Noir (1)


  • Group Formation & Initial Research

    Formed groups, researched the main ocnventions of film noir and researched the history and influences. Presented these on blogs on the 22nd and 25th January using Prezi.
  • Film Noir A History & Influences

    Researched the history of film noir and what influenced the genre. Then put information onto prezi and made a timeline.
  • Film Noir Convenions

    Studied the conventions of film noir with group members. Researched into tites such as inconography, setting, characters, themes etc. Then made a prezi.
  • 5 Min Analysis Of Kiss Me Deadly

    5 Min Analysis Of Kiss Me Deadly
  • 9 Frame Analysis Of Sunset Boulevard

    9 Frame Analysis Of Sunset Boulevard
  • 9 Frame Analysis Of Taxi Driver

    9 Frame Analysis Of Taxi Driver
    Jonathan from our group analysed the opening sequence of the noir film 'Taxi Driver'.
  • 9 Frame Analysis of Momento

    9 Frame Analysis of Momento
    Ellie out of the group analysed the noir film Momento.
  • Titles Timeline

    Titles Timeline
    Me & Ellie analysed the title sequence of a noir film, picking out key features of mise en scene and camera angles and movements.
  • Institution Research

    Researched into statistics and takings of top noir, thriller and drama films. Used the Box Office Mojo and I.M.D.B
  • Period: to

    Institution Research

    Completed research on 3rd and uploaded it to slideshare then added to blog.
  • Film Noir Timeline Of Movies

    Link Created a link on blog to a website showing many noir films, release dates with producers and directors.
  • Storyboard Created

    As a group me, Ellie, Matty and Jonny created the storybord planning each shot as we did.
  • Created Treatment Sheet

  • Risk Assessment Created

    Ellie created the risk assessment, analysing potentional risks that could happen and how we could avoid them.
  • Pitch Creation

    Jonny created a slideshow of our pitch with various headings including synopsis, opening sequence and titles.
  • Shooting Schedule

    Created a shooting schedule planning out our camera shots describing the mise-en-scene and uploaded it to the Planning page on blog.
  • Dicussed To-do Tasks

    After blog feedback the group has shared out further tasks to complete in our own time. I am going to upload a photo of the titles timeline I created and complete an up to do date storyboard and do a shot list.
  • Planning Tasks

    Created call sheet, drafted a script and made a props/costume list.
  • Updated blog

    Link to planning pageAdded the planning tasks: props list, script and call sheet to the planning page on blog
  • Created Company Logo

    Using photoshop I created a company logo for
    Lunar Productions
  • Filming

    The group filmed half of our sequence in our location on the sea front.
  • Props

    I looked at some props I could use and photographed them for filming the next day
  • Filming

    The group filmed the interview scene as a second half of our filming, our filming is now complete.
  • Editing

    Using the programme Final Cut the group started to edit our sequence, putting scenes together and deleted what we didnt need.
  • Updated blog

    Construction - Rough CutAdded the rough cut to blog
  • Updated Blog

    Added more things to blog and browsed some soundtrack videos for ideas and inspiration.
  • Further Editing

    We editing our opening sequence more to progess in making a 2nd Rough Cut
  • Further Editing & Evaluation

    Jonny worked on further editing to meet the deadline for the final cut. Matthew tryed out some more music for our soundtrack. Laura & Ellie started drafting answers for the evaluation.
  • Blog updated.

    Added video of our final cut and preliminary tasks to blog.
  • Drafted Evaluation Questions

    Draft answers to questions drafted and put on blog.
  • Creation of Wix

    Presentation of evaluation on wix has progressed further.
  • Filming of Q6 & Q7

    Using the TV studio we filmed a video of Jonny and Matty talking about the answers to our qestion 6 and 7 for the evaluation. We used our draft answers as a script for the to read.
  • Wix Completion

    Link To Wix Our Wix for evaluation questions and answers numbers 1-5 has been completed.
  • Completion

    Made final updates to blog, discussing each post on each page. Also wrote a message to the moderator.