Evaluation Question 3

  • Period: to

    Preliminary Task

    During the beginning of the school year I worked on the preliminary task, which centered around making a 6th form magazine. At this point my skills weren't as developed and I faced a variety of problems.
  • Theory: Preliminary Task

    Theory: Preliminary Task
    In terms of magazine conventions, audience theory, and media corporations I knew very little at the beginning of the year. However, in the first few months I did a variety of research on conventions of student magazines, audience gratification theroy, and on color theory, which helped during the production of the preliminary task,.
  • Editing: First Mock Cover

    Editing: First Mock Cover
    My first experience with editing on photoshop was making a mock cover with a celebrity. Here I learned and used basic skills such as masking and a gradient effect for the background. I also produced a simple masthead with fonts already in the photoshop program.
  • Photography: Preliminary Task

    Photography: Preliminary Task
    My photography at the beginning of the school year was radically different to my photography by the end of the project. For example, in the image for my 6th form cover the lighting is really bad causing there to be shadows all over my models facel. This is due to the way I positioned the lights in the studio. Additionally, I took the picture from a lower angle which made it difficult to center the image and get a proper close up of her face staring directly at the camera.
  • Editing: Preliminary Task

    Editing: Preliminary Task
    For my final 6th form cover i used the skills I learned from the mock cover assignment, but improved them slightly. I played around with a variety of fonts and layouts for the text, along with finding a good color scheme. I particularly struggled with the layout, trying to make the text fit nicelu, and now believe that the cover lacked information. Another problem I faced was the gradient background, which made the already dark picture look even darker and made the cover have a somber tone.
  • Period: to

    Research and Planning

    During the research and planning phase of my magazine I studied in depth a variety of factors that would affect my magazine while also working with the feedback from my preliminary task in order to make my final result a lot better.
  • Theory: Analysis of Lifestyle Magazines

    Theory: Analysis of Lifestyle Magazines
    During the research period of my project I learned a variety of things regarding lifestyle magazines due to the fact that I analyzed the contents page, cover, and double page of a common lifestyle magazine in detail, which would help me tailor my magazine to such conventions later on.
  • Theory: Audience Feedback

    Theory: Audience Feedback
    During the research part for my lifestyle magazine I learned how to effectively use feedback from the audience to tailor my magazine to their tastes.This is seen in various choices such as the masthead and the colors among other things.
  • Photography: Magazine Photoshoot

    Photography: Magazine Photoshoot
    In contrast with my 6th form magazine, my lifestyle magazine photoshoot took place outside. Here I played with light in order to get the best quality images including effects such as lens flares among other things. I also played with angles and locations in order to get the desired results.
  • Period: to

    Final Magazine Production

    The final stages of my magazine included perfecting the magazine by applying the skills I learned along with my acquired knowledge of the audience.
  • Photography: Final Magazine

    Photography: Final Magazine
    Here we can see that my final magazine is a huge improvement from my preliminary task. The cover image is centered and works well with the text. The information on the cover has an organized layout and the fonts work well with each other unlike my old magazine. The image background looks naturally and due to the use of depth of focus makes the model stand out.
  • Editing: Final Magazine

    Editing: Final Magazine
    The editing for my final magazine does not only use basic techniques like my mock cover and preliminary magazine, but also plays with highlights and contrast, transforming images, and other features that show a knowledge of the Photoshop program.