Magazine Timeline

  • Task 1: Music magazine institution research

    I researched one larger music magazine company, and one smaller music magazine company. I then furthered my research by investigating into their publications.
  • Task 2: Analysing music magazines

    I analysed 4 front covers, 4 contents pages and 4 double page spreads and how they relate back to the genre and the audience.
  • Preliminary Task

    I created a school magazine front cover and contents page using photoshop.
  • Learning Photoshop

    I learnt how to do a number of different things on photoshop including how to use the lassoo tool and how to add, change and put effects on text.
  • Task 3: Survey monkey and anaylsis

    I made a survey about my front cover, my contents page and about my double page spread. I then analysed my results.
  • Learning Indesign

    I learnt how to create a double page spread on indesign which included adding text and editing the text.
  • Contacted all of my models

    I contacted all of the models that I wanted to be on my magazine and asked whether they would want to be included in my magazine.
  • Task 3: Models

    I created an emaze showing the models I chose for my magazine.
  • Task 4: Readership Profile

    I designed the 'perfect' reader for my magazine on spiderscribe
  • Task 2: Mood Board

    I created a mood board on pinterest with inspiration for my magazine including colours, fonts and outfits.
  • Task 4: Props and Costume List

    I created a list of props that I would use for my photoshoot and the outfits that my model would wear.
  • Task 8: Fonts

    I evaluated 6 different fonts and decided whether they were suitable or not for my magazine.
  • Task 5: Photo-shoot Planning

    I created a storyboard on stoaryboard that which shows the poses of my photoshoot and why they would appeal to my audience.
  • Task 6: Location Reeces

    I explained why i chose the locations that i did for my magazine, why they adhered to the genre and with the audience.
  • Task 9: Mock Ups

    I created 3 versions of my front cover, contents page and my double page spread.
  • Photoshoot

    I took photos of my models for the front cover, contents page and double page spread of my magazine
  • Task 7: Contact Sheet

    This task shows all the pictures that i took for my photoshoot and explaining why I took the particular pictures
  • Evaluation Question 1

    This is when i went through my ideas and the brainstorming behind my magazine
  • Evaluation Question 2

  • Evaluation Question 3

    Distributors of my magazine
  • Evaluation Question 4

    For this question i created a voicethread showing who my target audience would be and their interests
  • Evaluation Question 5

    How i challenged conventions and what i learnt from audience feedback
  • Evaluation Question 6

  • Evaluation Question 7

    How I improved over the year with my skills