question 7

  • School magazine research

    After doing this I have learned what I need to do to keep my magazine looking professional and looking tidy and colour coordinated. Also helped me to see what a mgazine needs to look like and how to be layed out.
  • Preliminary task

    Preliminary task
    I think my magazine didn't go as well as it could of, as it needed more colour and was quite boring to look at it also didn't have enough information.
  • General research

    This is when I started to research things that you would not noramly think of when looking at a magazine. This included researching media institutions who could publish a music magazine, the history of music magazines and all the different genres. From doing this I learnt a lot and it really helped me to create my magazine.
  • magazine front cover analysis

    magazine front cover analysis
    I've learnt from doing this is how magazine's use colour and different way to attract the audience such as eye contract to attract the audience and quote or competitions to make the audience want to buy the magazine as they have benefits from buying it. I have also learnt that they use bold title so the magazine stands out and shows that the magazine is a well established brand.
  • rate card anaylsis

    rate card anaylsis
    I think that it is good that they know so much detail about the audience as the know specifically who they are aiming the magazine at. It is important that they know there target audience to maximise profit and increase the readership number. This helped me know who my target audience was.
  • Attracting an audience

    Attracting an audience
    I have learnt that magazine used lots of different techniques to attract the audience to buy the magazine for example putting quotes from inside the magazine to make the audience want to buy the magazine to read further, for example eye contact to attract the audience, also using men or women in seductive poses on the front cover to attract the opposite sex. They also use bold title and writing so the magazine stands out to the buyer.They also use quotes or tribute to artist and exclusive inter
  • formating research

    I have learnt how to layout a front cover,contents page and double page spread for example I have learnt that there need to be information and picture to make the magazine more interesting to read and how to attract the audience. I have also learnt that information or pictures can not be on the fold of the magazine as you would not be able to see it. I have also learnt that information. need to be column.
  • layout planning

    layout planning
    By doing this I have learnt how I will layout out my magazine. For my contents page I have got my inspiration from clash magazine as it is simple and looks classy and also urban which is the aim of the magazine I am going for. This helped me know how to layout my magazine.
  • Magazine planning photo shoot

    Magazine planning photo shoot
    From this task I have learnt how I can organize my shoots and that each shoot is different. This made me come up with ideas so my magazine can all fit nicely together.
  • First photoshoot

    First photoshoot
    This is when the actual shoot took place.This was a very week shoot so I decided they needed to be re shot.
  • Second photoshoot

    Second photoshoot
    This shoot went alot better as I did it in a poffesional studio, I used my friend emma as the model. I thought these photos where alot better and look more poffesional. I have pregressed with this shoot as my first shoot was very weak and i did not get the look I wanted this shoot was exactly how I wanted it to be using the studio helped alot as each time I used it the photos improved.
  • Front cover

    Front cover
    At this point I decided my front cover wasnt good enough and I need to change it. so I started again by ajusting different things like the writting , images and much more. This as my first front cover and it is no where near as good as my last one I think it was to commercial and the colour ways did not go with the style of magazine I was doing.
  • Final contents page

    Final contents page
    My final contents page was a really good improvment from my preliminary task. I don't think this would have been possible or nearly as good without all the planning and research I did for it.
  • Final double page spread article

    For my article I also added in a interview as I didnt want it to be a boring read I wanted it to be intresting as I have had previous magazine article that have not been interesting which I think would have reuined my magazine.
  • Final double page spread

    Final double page spread
    The layout for my double page spread is very simple and tidy which I think made it look more professional, I based my style of magazine round Clash. There layout is also very simple. I think my double page spread looks urban and professional, I have improved greatly from my preliminary task as I can now layout my magazine effectively for an audience.
  • Final front cover

    Final front cover
    I much prefer my final front cover I think it looks more professional and tidy. I also like the colour I have used and i think it is really eyecatching. This style and colour also fits in more with my style of magazine. I have improved a lot from the preliminary task because I took more time taking the pictures and editing them to ensure the audience would buy my product.