I took in researching any sort of magzine. I started my research by looking at previous magazines created by students and taking ideas that I liked from their magazines to incorporate into my own studen magazine.
  • Magazine Research

    At this stage I began to start the genreal magzine research. This included researching the history of different music magzines to find out about different genres and how they have developed over time. At this time I also did some research into the different media institutions that were out there and began to think about what institution i would like to represent my own magzine.
  • Plannig Construction

    Whilst planning the construction of my magazine I looked at the layout of several others so that I could see how a professional magazines laid out their contents. I then incorporated some of those ideas on the layout into my own magazine plan of the layout. Aswell as this I also looked at the rate cards of these magazine to see what their readership was and how they attracted their audience.
  • Market Research

    At this time I started ti research into what the market was like. I began by looking at magzines that were of a similar genre to mine and then looked at how well they were selling at what sort of audience were interested in. This helped me with the planning of my magzine.
  • Surveys and Rate Card

    From conducting various surveys I was able to figure out who my target audience was and then using the information I gained i then produced my own rate card.
  • First Article Draft

    I always knew that I was going to write an article on a new musical artist. So when it came to writting it I already had a few ideas so it was fairly easy and very similar to the final draft.
  • First Photo Shoot Plan

    For my first photo shoot I planned to take a photo of graffiti in an urban setting. I also asked a few friends to come along with me and to do natural poses next to the graffiti
  • First Photo Shoot

    The first photo shoot that I went well, I got some good photos however the quality wasn't good enough. Although so of these these were used as backgrounds and filler photos and such.
  • Second Photo Shoot Plan

    On the second shoot I planned to take photos of the artist ,that my article was about, in an urban setting.
  • Second Photo Shoot

    On the second photo shoot I was unable to go to an urban setting with the model that I had chosen so instead I used a white photography screan and edited the photos to make the photos look as though it was taken in the urban setting.
  • Construction of the Front Cover

    When constructing my front cover I started with the background first, then I began to work on the text and contents of the page. After serval attempts to get it right and much editing the front cover was finally finsihed. Looking back at my preliminary task I feel that it is a vast improvement on things such as photo quality, editing and the layout of the magazine
  • Construction of Contents Page

    When constructing the contents page for CH!N magazine I kept my audience in mind the whole time and often refered to my rate card of ideas on how I could present the page. In contrast with my preliminary task I feel that the layout of the contents pages has improved and the overall presentation of it.
  • Construction of Double Page Spread

    When producing my double page spread the layout was key. I foucused on getting the right layout as that is what I believe makes a good double page spread. However when prodcuing my preliminary task I didnt have enough knowledge of magazines to know this and that I think that the CH!N double page spread is far superior to my preliminary as I had much more knowledge of what makes a good magazine.