As Media Coursework timetable

  • Given Brief

    The teacher has given us the overview of the project
  • Period: to

    AS media Blog

  • Time Schedule

    Finish my time schedule for my coursewrk by this date
  • Case studies

    My case studoies should be submitted and uploded by this date this includes 2 examples of magazine of the chosen genre, containing the cover the contents and a double page spread
  • Preliminary task

    make a college magazine and upload it
  • Audience feedback and evaluation

    Gathe audience feedback on college magazine and then write a evaluation using feedback include what went well, improvements and things i can develop on when doing the main task
  • Magazine newsstandtask/ distribution of magazines

    have a look at music magazines the titles available where an how they have been displayed images heading etc take pictures upload them to the blog and write your findings. research othe rmagazine methods like social networking sites blog findings with appropriate hyperlinks and submit
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts

    write short proposal for magazine include how own mag links to case studies in task 2 produce house styles for music magazine masthead design layout models locations costumes and contents page design how all the pages are going to look colour font layout teasers price etc. flat plan.question for DPS whos the audience produce audience profile typical reader do formal pitch of all points using powerpoint or prezi indogram etc record feed back
  • Audience research task

    Evaluate audience feedback then make changes to your plan and clearly signpost changes on the blog
  • Photography

    20th october taught how to use the cameras take photso and write notes for blog minimum 4 pictures for the magazine for location shoopts use own camer or use school one asnd blog about the locations
  • Rough draft of desktop publishing

    have a rough draft of all 3 pages for magazine show class and get feedback and use the feedback and record feeback in work in progress on blog
  • Desk top pulishing and editing music magazine

    use photoshop for fron cover nad InDesign for the contents page and DPS contents page first using flat plan take print screen and annotate them on your blog
  • Audience research main task music magazine

    gather audience comments and feedback on mag ask audince to comment of strenths and weaknesses an dhow final mag compares to drafts and plans
  • Planning the evaluation

    Media product use develop or challenge forms of conventions of real media products how does it represent particualr social groups what type of institution might distribute it and why what is the audinvce of the product how did i attract the uadience be creative and use 3 different ways to present the evalustion
  • Creating the evaluation

    You will be marked according to how appropriate your chosen technologies are to help the presentation of your answer and how creative/ interactive you are as well as the content of your answers.
  • final deadline

    All portfolia work must be handed in by this date