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Evaluation: Question 3

  • Research/Planninf/Production - BLOGGER

    Research/Planninf/Production - BLOGGER
  • Research:PREZI

    I used prezi in order to be able to display functions of a music videos and looking into various examples I found this useful visual way to produce my work.
  • Research: Mural.ly

    Research: Mural.ly
    I used this to be able to display in a thought process way to show how I understoof various theories.
  • Research: TimeToast

    Research: TimeToast
    I found timetoast an effective way to show how things happen over a periodic time, also when looking deeply into music video and applying theory.
  • Research: Powtoon

    Research: Powtoon
    I've used powtoon throughout all process as its a fun effective way to display work.
  • Planning: Prezi

    Planning: Prezi
    I am very comfortable with Prezi as its fun and the transistions and colours make the presentation become fun and a really effective way to engage the audience.
  • Planning: PHOTOSHOP

    Planning: PHOTOSHOP
    We had to use Photoshop for this in order to understand how to do this with our own footage and understand the procress of muting clips and using the markers
  • Planning: Mural.ly

    Planning: Mural.ly
    I used application again to help myself display how we could portray our aritst to the audience.
  • Planning: Slideshare

    Planning: Slideshare
    Slideshare was used as a way for me to ger my powerepoint presentations onto the blog in order to display my thought process on the basis of our music video
  • Planning: Mindmeister

    Planning: Mindmeister
    This was an electronical mind map and comes across effectiverly.
  • Planning: TimeToast

    Planning: TimeToast
    This is the best way to display a production scheduele on how we plan to film throughout the production process.
  • Production: Brand new state of the arts camera

    We were using new camera to record our video's for our music video Sanaa - Roc The Life
  • Production: Memory Cards

    We had a new memory card system and this form of technology helped inorder for our video to be transfered form vidoe csmera to computer.
  • Production: Flip Camera

    To take pictures of us filiming which will later be uploaded on the blog.
  • Pro

  • Production: Youtube and iPhone

    Production: Youtube and iPhone
    In order to keep blog upto date we recorded videos of the fliming process and uploaded the footage on youtube. Also using iPhone camera to take photographs.
  • Production: Blogger

    Production: Blogger
    Using blogger to have a reflection on my work.
  • Production: Prezi

    Production: Prezi
    Using prezi throughout the production procress to think about how I'm going to adress the evaluation questions
  • Production: Vlog

    Production: Vlog
    Using the mac to make video blogs on the groups progress in terms of editing.
  • Production: Photoshop

    Production: Photoshop
    Using photoshop to edit the video using base tracks relating to Carlos Vernaliss theory.
  • Production: Slideshare

    Production: Slideshare
  • Production: Mindmeister

    Production: Mindmeister
  • Production: Blogger

    Production: Blogger
  • Research Ancillary: Prezi

    Research Ancillary: Prezi
  • Planning Ancillary: Emaze

    Planning Ancillary: Emaze
    Another way to make a creative powerepoint
  • Planning Ancillary: Kizoa

    Planning Ancillary: Kizoa
    A photosharing website
  • Planning Ancillary: Blogger

    Planning Ancillary: Blogger
  • Production Planning: Photoshop

    Production Planning: Photoshop
  • Production Ancillary: Prezi

    Production Ancillary: Prezi
  • Produsction Ancillary: Blogger

    Produsction Ancillary: Blogger
    Changing the psd to jpeg
  • Evaluation: Survey monkey

    Evaluation: Survey monkey
    A way to create interactive survey.