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Question 7.

  • Researching my preliminary task.

    Researching my preliminary task.
    My research started by looking at school magazine covers, I evaluated 3 of them, looking at examples students had created and what ones were good and what ones were bad. To then understand what I should do to create a succesful magazine.
  • Period: to

    What have i learnt since the prelim task?

  • Designing and Photoshoot

    Designing and Photoshoot
    With the knowledge i had gained from my research I selected a layout and and found a location for my photoshoot and started to put my magazine together.
  • Editting

    To make my image look more professional, i cropped it to a typical magazine size and edited the lighting in photoshop.
  • Construction

    When putting my cover together i used a very traditional layout with a title at the top, text on the side and a large image covering the background. I created my cover in photoshop and used fonts from the website,
  • Research into other music magazine

    Research into other music magazine
    By this I was able to clearly compare music magazines against eachother, showing how much they cost to how recently they are distributed. It helped me look into a gap in the market.
  • Front cover examples

    Front cover examples
    I analysed three front covers, all from different magazines. I looked at the good and bad aspects, this gave me a slight insight as to what my magazine cover was going to look like.
  • Music magazine research Representation

    Music magazine research Representation
    This task informed me on how to make the genre of my music magazine clear, i made me think about fonts, colours, images, mise en scene and layout.
  • Rate Card analysis

    Rate Card analysis
    By looking at other magazines rate cards I could see how their distribution was and how often the magazines are published . This gave me a look into what magazines are successful and whether my magazine should be published weekly etc
  • Magazines in a shop.

    Magazines in a shop.
    From doing this task, I learnt a lot about what the actual sellers of the magazines think about them, and what they do to help them sell. I now had the knowledge of what a shopkeeper thinks sell, and what doesn't, I was able to locate things such as the price, image and any explicit language in a way that helps them sell them.
  • Contents page research.

    Contents page research.
    From looking the contents pages, I found out what certain aspects work well and which aspects do not. I now knew for my own magazine that I need to consider the layout, pictures, text and page numbers seriously and well thought out in order for it to be successful.
  • Double page spread checklist.

    Double page spread checklist.
    I learnt from looking at a variety of different music magazines, the importance of certain aspects to consider for when I made my own double page spread for my music magazine. I now had a greater knowledge as what to do and not to do when creating my double page spread.
  • Flat plan.

    Flat plan.
    By creating my flat plan, it made me realise how much thought of each page needs to go into a magazine and also how many adverts there are throughout a magazine.
  • Mood board.

    Mood board.
    By creating a mood board, I was able to gather together ideas as to themes and types of photos I would like to use in my magazine. It inspired me as to how I carried out my photo shoots and formated my magazine.
  • Thinking of a concept

    Thinking of a concept
    I learnt a lot from doing this. My mind was made up on multiple things such as a name, genre and what it needs to be successful. This saved me a lot of time when it come to making my magazine as I had no difficult choices to make, my mind was set.
  • Picture Research

    Picture Research
    From this task I learnt the different types of camera shots that are given to show the posture and expression of the artists. This gave given me greater knowledge as to what types of camera shots look most effective.
  • Draft Of Double Page Spread Article

    Draft Of Double Page Spread Article
    From doing this task, I now had a very helpful guide for my final article. From writing this, I also gained experience in what an article is like.
  • Logo Creating

    Logo Creating
    For this I knew creating a good logo is important for my magazine so I spent time choosing out fonts and editing them, I knew I wanted a font that had a retro feel to it. I then found a font on which was perfect and very similar to the font used in the rolling stone magazine which is the magazine i used as my inspiration
  • Photoshoots.

    I took all of my shoots in a studio, this enabled me to acheive high qaulity pictures with correct lighting. It also meant that i had a plain background which i wanted, i found it was effective as it was very easy to work over and meant there were no distractions.
  • construction of front cover.

    construction of front cover.
    I found the contruction of my cover rather easy as i was familiar with photoshop. I tried to portray my genre of rock/pop through the colours and font. I stuck with my inspiration of rolling stone magazine and used their layouts as a guide for mine.
  • construction of double page spread.

    construction of double page spread.
    When constructing my double page spread i found it a little harder due to all the text and having to edit the size etc, i ended up having to edit every word in my article to acheive a professional look which took a lot of time. However, due to the shape of the image i was able to fill the whole two pages with my image meaning there were no outlines of the image and that the background was completley one colour.
  • Constuction of contents page.

    Constuction of contents page.
    Out of all three pages i believe my contents page is the most full, it has a few images on it and lots of lines and shapes which make it unique and helps it to fit the theme of my magazine. When creating my contents page i had to think a lot about the layout and where things look best and the size of images, text etc.
  • Final product.

    Final product.
    By the 20th of december i had finished my front cover, contents page and double page spread. I had learnt a lot since my prelim task, for example, i had gained a lot of knowledge about music magazines, the production of them, how they are presented to attract an audience, how they represent a certain genre, how the images have an effect and a lot more. When it came to knowing what to put inside my magazine i knew almost straight away due to my reasearch... (continued)
  • continued here

    I also knew how i was going to layout my magazine, what colours to use and what fonts i should choose and how to make sure it attracts the rightt audience. Before doing all my research i wouldnt have known how to do barely any of this so i think overall i have learnt a lot since my prelim task.