• Magazine Research

    Magazine Research
    I researched the layout of many school magazines that were constructed by students like me
  • Pictures of Tom

    Pictures of Tom
    During the construction of my school magazine I took pictures of classmate Tom so I could have a play around with editing them for my magazine front cover
  • Magazine Cover

    Magazine Cover
    I got the hang of the new programs I had never used before such as pages and photoshop and constructed a school magazine front cover I was very pleased with
  • Institutional Research

    Institutional Research
    I researched the three main media institutions, Wenner, Bauer and IPC Media. This was useful as I understood the distribution of magazines owned by these institutions
  • Magazine Front Cover Analysis

    Magazine Front Cover Analysis
    I found four music magazine fornt covers that I liked, put them into pages and did an in depth analysation of the four covers
  • Attracting an Audience

    Attracting an Audience
    I screenshotted the many different features of music magazine front covers which help attract audiences
  • Market Research

    Market Research
    I constructed a questionnaire on features that would attract my peers to buy a music magazine
  • Magazines in a shop

    Magazines in a shop
    I went to a local shop and looked at the music magazine stand. I then answered a list of pre-written questions on what I saw in the music magazine area such as features on the front cover, what I saw first walking past them etc
  • Double Page Spread Checklist

    Double Page Spread Checklist
    I identified the common features of double page spreads. I used Lino for the first time to do this task. I found Lino quite tricky to get the hang of but once I did i found it quite simple to use
  • Representation

    I analysed four different music magazines that I liked in very deep deatail. This helped me as it contributed to my understanding of the use of representation
  • Thinking of a concept

    Thinking of a concept
    I made a brainstorm on Popplet about the many different aspects of music magazines I needed to think about. This was useful as I found out how to use the website Popplet
  • Rate Card

    Rate Card
    I made a rate card. A rate card is made by doing surveys of the readers of a music magazine. I made a list of stats about my readers and then I put pictures on the card of things my readers might be interested in such as hobbies and food
  • Planning the layout

    Planning the layout
    I used Pages to make a layout plan for my magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread. At this stage I started to really understand how to use Pages
  • Article

    I wrote an article on my main artist in my magazine. I wrote an in depth article which contained a deatiled Q&A with my main artist $EYMOUR
  • Photo Inspiration

    Photo Inspiration
    I did research on the internet into different types of shots that I liked. I picked four photos as I liked the location, camera angles and lighting of the photos
  • Double Page Spread Plans

    Double Page Spread Plans
    I did research into double page spreads in music magazines. I found one that I really liked and used it as a model for my location, layout and type of article
  • Photos

    I borrowed a camera from the media department. I then went out with my model and took photo's of him in locations that I believed best suited the magazine
  • Final Magazine

    Final Magazine
    After weeks of having to learn how to use new programs, planning my layout of the magazines features and photo shoots. I finally constructed my media magazine URBAN and I was very pleased with the outcome
  • What I have learnt

    The process of creating my own music magazine has taught me many different things about certain programmes and techniques. Before this task I had never used the programme Pages. Without this programme my finished product would have not turned out as well as it did, I found getting the hang of this programme not too difficult. Another thing I learned is the importance of reviewing my work in detail. I learned how important this was as this eliminates the chance of mistakes in my work.