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Question 7

  • Preliminary contrasted with music magazine cover

    Looking back on my front cover for the college magazine that I did fro my preliminary task, I feel that the progress that I have made since creating this is massive. I think this is beacuse I put much more time and effort into the planning for my coursework magazine cover and therefore thought much more deeply and carefully about exactly what I wanted to include in my magazine front cover and how I wanted to display this informtion.
  • Continued

    I varied the fonts that I used in my music magazine front cover which I believe enable it to becoming much more formal looking and therefore more professional. I also edited the photo that I used therefore making it look more vibrant and much more like a magazine that you could expect to be sold in a shop. I spent much more time designing the titleand also inclded things such as a tag line and a bar code that would be seen on a real maazine cover.
  • Continued

    For my music magazine front cover, I used a website called in order to design the title. In comparison to the title that I created for the college magazine I think there is a huge difference in the quality and detail that has been created when designing this. In the title for my college magazine, I simply used the basic fonts on photoshop and then changed the colour of the word college which fitted in perfectly with the logo for the college.
  • Continued

    In my prelim task, I have included just 4 main headlines whereas in my final piece, I included a vast amount of titles that I felt would draw people into buying the magazine and have then dispalyedthem in a much more intreaging way. Also I have varied the placed that I have chosen to put them which contrasts to my prelim task in which I just chose one place on the cover to focus all of the titles.
  • Contents page contrasted

    Again, the lack of research and preperation for my prelim task is evident as the contents page appears very sparse and as if I did not know what to include. I haven't varied any of the fonts that I have used and simply stuck to one font unlike the range of fonts that I used in my music magazines contents page. Also I only included one image in the prelim task and that was the one in the background. For that immage is just increased the offset so that it would appear less promenant.
  • Continued

    In comparison to this, for my music magazine contents page, through the research that I conducted into other contents pages such as NME, I have realised that this is something that would not be done by big companies so I then changed the style for my magazine of including two images and not featuring text over the top of these images.
  • Conclusion

    In conclusion, I think that the level of progression from my preliminary taskto my music magazine is extreamly clear. I have really enjoyed creating my magazine and being able to see myself learning different techniques and how to use differnt soft ware for example Photoshop. I think that I have been able to create a professional looking front cover and contents page through this experiance.